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Fall Into Temptation Episode 41 Update on Monday 30th July 2018


PRESENT DAY AFTER THE ACCIDENT: Juan upon seeing Bebo with Lola, he jealously tries to run over Bebo with his car but he escapes with help of Lola by drawing his attention and Bebo tells Lola that it was Juan who wanted to run him over but Lola can’t believe it and Bebo tells her that he has to do something because he will not let him kill her and Lola accepts his help.
Alina tells Santiago that Nacho has been arrested and Santiago asks her to help him because he himself even doubt himself and Alina tells him that she will but she doesn’t understand why he just said he doubted himself and Santiago says it’s because he knows he couldn’t have controlled himself and would have kill Carolina if he got to know about her affair with Damian but the fact is Nacho knew something but never told him. Alina receives a call telling him Nacho has been arrested and Santiago pleads with her to help Nacho out and Alina asks him if he thinks Nacho could be capable of killing Carolina and Santiago tells her that Nacho is not capable of killing anyone.
Nacho is being interrogated whiles in cell by Antonio and Godoy if he knew about the affair and he tells then he knew but he never had anything to do with it and Antonio questions him if so, then why does the Shovel found at the accident scene carries his DNA and Nacho says they just want to manipulate him but he will not talk again until his lawyer is present.
Azucena tells Raquel that some money got missing in the company but it looks strange that now half of what was missing is now back into the company’s account and Raquel believes in her mind that Andres has something to do with it. Azucena senses it and then warns Raquel to be very careful about Andres because he is capable of doing anything.
YEARS AGO, BEFORE THE ACCIDENT: Carolina still compels Damián to speak with Mia and Federico so they never tell Raquel about what Mia saw and Damian agrees. After the call, he tells Christian that Carolina told him that mia saw Gabriela and she thinks they are lovers and asked him to speak with his children, christian tells him Carolina is right. He asks Damian if he definitively wants to break up with Raquel, Damián tells him that he doesn’t know how to live with so many lies, and Christian tells him to keep on doing it by telling lies as he has until now because without that, he can’t stay with Raquel and Carolina at the same time.
Raquel asks Andres to tell her if he knows with whom Damián is cheating on her, and Andres tells her that he knows when Damián is lying but she must investigate and he knows she will definitely find out who she is.
Damian comes home to speak with Mia about the issue and to clarify what she saw at the hotel but she reclaims her father still that he is cheating on her mother with Gabriela, Damián tells her that Gabriela only came there to see her husband Christian who is staying at the same hotel and Mia asks him to swear to her that he is not cheating on her mother with another woman, Damián tells her that he has never cheated on her mother and right there was Raquel and she asks Mia to see her right after so they can also have a talk and Mia as usual rudely responds to her mother but his dad asks her not to be acting so towards her because she loves her dearly.
Mia complains that her mum is always on her neck and that is why she is always acting mean towards her but Damian says that that doesn’t guarantee her mean treatment against her own mother because her mum is the best parent any person would have wanted as a mother as she always thinks, love and takes care of them. still Mia prefers that he takes her along with him if he is leaving the house but Damian refuses and asks her to be good to her mum and stop treating her so mean. 
Nico goes with Federico to Gabriela’s house to accuse her of betraying his mother and having an affair with his father Damian and Gabriela looking so upset tells Federico that if he wants to find something weird he must look in another direction and stop accusing her of something so absurd and this makes Federico and Nico confused.
Damian goes to see Raquel and she asks him to tell her the truth if he is seeing another woman which could have been the reason he left the house and Damian goes silent.
Santiago tells Nacho that he can specifically tell that, Carolina doesn’t love him again because she’s very very distant and also, she doesn’t even have time for her kids especially Lola as she’s always busy with her catering service.
Santiago tells Raquel that they arrested Nacho because they found his fingerprints on the shovel with which Damián was hit, but he is sure that Nacho is not guilty but he can’t understand why his fingerprint was on it and also it turns out that he also knew about Carolina and Damian’s affair but never told him and now he doesn’t know in whom to trust again. Raquel then tells him that he can trust her and they kiss.

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