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Timeless Love Episode 171 Update on Monday 25th June 2018


Jero is well and truly gone and Renata prepares to leave La Bonita for the last time. Thus, our sad little episode begins with Renata in the kitchen swirling her wine glass remembering dear moments with Jero. After she remembers (and we in Viewerville review) a number of impossibly romantic scenes, she bids farewell to Jeronimo’s memories and moves into the sala to say goodbye to all the staff. Regina, Matias, Adri and Fido (the puppy will always be Fido to me) wait patiently in the background as Renata says goodbye to each of the staff and receives a gift or remembrance from each of them as well—medallions, prayers, novenas, baby clothes, blankets and their love.

Renata commends the care of all of La Bonita into the capable hands of Super Laz. (Oh, NO! ¡No puede ser! When Renata goes to hug Lazaro your recapper notices for the first time that Laz is not very tall. Drat! He’s going to have to wear shoe lifts if we go dancing).

Carlos, who may just have a brain in his head, asks that she send him word of any news of Jero. Renata does not want to go. “Then don’t abandon us”, says Matilde. “This is your home, Renata”.  I am grabbing for grandma’s linen hanky when in walks Augustin, trailed by Anibal.

“He was grey blonde and he looked sticky”.
The Long Goodbye, Chapter Six

I could learn to hate this guy without even knowing him. I could just look at him across the width of a cafeteria and want to kick his teeth in”.
The Long Goodbye, Chapter Six

Renata says goodbye to father and son just as the camera cuts to Lazaro rolling his eyes at Augustin.

Back in D.F.

Antonio arrives in Mexico and meets with Isidro. They examine the original birth certificate of Roberta.  Antonio’s smile reaches all the way to his eyes as he recalls that he promised Regina that he would help her find her daughter. Now he is keeping that promise. They are so happy! All the folks who participated in the search for Regina, Jr. will be happy at this development.

A group of women stand outside as Ines makes a speech at the Grand Re-opening of the Centro. “Finally, all is clarified. We are back to functioning and now when Regina arrives we will inaugurate the Foundation in honor of Andresito (Ines’ son) and all who face the same difficulties. Here no one surrenders!” Ines has tears in her eyes as the women in the audience clap.

“There is no trap so deadly as the trap you set for yourself”.
The Long Goodbye, Chapter Twelve

Hons and Cons say goodbye to Trojan Baby Sandra and her Mom and Dad, who have now completely forgiven Coni and are grateful that she took such good care of Sandra, as Honorio says, as if she were her only child. Coni points out (not so helpfully, I might add) that her sister-in-law didn’t get her child back for 24 years! Coni says she was never a Mother but she is going to turn her mother’s love into a grandmother’s love. She offers Sandra’s family all the things she bought for Sandra as a gift and they accept. (What else was she going to do with them?) Ahhhhh.

Later Hons and Cons reaffirm their love for one another as they take a walk and Hons assures Constanza that she will be a wonderful grandmother soon to Matias’ and Adri’s little nippers. Coni says goodbye to the idea of motherhood.  “Te amo Honorio”.
This poor character; she just got over a bad case of the stupids and now hubby gets to gently gloat that he has her back to himself. Geez. At least she has moved out of her usual pink ensemble today into something rather Orchid colored.  Goodbye to Coni’s pink!

Later, Adri, Fido and Matias go to Hons y Cons. They give them the news that they are engaged, Renata is pregnant and Jero is missing.

Valle de Guadelupe, Baja California

Alison and Anibal are outside walking and talking when he offers her a grape to eat. She refuses the offering and he calls her out on her eating behavior. He wants her to say goodbye to anorexia. He asks her to tell Kari or Matilde at the hacienda about her problem and get some help. It’s goodbye to food dumping for Alison, “Te lo prometo”, she commits to Anibal that she will talk to Kari.

