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Three Sides Of Ana Episode 42 Update on Wednesday 27th June 2018


We pick back up with Ana Lu being dragged away by a hysterical Sole. Ana Lu is incredulous – how could Sole have humiliated her like that, and in front of all her friends. Suddenly Evaristo appears out of thin air and scares even Sole. Without skipping a beat though, she asks him for a ride home. He seems to have become such a ubiquitous figure not only to us, because even Ana Lu is not surprised to see him there. He does reveal having known that Ana Lu belongs to Danzaire, and Sole is upset. She still wants that ride though. 

Back at the theater Abue laments not having been able to meet the main acrobat and Tadeo offers to take her to Ana Lu’s prep room. Abue has some things to square away first, like find a ride for Tin. She asks Mariano to take him, but Mariano really doesn’t want to, so he pretends to be tired and asks Abue to have her chauffeur take Tin. Problem solved and Abue is ready to meet her granddaughter! 

Tadeo points her to the right room and Abue negotiates a couple of corners and is at Ana Lu’s door in no time, when suddenly Santi/Marcelo (who must’ve been looking for Ana Lu there too) walks out of the door!! Both are shocked, though handle it differently. Abue has a more predictable reaction and feels unwell. She slides down the wall and has to be helped by Tadeo, who is ushering others to the rescue. While she was having an arrhythmia attack, Santicelo just stared at her, realized she recognized him and….quickly scampered away. He must think seeing someone doesn’t count if you quickly disappear. 

Next time we see Abue, she is in the hospital being scolded by cardiologist Bernardo and advised to let family know of her heart issues. Abue perform a virtual foot-stomping (as she is actually laying in the bed) and declares she doesn’t want to tell them, and she also doesn’t want to stay in the hospital. She wins the former argument, but not the latter and is instructed to stay for observation.
She then hosts a variety of visitors. 

First Ana Le comes in. When she first showed up at the hospital, she had to experience a terrible scare of not being the center of attention for about five minutes, as everyone was consoling Llora. She makes up for it by being the first to visit Abue, and declaring that while everybody else was distracted, she came in to visit. She asks what made her faint, and Abue hesitates a bit, then says that the acrobat reminded her of her lost granddaughter Ana Lu and that affected her. Ah, that… Ana Le is no longer interested. Abue suggests Ana Le goes to work, and she leaves, but not before asking Abue to convince Mariano that Ana Le needs to continue living with him. Surely he’ll be insisting for her to come back and help Ernestina, but Ana Le sees that Abue is fine. 

Ana Le leaves and Abue remembers Marcelo and Ana Le’s engagement. Marcelo gave a very moving speech, Llora was touched to tears and Ana Le ecstatic to be the center of attention. 

Santicelo is back debriefing with Ramiro and swimming deep in his river of denial. He almost convinces himself that his departure was so lightning fast that Flash himself would have been envious: “she didn’t see me, she didn’t see me, she didn’t see me….Did she? Oh, crap!” He moves swiftly to acceptance stage, and they come up with a plan to send Ramiro behind enemy’s lines to figure out whether or not Abue already told Ana Le what (or, rather, who) she saw. 

Ramiro does just that and shows up at the hospital, much to Mariano’s displeasure. He is then so bold as to ask Llora’s permission to hug her. Permission is granted and, as the two embrace, Ana Le comes out of Abue’s room and spends several minutes wishing a lightning would strike both of them, judging by her facial expression. With lightning not forthcoming, she resorts to getting Llora’s attention and telling her Abue is expecting her in the room. Llora goes to see Abue, and Ramiro and Leonor go to get coffee. Ana Le wants to know why Mariano let Ramiro in, and is none too pleased to fine out Mariano has a mysterious pact with Ramiro, and apparently, Mariano is also worried for someone other than Ana Le – and for Llora of all people! 

Llora spends some time with Abue and Ramiro joins in. Abue is still very upset at him and stares him does as the enemy of the state. He says he is only there to wish her well, and he still thinks highly of her. He fishes for information on what made her faint and Abue tells them both that she just got confused. Ramiro promises to find Ana Lu again and leaves. Abue is still upset, since he doesn’t even have a single proof Ana Lu is alive. Llora is biting her tongue but keeps quiet about the bracelet. 

A couple Inaki/Daniel fillers: Inaki, with some bruises after the fight, tries to buy a lottery ticket, but doesn’t even have money for that. Instead he cajoles Adriana into lending him some money from the company fund for his fictitious little nephew who needs money to go to school, which he, Inaki, is paying for. We are left to assume that Adriana gave in and let him have the money. 

The other brother, Daniel, also covered in bruises is being doted on by their wonderful mother Julietta. She goes on and on that he really should stop running behind Ana Le, since she doesn’t love him, doesn’t pay any attention to him and probably still loves her dead husband. This whole scene ends in Daniel dragging his mother out of his room and slamming the door, making us wish that door instead hit him really hard. Julietta is pleading with him from behind the now closed door to let her in – she will be quiet if he just lets her finish attending to his wounds. 

Next morning Anibal and company are trying to talk Sole down, but she won’t hear it. Ana Lu won’t be dancing in that group and that is that. Ana Lu storms out and Sole runs behind her. Just when we were beginning to wonder how a 25-year old lets herself be treated like she is a teenager, Ana Lu tells Sole that she loves her, but she is an adult, and Sole cannot be deciding for her what she does or doesn’t do. This is Ana Lu’s dream and if Sole loves her, she will not be asking her to give it up. 

Apparently Sole is not convinced, because Ana Lu goes to be comforted by Remedios next. Rem tells her the performance was great, and she will convince Sole to let Ana Lu perform. She won’t reveal her methods, but she is pretty sure she will be successful. Rem then says she wishes Santi was there and Ana Lu clues her in that he really was there. How? When? Rem has a lot of questions, and so does Ana Lu it turns out. They both wonder why he didn’t show up at the hostel. Ana Lu noted something different about him. He must have met his wife in Costa Paraiso. Remedios remembers who his wife really is, and lets is slip that she hopes he never remembers. She then covers up her mistake by saying she doesn’t know anything further. 

Ana Lu doesn’t know much more either, she didn’t have much time to talk to him. They agreed to see each other after the show, but that obviously didn’t happen. It looks like Santiago is hiding, otherwise why wouldn’t he just return to the hostel? 

After this conversation, Rem goes to see Sole. The latter was finally motivated to go to Viridiana’s shop, but she is stopped in her tracks when Rem gives her an ultimatum: either accept Ana Lu’s passion for dancing and let her dance in Danzaire, or – if you cannot give her what she needs – Rem will look for Alvarez del Castillo, and they will give her those things. (A bit of an interesting blackmailing going on here – Rem apparently does not have any conscience issues with concealing the truth, and instead of just resolving the situation and revealing what she knows, she is going to use this information to get what she needs out of Sole. Rem is not scoring any respect 

Ana Lu, in the meantime, is meeting with Javier in the garden to ask him a giant favor. We’ll have to find out tomorrow what it is.

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