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Timeless Love Episode 166 Update on Monday 18th June 2018


Last episode’s overlap:  Big Mouth Bertha gleefully filling in Jutjaw on Renata’s pregnancy;  Oh no!  I “get” to see Prissybutt caress that doofus Carlos!  Oh, that WAS sickening!  Renata’s determination to go search for Jero herself is interrupted by the drunken Saul declaring they are victims of the same painful disgrace:  “Jero and Marina have run off together abandoning you and me!”

No, no, it’s a lie Renata coolly states.  Saul maintains it’s the truth, what does he have to gain by lying?  Matias forces Saul to plop down hard on the sofa which immediately launches him into a flashback of the tale he pulled out of his arse to tell Jero:  Jero and Saul are sitting in a café, Saul is telling Jero Marina doesn’t know we’re talking , he asks Jero to be discrete and gives him a piece of paper with the supposed address where he and Marina will be staying in D.F.  Jero further exposes the Achilles heel that got him in this mess:  I just couldn’t live in peace without knowing about my children!  I understand, trust me assures Saul.  Jero is easily taken in Saul’s confidence. [Insert your own epithet here].  In walks Tata herself, Saul feigns surprise and Tata is pissed at this paternalistic plotting!  Tata vows angrily she’s going to erase Jero right out of her life for ever!  Jero looks helplessly at Saul, like, help me out here, man.  Tata is in a tizzy!  She doesn’t want Jero to ever know anything about her or her children ever! 

Back to the present Saul continues his lie that Marina became furious when Jero told her he was marrying Renata today, that it was after this news that Marina declared he would never see her or her children again.  Renata, Regina, Matias and Adri continue listening as Saul excretes his tale . . back to the flashback. . .Marina angrily accuses Saul of betraying her as she wads up the paper with the address and declares there is no way she’s going with him nor is she staying with Jero.  Saul is not very convincing and we see Renata, Regina and Adri are not buying his bull either.  He claims he bought two tickets and thought he’d convince her to change her mind during the flight but to his surprise. . .flashback again. . .  In the airport Saul pleads that everything he’s done he did for her and thought would be in line with her wishes.  The surprise:  there at the ticket counter is Jero.  Jero tells Marina he has decided he cannot live without knowing about and being close to his children.  He’s going to go with her but she must understand he can never, NEVER love her the way he loves Renata.  Marina makes sure he knows, it’s her and his babies or Renata and if he stays with her he can NEVER EVER look for her.  You’ve made this very clear, Jero states, very clear.  Where does that leave me?  I’m sorry, I’m going with Jeronimo.  Back to the present:  Just like you I was left cold, frozen.  I never knew Jeronimo could do just a thing, I only called him to help him. . .Saul klunks down on his knees on the floor.

No lo creo!  I don’t believe you, this is not the Jeronimo I know.  Regina backs her up as Saul continues his drunken swearing.  Finally Matt puts him out!  [Praise the Lord!]

Back to the main parlor of LB Renata’s resolve is dissolving as she mouths fervent prayers to the Virgencita, flanked by Adri and Regina reassuring her these were the words of a drunken a$$hole [well, they shoulda called him that.]  Matt cuts through the fearful trembling with this:  Renata, I’m not saying I believe this jerk, but there are some consistencies in his story:  Jeronimo did not return after talking to this dude.  I say we go to the airport and get a list of the passengers who took flights out last night.  This will settle all doubt!

Mati sits pensively on her bed.  Kari knocks and enters.  Any new of el hermoso? Mati asks.  No news.  Are you sad for him or for Carlos?  Kari knows suffering when she sees it and easily disarms Mati of her pouty armor.  Mati reveals that she caught Carlos and Prissy kissing.  Kari is visibly impactada. . .was he kissing her or was she kissing him Kari asks.  It doesn’t matter, don’t try to justify him. . .he’s been lying to me!  Mati would rather break it off with him now for good as she can’t trust him and doesn’t know what he’s capable of:  she’d rather be a nun or an old maid!

