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Timeless Love Episode 172 Update on Tuesday 26th June 2018


Connie tells Nata that Fina and Blanca were behind the whole baby scam to hurt her and Regina. Nata is in disbelief, they were at the jail nuthouse. Connie says they did.

Berta calls Fina and tells her Nata is pregnant and that Nata and Jero did not get married and it was not either of them who ‘caused’ it. (German heard her conversation)

Antonio arrives at MR manor and lets Nata and Regina know that he found Marina and that Jero did not come to MC with her. That Saul lied to them.

Tonight’s ep:
We see a strange woman in a shack with a chalis releasing smoke and she is waving it over someone who might be dead or half dead…

Nata walks away then turns around thanking God and very happy tears saying Jero did not abandon her after all. Gina says I knew it!! Connie also says she had her doubts. Nata agrees with them. Antonio, the voice of reason, brings them back to earth… If he is not at Valle de Guada or in MC, and has not contacted anyone, chances are something bad happened to him. 

Dona Sabina, the strange woman, sends a young man for more herbs. She won’t give up to try to help the guy laying down as long as his heart keeps beating. 
Now we see how she witnessed Augie’s men kick Jero and roll him down a hill… they left assuming he would die very shortly afterwards since they gave him a good beating.
She found Jero, noticed he was still alive and somehow dragged him on her carreta and brought him home. If God had put him in her path, she had to try and save him.
We finally get to see Jero, with weird marks on his face as if someone put his face in a 350 degree oven for an hour.

Charlie and Mati… they agree on getting married on Sunday, even if Carlos is not thrilled about not waiting or Jero. Prissy is looking at them from behind a tree.

At MR offices, Matias, Adri and Hono are discussing that German and Roberta are lovers. Hono was reluctant to admit it but then tells them that German also tried to abuse Beth. Matt and Adri drop their jaw at unison. Matt says Gonzo should know this and together they should make a decision about German. Hono and Adri are irritated about German abusing his power and role with women who are disadvantaged.

Anibal asks Carlos and Lazaro for a job and to be able to stay at LaBonita. Tells them that Augie kicked him out since now Nata is not there to ask that Augie host him. Lazaro is visibly mad… 

At MR manor, Nata calls the hacienda and asks if they know about Jero. No. Then let me talk to Carlos like YESTERDAY!!

Back outside, Lazaro is not quite buying the story by Anibal. Tells Carlos this could be a trap by Augie. Allison backs Anibal up. Carlos is not willing to hire anyone without Jero’s approval. Allison tells them Anibal has nowhere else to go. What about his mom?...

Herminia interrupts to summon Carlos inside to Renata’s call.

Allison tells Anibal that if he tells them the truth about his mom’s death, they will hire him.

Melesio gets with a worker at LaBonita who tells him about Prissy being an enologa who is helping Carlos fix up the mixes for the LaBonita wine.

At MR Manor, Connie can’t believe that so many days have passed and noone has said anything about Jero. Nata gets Carlos on phone and tells him that Jero did not leave with Marina, Nata sends him to the police station to report Jero’s missing. As he and Lazaro run out, Mati is ready to celebrate that her ‘hermoso’ did not abandon his wife with Marina. Manuela is not so happy, she is worried that if he did not leave with Marina, he could be worse, he could even be dead.

Marina called Padre Seve… Padre tells her about what Saul went to see Nata to tell her that Jero had abandoned her for you (Marina). He tells her Nata is pregnant. He regrets telling her… Marina wonders how did Saul know that Jero was not with Nata… Padre wants her to return but she says she has to stay in MC to try and locate Saul to ask him to explain what he did.

Augie at his laptop saying ‘you always saw as a lesser enemy, Linares, you never realized my power…’… Augie remembers his planning with Saul that Saul would enter the plane with Jero’s ticket, get to MC with Marina and return immediately to go see Nata and tell her that his woman left with her husband… and remembers ordering for Jero to be killed/beat up. ‘you are a genius, Augie… and Nata will soon be mine… JAJAJAJA’

Melesio goes to see Priscilla and says he is representing potential buyers of wine who are interested in the product of the Valle de Guadalupe. He wants to know when the wine will be ready.

Mati and Manuela tell Kari about the news about Jero. She can only wonder how Nata must be feeling. Manuela notices Kari has the baby… gets mad at Allison for delegating her responsibility to others. Kari defends Allison for being ‘in love’. 

Outside Anibal and Allison are walking. They thank each other for inspiring them to be better. Kiss. 

Regina tells Nata that she just called Gonzo. He had hired a PI to find Jero to get him to show face. They convince Nata that he meant well with hiring the PI. Nata suddenly feels like going out. She asks Antonio to go with her. Gina and Connie are not so thrilled that she wants to go out at this moment. Gina asks Antonio to stop her from doing anything crazy.