Mexico City
The Lust Nest Apartment (in Julieta’s building)

“There wasn’t a photograph or a personal article of any kind in the place. It might have been a hotel room rented for a meeting or a farewell, for a few drinks and a talk, for a roll in the hay”.
The Long Goodbye  (Chapter One)

Roberta and Fina are talking. Fina has just come in waving an airline ticket and she tells Berta to prepare herself to say goodbye to Mexico—they are moving to Switzerland.  Why Switzerland, you may ask? Roberta wonders this as well and asked her charming mother.

"She opened a mouth like a firebucket and laughed.  That terminated my interest in her.  I couldn't hear the laugh but the hole in her face when she unzippered her teeth was all I needed."--The Long Good-bye (Chapter 13)

Well, they do not have an extradition treaty with Mexico so Fina and Roberta can go there and live safely. “And where did you get the money to buy first class tickets to Switzerland?” asks our Berta. “I got it through my association with Blancita,” Fina smiles. Josefina also mentions that she used the cash to pay for Coni’s incarceration. Berta, pretending to be sophisticated and world-weary says that she supposed that Fina’s connection with Blanca was an economic one. “What if I do not want to go”? Roberta shoots back. “It is your decision, hijita. But I am the only one who is really there for you”.

“The girl gave her a look which ought to have stuck at least four inches out of her back.” Chapter One, The Long Goodbye

Roberta tells Fina she could learn to forget about her mother. Fina replies that there are millions of reasons why Roberta should remember her mother. Plus, they will also be VERY rich.

Later, back in la Cucina—the Center of the La Bonita universe—we see that Alfonsina has begun to soften her heart toward Ezekiel. She is talking with Kari, who tells her that Roberta lied about Ezekiel raping her. Kari tells her she was wrong. Alfonsina says that lately her feelings of anger and hate have been falling away. She says that she is nostalgic for Zeke and smiles sadly as she remembers her husband. (NOK, we need those t-shirts ASAP). She says “Nadie es perfecto, Kari.” Plus she wants the kids to remember their father kindly; he was an ordinary man but not bad man. She misses him. Alfonsina has come back into her body, thank goodness. For a while there I thought she has been possessed by a walk-in.

“I like Mexicans, as a rule, but I don’t like their jails”.
The Long Goodbye, Chapter Twelve

Padre Severino goes to the jail to visit a beaten-down looking Nesme. He came at the request of Kari. He tells Nesme about Ezekiel’s death. Nesme asks if Severino is SURE it was suicide? It seems to Alvaro that this was very convenient for Augustin Dunant. “Because,” Alvaro says, “With me in jail and Ezekiel dead this eliminates the testimony of those who know about Dunant’s dirty deeds!

“She had that fine-draw intense look that is sometimes neurotic, sometimes sex-hungry, and sometimes just the result of drastic dieting.”
The Long Goodbye, Chapter Twenty-Two

Roberta and some financial functionary are meeting in German’s offices. There is an amount missing (faltante de dinero) from the Moneterubbio accounts. “What is the amount?”, asks German. He immediately flourishes and pen, takes out his checkbook and writes a personal check to cover the difference. Roberta smiles.

“They say that lust makes a man old, but keeps a woman young. They say a lot of nonsense.”
The Long Goodbye, Chapter 12

After the clerk leaves, Roberta looks at German under her lashes. He assures her that nothing has changed. He is still delighted with her and her caresses. He says he would do anything for her. Like leaving your wife?” Berta asks. He is sure that he is going to give her everything she wants.

Somewhere in D.F. Marina answers her door and finds—to her surprise—Brother Antonio! Antonio wastes no time is confronting Marina about Jeronimo’s whereabouts; everyone knows that she and Linares came back to Mexico together. Her Uncle is very worried. Saul told them what happened. Marina swears that Jero is not with her and did not leave Tijuana with her.

Antonio looks very nervous as he grocks that if Jero is not with Marina, WHERE IS HE? Antonio fears that something very bad has happened. Marina calls Saul but he doesn’t answer his phone. Later they go to the Hospital where Saul is supposed to work, but, NO Saul! He is suspended for an indefinite amount of time.