Out to Mexico City:  All right, Hon gives the Investigator a CD with a time-stamped recording of the security cameras at his house plainly showing Corina coming and going with the stolen Sandra Ortiz (Amparo) in tow.  Hon and the Investigator watch and it’s damn near a high school yearbook perfect shot of that horrid Corina carrying the stolen baby.  Oh. Hell. Yeah. Con’s lawyer knods his approval.

Meanwhile outside Regina’s Hope Ines explains to a group of women that thanks to Corina, the Center is closed and Constanza is in the clinker.  She asks their patience and one of the women wants to know how they can help.  Let’s form a posse and got that damned Corina!  One of them knows where she lives and they vow to haul the heffa in!

Back at the jailhouse the Investigator has finished viewing the security camera CD as Gonzo arrives.  Hon introduces them and the Lawyer lets Gonz know they have some video that may help exonerate Constanza.  Gonz has been thinking on the flight about why Corina would kidnap a baby and then take it to the Center and to Hon and Connie’s house?  This is the same question The Lawyer has had:  when someone has kidnapped an infant it is usually to sell it or to extract some vengeance upon them as was done to Regina, Gonzo adds.  He follows this train of thought with more conviction:  he thinks someone did this as an act of vengeance against Constanza and Regina.  But who?  Who would want to do such a thing queries Hon.  Uh oh!  A furrow grows in Gonzo’s brow as the drums swell and we are swept to Julieta’s apartment building. 

Julieta takes to the stairwell just as the snake we love to hate exits the elevator.  Oh, wait, Julieta sees Roberta begin to unlock an apartment door opened by German, who greets her with a kiss and sweeps her inside.  Ah, I know this guy, but from where? Julieta muses.

Back at the den of iniquity Roberta is fishing for compliments and German is flashing back to his last attempted fling with a fine young thing.  [Oh no!  Anybody know the receptionist’s name?  This horn dog has been after her!]  He tries to talk Roberta into going away with him for the weekend.  What are you going to do with your mujercita?  Seems like she’s got you on a short chain!  Let’s make a deal, German counters:   How about you don’t mention my mujercita I don’t mention that you kept a client’s check that was supposed to go to Empresas Monterrubio?  What check she duh-mbly asks?  In a couple of sentences German let’s Berta know he’s not as dumb as she looks.  He knows all about the scam.  We got a deal?  [Y’all know the answer to that.]  German moves in and possessively pulls the cowed cow in, establishing his dominance with an unwavering glare.

Gonzo is talking to his sister, Cons through the bars.  Think, think, he entreats Cons, do you have any enemies?  [My friends, feel free to rip this little interaction apart, “. .do you have any enemies?  Sheesh!]  Well, all I can think of is Fina and Blanca, but they’re locked up.  I thought so too but there must be someone else, someone who is so close to us that they brought a baby that was given our Mother’s name cries Cons.  Yes, I’m sure, says Gonzo, you were entrapped and I won’t rest til I find out who’s behind this! 

We’re back at LaBonita having coffee with Regina and Antonio.  Regina remains incredulous of Saul’s story but Antonio, like Matt sees a glimmer of truth.  Jero came to the parsonage looking for Marina one day and she told him he couldn’t have his cake and eat it too:  he couldn’t have his wife AND the mother of his children in the same place.  Yes, that is the same thing this hombre, Saul, said.  Antonio you don’t think there’s any truth that he chose Marina asks Regina as Renata walks up.  Oh no!  Drum rolls us back to awful Auggie’s. . .

Saul is recounting Renata’s shocked disbelief at his tale of woe and betrayal as Auggie chuckles and rubs his paws together.  Yaaay!  Anibal approaches the door then stealthily listens near the threshold as Auggie congratulates Saul on a job well done and pays him and tells him to get lost from the Valle de Guadalupe.  I know now without a doubt that you are responsible for Jeronimo not returning to marry Renata, Papa, Anibal concludes silently.

Hoo boy, here comes Prissypants to pull Mati’s chain.  I’ve been looking for you to thank you for realizing that you couldn’t compete with me.  [Insert nasty, cattish meowing]  It’s clear Carlos needs a woman like me, not a little nothing like you!  Mati has no comeback and breaks down almost before Prissy’s stench can waft from the room.  I hate you Prissy, because everything you said is true.  I couldn’t compete with you, I’m not at your level.  Dang!  [EJ, we got another client for ya!]

