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Jhansi Ki Rani Episode 404--406 Update on Tuesday 31st July 2018


Laxmibai is confident Nelson would attend Jhalkari Bai's wedding at all costs. Hence, she asks Tatya Tope to be alert during the wedding.
As Laxmibai suspected, Nelson along with a comrade is present among the guests. When the wedding ceremony gets underway, Nelson tells his comrade that he would go inside the palace and have a quick look at Puran's wife. On his way, he runs into Laxmibai.
However, Nelson's comrade manages to save Nelson by lying to the queen that they had lost their way and strayed into the palace.
During the tilak ceremony, Laxmibai notices that her fingers turned black while putting a tilak on a guest's forehead. To clear her doubts, Laxmibai asks Karma to have a word with the man whom she suspects to be Nelson. As soon as Karma finds that the queen's suspicion is right, he informs her about it.
Later, Karma not only forces Nelson to touch Laxmibai's feet and take blessing from her, but also forcibly feeds him ladoos in excess.
Laxmibai enters Jhalkari Bai's chamber and informs her about Nelson being present among the guests. She adds that Nelson must have found out that they resemble each other.
She takes Jhalkari Bai outside by covering her face with a veil. During the mooh dikhai ceremony, as soon as Laxmibai takes the veil off Jhalkari's face, Nelson notices that the bride is black and leaves the ceremony.
Before Nelson and his comrade can leave from the palace, Laxmibai and her warriors surround him.
Will Laxmibai spare Nelson's life?

As soon as Nelson and his comrade try to flee, Laxmibai and her warriors surround him.
Laxmibai prepares to kill Nelson but is stopped by Rose, who begs for her husband's life.  Laxmibai remembers that she had given a mangalsutra for Rose to wear and she spares Nelson's life.
The wedding over, Jhalkari Bai and Puran seek the blessings of Laxmibai. Laxmibai invites Jhalkari Bai to stay with her as she considered her as her sister.
The Prince of Modh returns and is welcomed by his subjects.
Laxmibai tells her court the need to unify rulers of neighboring territories to fight against the East India Company's rule. She expresses her dismay at Nanasaheb Peshwa succumbing to the British.
Rajmata of Modh learns about the prince's returned from London after achieving his LLB degree.    
Laxmibai further tells her ministers that they must find revolutionaries who are not only ready to live for the country, but also ready to sacrifice their life for the country.
Will the prince of Modh join forces with Laxmibai?

The prince of Modh learns from Rajmata that the king was busy in a discussion with the East India Company officials.
Laxmibai plans to unify rulers of neighboring territories who have bowed to the British.
The king of Modh's happiness knows no bounds when he sees the prince in the court. When Lord Canning meets him, he asks the prince him to find a permanent solution to the bandit Rana Bankura, who has been looting the traders and distributing wealth to poor subjects.
The prince of Modh declares Indians as stupid as they do not appreciate the importance of the British. He credits the British for bringing about change in the Indian society.
Rajmata informs the prince that she has found a suitable bride for him. The prince declares he was in love and would only marry her. The prince reminisces about Manikarnika whom he had met as a kid.
At Jhansi's palace, Moropant asks Laxmibai to marry again.
Will Laxmibai agree to Moropant's request?

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