“I had a mental picture of the kind of eighteen-room shack that would go with a few of the Potter millions, not to mention decorations by Duhaux in the latest subphallic symbolism.”
 The Long Goodbye, Chapter Three

Renata and her family return to the House that Fina decorated. It is time for the family to tell Renata that Josefina has escaped. Renata asks if they are sure that her mother got away? Matias says that she escaped in the confusion of the fire. Once again, Regina flashes on the maid’s reported sighting of Roberta and Fina together, outside the Gonzo Palace. She looks very troubled. Renata insists she is much better, very strong. She says she is fine as she buries her face in her papa’s shoulder and sobs. Again, Gonzo wants everyone to be very careful.

At La Cruz

“Inside he’s as ruthless as a Gestapo thug.”
The Long Goodbye, Chapter Four

“A sudden ferocious scowl twisted his face into dark knots. The blood darkened his forehead.”
The Long Goodbye Chapter Seven

“Where were you?” screams Augustin to Anibal. Today Augustin is wearing a white pig leather coat inside the house. With this and little other ceremony Augustin throws Anibal out of the house. Adding insult to injury Dunant throws his son a handful of cash on the way out the door so he can get back to Aguas Calientes safely. Anibal doesn’t want Auguie’s money, tosses the wad of cash on the floor and walks out.

Adri, Fido, and Matias go to Hons y Cons. They give H/C the news: they are engaged; Renata is pregnant; and Jero is missing.

“I’m sorry for her. She’s such an absolute bitch.”
The Long Goodbye, Chapter Four

“I have no doubt that I have a lot of luck,” says our brainless
Berta as she heads back into her office. “ I am going to have everything that I want,” she gloats as she leans back in the desk chair. The phone rings and it is Regina.  “I have to ask you a question,” says Regina. “Pepa has not contacted you, has she?” “Don’t worry, Mami,” Roberta lies through her teeth. “You are the first person I would tell.” Roberta chuckles as she rings off.

At La Bonita

Alison is caring for baby Luz when she confesses to Kari that she has a problem. “It’s about your eating”, says our prescient Kari. “I don’t want to be fat”, Alison replies, “That’s why I don’t eat.” But she is happy! “You can’t be happy if you don’t eat”, says Kari. “Alison, you need some special help. This is a very grave situation”. “But I don’t want to go to a clinic, cries Alison. “Then we will look for help in Ensenada”, Kari replies. They hug.

Antonio calls Padre Severino. Marina is not with Jeronimo. Saul lied.

“I don’t have any home life.”
The Long Goodbye, Chapter Three

Anibal comes to La Bonita and Alison with the bad news that Augustin threw him out of the house. Anibal has to go back to Aguas Calientes to look for a job. Alison asks Anibal not to leave. But Anibal feels he has no other option. Very sad music plays as the teens hug,

D.F., Two Balls Palacio
Renata, Coni and Regina talk at Gonzo’s Palace. Renata wants to work at the Center with Regina and Coni. They will work together!

EM Offices
Roberta is back on the cell phone in her office. She is talking with Fina and together they carress their recent successes with malignant pleasure. “Regina will not have rest quietly for the rest of her days,” Fina cackles. Roberta is telling Fina how happy she is that Jero has abandoned Renata when German walks in and eavesdrops on the conversation. “Jeronimo doesn’t even know she is pregnant. And you and I are seen to be doing nothing to Renata”, the little beast says, as German sneaks out the door without ever making his presence known to Roberta.

“They didn’t search the house, which seemed careless of them.”
The Long Goodbye, Chapter Six

“I love my husband,” she said simply.
The Long Goodbye, Chapter Twenty-Four

Antonio makes his way to Gonzo’s Palace of Two Balls, and gives Regina and Renata the news that Saul lied. Jeronimo never came to Mexico with Marina. Where is Jeronimo?

In the avances we see Antonio say, “No esta in Valle de Guadelupe”. We see a hysterical Renata order Carlos to call the police to start a search for Jero immediately. We see what appears to be an unconscious Jero being rolled down an arroyo. This does not look good, dear viewers.

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