[Renata’s been holding up pretty good thus far and I’m not feeling as anguished as I thought I might but this doesn’t look good.]  Regina, Adri and Tony are with Renata in the parlor when in walks and limps Matt and Carlos.  What has happened demands Renata.  We didn’t find Jeronimo but we found his truck in the parking lot of the airport in Tiajuana.  It had been there since yesterday night Carlos reports.  We were able to look at the passenger list and confirmed that Jeronimo took the same flight last night that Marina took Matt solemly states.  They went together to Mexico City.

Adri gasps and Renata takes a breath too shallow to support her frame, we hear the muffled, plaintive pounding of her heart as she collapses in a heap to shouts as everyone dives to keep her off the floor.  The haunting heart pounding continues to sound. . .oh no!

Maybe it’s good that we’re back in the kitchen.  The wise Kari continues to counsel Mati. . .hmmm, we’re snatched away in less than ten seconds.  Renata is still not responding to her friends frantic efforts.  Adri runs for alcohol.  Antonio and Matt carry Renata to the bedroom.   Well, seems this is flashback city.  Auggie remembers hearing the news of Renata’s pregnancy from Berta.  This was not in my plans. [Sheesh, his tought bubbles are even nasty]  I don’t want you to have anything of Linares let alone this brat.  I’m sorry Renata but this bastard disturbs my plans!  [Thus Auggie signs the deed for prime acreage in HELL!] 

Renata has regained consciousness and is sitting up in bed.  Antonio wants to call in an OB (Tata’s OB) to examine her.  He wisely advises the fainting could be due to her pregnancy but it could be something else including a congenital heart defect like your sister has.  At first she answers no to Tony, that she never had heart problems then she remembers the car accident and the heart episode she has.  This comment goes straight to Regina’s heart and she alerts to this statement with great interest.  She recalls she was supposed to have an electrocardiogram but didn’t (flashback a-gain to a scene with Dr. Crotchrot, Areli, Auggie and Renata in a neck brace discussing the need for the ecg).  Regina and Tony go immediately to call the Dr. while Adri, the bestest friend ever, enfolds Renata in a warm, nurturing embrace.

Mexico City.  Ok friends.  I haven’t seen this scene yet.  Is it going to be Jero and Tata?  He sure as heck got some splainin’ to do!  Oh.  It’s Skankzilla and Germy.  Skanky happily tells Germy the wedding didn’t go off and never will cause Jero ran off with another woman.  Germy coolly sizes up Bert’s glee at this turn of events and her obvious lack of love for her family.  Why?  Did Renata tell you that?  You have no idea everything she’s done to me.  No, because instead of going to see your Aunt in the hoosegow you came here to be with me.  Berta regurgitates more bile about being the victim of the family’s exclusion and Germy concludes this must be why she feels no sense of loyalty or integrity about the family business.  Germy wants an explanation about the check and Berta, looking strange with bare feet, pads off in a huff to the bedroom.

Back at El Centro Ines is trying to convince Flor of the Posse de las Madres to go into the Police Station to make a declaration against Corina.  Ines will go with Flor. 

We’re back at the Jailhouse.  The Lawyer dude gives Gonzo a photo of Corina which was grabbed from the surveillance video.  Hon instructs the Lawyer to plaster the city with Corina’s picture.  Gonzo inquires about the case against Regina. 

Tony and Regina are in the study and have reached the Dr. and he’s going to come see Renata.   Regina still can’t believe Jeronimo would have run off with Marina.  The phone rings.  It’s Gonzo. He tells Regina there is hope that they’ve got a bead on Corina and Cons may be freed soon.  This is good news for El Centro as well.  Regina matter of factly tells Gonzo that Jero took the same flight as Marina for Mexico City. . .then it’s a fact, Jeronimo abandoned my Renata?  It seems so but I just can’t believe it Regina states firmly.  Dammit, that’s it.  Gonzo wants his whole family back with him tomorrow and forget Jeronimo Linares forever!  FOREVER!

