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Jhansi Ki Rani Episode 392--394 Update on Wednesday 25th July 2018


The episode starts with Laxmibai saying Ye talwar Jhansi par buri drishti dalne walon ke liye kaal banegi...Laxmibai asks pandit to do shudhikaran of the palace tomorrow and some celebration is announced.
     Nelson and Hamilton are very angry and planning to get Jhansi back.Hamilton says that they have to make a proper plan with calm mind to capture Jhansi. Nelson tells him about his plan is to create religious conflict between Hindus and Muslims of Jhansi get Jhansi back.
Rani Laxmibai leaves the durbar with Damodar,Gaus Khan stops her and asks her that he wants to have a word with her but not in durbar. Gaus Khan tells her that this year MohrumTajiya and hindu festival is on same day and muslim have lost their land where they used to celebrate tajiya every year because of these Britisher and requests her to make arrangement for muslims in Jhansi. Rani assures him to give them space to celebrate Tajiya in Jhansi and Gaus Khan leaves..
Laxmibai goes to her room which was specially given to her by Maharaj , she looks around finds wine bottles and meat pieces and shoes and clothes of Nelson lying on the floor. She gets very angry and kicks the wine bottle. She goes and see the painting of her and Maharaj. She remembers all the memories and mourns. She goes to her writing table where all the letter written by  Maharaj were kept and finds that they are torn into small pieces by Britishers. Maharaj soul says some poetic lines remembering the memories...

Laxmibai burns all the British clothes lying on the floor. Damodar asks her that what she burnt she says that these britishers have made their mahal impure(aapavitra) and also britishers have
 hurt her from every possible way. She hugs damodar and Maharaj's soul hugs them both she feels his presence and is determined to take revenge from Nelson for all he has done and the screen freezes.
A very emotional episode.

The episode starts with Laxmibai informing Ghaus Khan about allotting land for the Muslim community.Rao Dulaju informs Nelson about the queen's decision. Nelson tells Rao Dulaju that it could be exploited to create rift between Hindus and Muslims.
Rose witnesses Nelson talking to a person. Nelson informs Rao Dulaju about his plan to foment trouble. Acting on Nelson's instructions, Rao Dulaju buries a bag in the ground.
While walking through the Jhansi market, Rao Dulaju, disguised as a pandit, pretends to fall to the ground. Rao Dulaju tells the crowd that assembles to help him about a statue buried in the ground. On digging the ground, a statue of Goddess Saraswati is discovered.
The discovery of the statue triggers a dispute between the Hindu and Muslim communities as both stake claim for the land.
Nelson, who watches the whole incident, is happy to see his plan succeed. The confrontation between Muslims and Hindus threatens to snowball into a sectarian conflict.
Rose meets Laxmibai secretly and informs her about Nelson fomenting trouble between Hindu and Muslim communities. Nelson's plan is on the verge of succeeding as Hindus insist on building a temple while Muslims defend their right over the ground.
Will Laxmibai succeed in preventing a sectarian conflict?

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