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Three Sides of Ana Episode 41 Update on Tuesday 26th June 2018


Then Inaki bores BadAna w/his drunken ramblings so she gets him dancing.

Back at the circus there is singing, does wheelchair boy recognize his mom singing? Does she see him in the audience crying? One or both of them has a flashback to his dad's death so seems like.

Ramiro takes Llora home. She totes forgives him but they can only be friends now and he can't get between her and wheelchair boy. He wants more, but nopis.

Sue and her bestie chat, Sue's dropping the case (oh dear what will I call her now?) b/c she just feels so sorry for TioM's loss and pain. Also something about her shop (whatever, I don't care.Back to the acrobats!)

Javi's dad plays w/a crystal ball and has a flashback to when he found his exwife in her new life w/her new kid. He's got a lot of aggro questions - sure he's not mine? ever miss our kids? Back to performing

BadAna and Inaki mack, Daniel punches his half brother (see, I have been paying attention!... sometimes) he yells at BadAna he knows she's jilting him for another dude again and he's pissed, but Inaki comes back at him and while they're distracted by fighting, BadAna leaves w/a cat who ate the canary smile. 

Llora breaks it to Leonore she's not getting back w/Ramiro. sob.

Acrobats! Maribel's turn. ( ya know Sachi Tamashiro, the actress who plays Maribel is pretty good w/ those silks and she's taller than AB which doesn't make acrobatics/gymnastics any easier, I bet she puts in as much practice time as AB if not more. I wonder if real life is mirroring the story at all.) Maribel falls but w/Javi's help recovers gracefully (now I'm even more impressed w/Sachi, making a fall look real w/o hurting yourself is not easy)

Aww naw back to Llora's crying - nobody understands her, waaa except wheelchair boy, sniffle. Ramiro deserves a girl w/2 legs waaa. (how bout a girl who knows how to cry less and live more, does he deserve that?) And now she's crying over Analu's bracelet sigh

Acrobats! FreeSpirit's routine seems to mostly involve scaring the audience w/lots of sudden drops, but hey, they love it. 

Inaki gets home beat up and drunk and explains to Ramiro who actually knows who Daniel is, not that they're bros, but his last name.

Javi's dad gets up to talk and says the performance was sponsored by Llora's foundation. Sole and Remedios have little heart attacks. Abue gets up and gives a speech bout why the foundation was started, her granddaughter lost a leg (Llora would hate that if she was there) SantiMarc stares and Sole and Remedios perch on the edges of their chairs and clutch each other. Freespirit removes her mask. Abue asks the performers to return to teh stage for prezzies. Sole, Santiago and Orlando bolt for backstage to grab FreeSpirit. Sole gets there first and insists they are leaving. NOW! When FreeSpirit protests Sole slaps her and tells her if we don't go together now, I'll go away and leave you alone and you won't see me again. Tearful FreeSpirit cruelly brought to earth after flying so free only moments before, allows herself to be chained to her "mother's" apron and they leave. The rest of the troupe heads out on stage for the prezzies. 

Orlando and Santiago have a backstage confrontation, nothing new or exciting here.

FreeSpirit wants to go get her stuff or at least take her makeup off, but Sole's got a good grip on her arm and drags her off. 
Evaristo watches from behind a tree.

Agony Aunt and wheelchair boy speak to ea other for the first time in almost 10 yrs. She doesn't know about his accident and wheelchair and he'd rather have her think he still hates her than tell her he can't stand up to greet her or take the next step to meet her halfway. She leaves in tears, he whispers "mama" in the saddest softest voice she'll never hear.  

And that's it.

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