Dona Sabina continues to care for the stranger… she tells the young man that if the people who did this to him find out he is still alive, they will try to finish him off, and maybe even get to her too. The young guy asks if she is not afraid he will do anything to her, she says he can’t even move. Lets wait until he wakes up and then God will tell.

Gonzo is terrified at all the news about Jero… Adri offers to go with him to accompany Nata. They all agree that Nata needs all their support right now. Gonzo and Adri leave. Mat admits he had questioned Jero. Hono says he did too, but at same time it was odd to him that Jero had done that to Nata. Jero had shown his nobility and generosity lately. Hono wonders if Jero’s dissappearance too has been planned by Fina… Hono says if Jero has not been reported as having had an accident, someone must be behind his dissappearance.

Nata had gone to visit Marina to ask when and where was last time she saw Jero. At Ensenada a couple days before she left, (so it is clear they did not see each other the day she flew to MC). Marina tells her what she and Jero talked about. She would love to be able to tell her that Jero hessitated, but he never put Marina and the babies above Nata. Nata thanks her for saying it. Marina says truth is best, no matter how painful. Marina tells Nata she has to take care of herself, her pregnancy. Nata asks who told her. Her uncle. Nata thanks her for her understanding and solidarity. Marina promises she will find Saul, anywhere he went. He is a key piece of this puzzle. Nata offers to let her know of anything she finds out too.

Back at LaB, Anibal asks Allison to help him decide to leave or to stay… They wonder where Carlos and Lazaro left to in such a hurry. Hopefully they will let him stay. Allison is counting on Lazaro letting him stay, because he would know Allison would suffer if he left.

Priscilla looks for Carlos and runs into Mati. Mati is rude with her, Prissy is trying to force Mati to tell her where Carlos went, but Mati refuses to tell her where he is, and tells her that Prissy might know more about their job as ‘enologos’ but she knows his heart better. Prissy gets anxious, Mati insists on saying ‘I don’t believe that MY Carlos will have time for you… so move it’…

The PI visits MR manor and tells them what he has done already about finding Jero. Now that he knows that Jero is not at MC he will direct his investigation to Ensenada and the airport, he will request the video tapes… maybe they can identify who boarded the plane in his name. Nata wants to go with him and gets into a loud argument with Gonzo, who would rather have her stay and rest. Antonio offers to go with the PI to identify anyone. The PI says that won’t be necessary and for their own security, he would rather go alone. Also, it is better for fewer people to find out Jero is missing and not gone. Everyone should still think that they believe Jero left her and is in MC with Marina. THE PI will visit Marina to see if she can give him a photo of Saul.

At MR offices, Hono calls the client that German is supposed to get a signed contract from. Hono finds where this signing will take place. The client, Jorena, already signed the contract but German asked to borrow his vacation house to be there with Berta. Hono summons Beth to find out the address of Jorena’s vacation home… Hono asks Beth who German went to sign the contract with when he went to see Jorena. She says he left with Berta, and furthermore, she caught German and Berta kissing in his office.
Hono is just a bit surprised, Matt is visibly angry.

Gonzo encourages Nata at MR Manor that they will find Jero… Berta arrives home. She asks why the family reunion with funeral faces. They tell her about Jero missing instead of gone with Marina. They are sure something bad happened to him. Tell her about the PI Gonzo hired. Berta asks what if Jero is hiding with ‘la doctora’. Nata goes irrate… Berta insists what if he is lying? Nata yells some more and says not all of us practice the same sport! (LOL!) you have issues. You are nuts… Adri and Connie pinch-hit in favor of Nata. Only to get yelled at by Berta that they should not butt in, they are not even family! Adri and Connie leave. Berta blames Nata for causing that. Nata yells ‘NO ITS YOUR FAULT!’… Nata leaves very upset. Gonzo yells at Berta to understand Nata. Berta yells whinning that they always defend Nata… Gonzo and Gina are left alone in living room speechless… (wow! What a family!)
Berta does not loose a breath to call Augie to let him know that everyone is sure that Jero dissappeared. She asks him what he did with Jero. Augie assures her noone will find Jero or be able to link him to Jero’s dissappearance. Berta takes a picture of her and Nata, tells it ‘don’t know why Augie did not take you instead of Jero. Only until you dissappear I will be in peace’.. 
Augie calls him and orders them to destroy or dissappear the videos from the airport from the day that Marina left… he will compensate them with $$$$..

Augie counts on not being linked to Jero’s dissappearance…
But he is wrong… ‘Renata my love’ … Jero is giving signals of life…
Padre Seve assures someone (Lazaro and Kari?) that Augie is behind all this. Nata also receives some news over phone.

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