Matt and Renata once more bond through sorrow when YAAAAY!  THE PUPPY IS BACK!!  How good to hear Renata immediately begin chortling in baby-puppy talk!  To Matt’s question what can they do, Renata asks that an investigation be started at once on Jeronimo’s whereabouts.  Matt’s like, why?  For what purpose?  Renata smells a rat, this just isn’t adding up.  Matt and Adri have that tone of voice and look adults have when a kid is talking about that special friend that no one else can see.  Renata hangs tough.  I know deep down within myself that something has happened to him.  Matt tries to convince her she’s going through the stages of grief and soon she will accept. . . .No, no, lo voy a aceptar, Matias no lo puedo aceptar mi vida sin Jeronimo!  I won’t, I can’t accept life without Jeronimo. Adri tries to hug her.  [Aye, Renata, I know those kind of sobs of frustration, your head is hurting, your nose is stopped up and you’ve cried so much your eyes are dry heaving.]  Jeronimo loves me she cries that ragged, hiccupping kind of cry when you’re so caught up in the emotion.  They embrace her as that infeliz leads us to break.

Back at La Bonita:  Super Laz is livid.  He’s not buying this bull about Jeronimo!  They yell about how unbelievable it is.  Renata had accepted the babies, it was no problem!  Yells Laz.  But Marina did not accept Renata Carlos shouts.  And you know what’s so killin’ about it Carlos says, dialing the decibels down for dramatic effect:  Jeronimo left here without knowing that Renata is pregnant too.

Back in this bedroom that has heard so much wailing, seen so many tears and the awful genuflections of grief Renata is told about Gonzo’s wish that they leave La Bonita.  Her lids heavy and swollen, Renata agrees.  It is so painful being here, and there’s nothing else to do. 

Back in the kitchen Manuela gives the 411 to Alfie.  [Oh Gawd, don’t let her within 100 yards of Renata!]  They discuss, of course, how unbelievable it is that Jero is a Zero and dumped Renata on her wedding day.  Eso me demuestra que todos, todos los hombres son iguales!  [What a surprise utterance from Alfie – NOT – students, you can figure out from context what that means!]  Manuela weakly protests.  Alfie is with her own baby because she gave Alison permission to accompany Anibal to go get his bike out of the shop.  Alfie is so starry-eyed over Anibal, she wants her to enjoy this first blush of luuurve before Anibal crushes the bloom.  [Hey!  Where is Super Laz’s understudy anyway?  Wasn’t he supposed to fling some major ca ca into the proverbial fan?]

Oh, there he is with young Alison!  Please put on the helmets!

Ah, the Marcus Welby of Mexico is in the house.  He asks Renata how far along she is.  Month, month and a half.

Ok.  Here’s Anibal with Padre Severino.  Uh Oh.  My dear Catholic friends, they’re saying some little prayers and the Padre is wearing his beautiful purple cloth.  Does this mean this is a protected communication?  Oh no!  Well, before freaking out, let’s hear what he has to say:   I wanted to confess because I’m almost sure that Augustin Dunant, my Papa, had something to do with the fact that the wedding between Jeronimo and Renata did not take place.  Padre loses his sacred composure and turns with a look of horror to stare Anibal square in the face.

Doc Welby is done:  Renata is fine gynecologically  but she has a heart arrhythmia.  He wants to refer her to a Cardiologist and Adri has a suggestion but the Doctor doesn’t want her to travel, she must get the studies in the hospital in Ensenada and let the results dictate whether she can travel or not.  [oh, the bottom just dropped out of my stomach. . .she’s going to end up having Auggie take her to the hospital for the tests!!!]  Regina is feeling an instinctive disquiet within as she turns to look at Renata as the color drains from our little tableau of woe.

Prevew: Fina setting an electrical fire, choking Blanca and throwing her from the top of a tall building, more anguished crying of Renata and a mixture of scenes we’ve already seen.  Thanks for readin’ this and see y’all in cyberspace!

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