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Kuch Rang Episode 165--166 Update on Wednesday 25th July 2018


Sona tries to explain Dev that he did mistake by giving a high designation to Vicky, this way Vicky will never learn in life. Dev shouts it is his decision and she cannot interfere. She says earlier he was talking about us and now he is telling his decision and only him. He asks what does she means. She says some words are felt and not spoken.
In the morning, Sona and Dev sit for breakfast. Ishwari gives holy books to Sona and asks her to read it. Vicky comes and Nikki says she needs party from him as he got a high designation job. Vicky taunts a bit and agrees. He goes to his room after breakfast. Radha gets him new tie and while tying it asks him to show his worth in his office and next he needs to teach a lesson to bengalan. She tightens tie and he shouts
what is she doing, first she is talking about sukdi and now…She asks to lower his voice as his father may hear it and create a scene. He says Sona bhabhi ok..
Sona sitting in living room. Nikki asks how is she feeling her transormation from Sona di to Sona bhabhi. Their chatting starts. She says she hates literature subject. Elena comes to meet Sona and says literature is her favorite subject and can teach her. Nikki acts as sad, then excitedly says really. Elena says she can teach her thrice a week if she wants. Nikki says sure, they will gossip a lot after class. Elena seees Sona sad and asks reason. Sona says changes topic.
At Dev’s office, Dev feels irritated thinking about his fight with Sona. He angrily calls Tina and scolds where is his file, she should arrange his desktop before he comes. She shows file and says it is right on desktop. He scolds her and asks not to disturb him.
Asha shows gifts to Sourav and says he needs to give it to Sona. Bejoy comes and yells at Sourav. Sourav says he will manage. Bejoy continues yelling and leaves.
Elena teaches literature to Nikki and ways to learn. Sona sits with Ishwari in living room and says since post-marriage rituals have finished, she wants to join back a job if she permits. Ishwari looks t her for a second and encourages her to join and says she will manage work at home. Sona thanks her and leaves. Radha asks why did she permit Sona to work.. Ishwari says if 2 utensils are in same place, they collide, so better Sona is out of house.
Sona eagerly waits for Dev and looking at Dev’s pic in her mobile says if Mr. Obodro comes late like this, she will become jealous wife and will disturb his secretary often and take account of his each minute. At office, Tina asks Dev if she can leave. He says it is already late, why did not she go home. She says he told not to disturb her. He asks to take office cab. Sona continues waiting and thinks when he will come, she will not argue with him. Dev thinks it is already 10 p.m. and he apologized Tina, but does not have courage to apologize Sona, feels guilty.
Precap: Ishwari asks Sona why she lit so many candles. Sona says she is waiting for Dev and asks her to sleep as it is late. Ishwari says how can she sleep without feeding Dev and asks her instead to go and sleep.
Sona excitedly lights candles near dining table and waits for Dev. Ishwari asks why she lit so many candles when there is electricity. Sona says it is for Dev. Ishwari asks to blow them off and go and sleep. Sona says she should go and sleep as should not be awake for long. Ishwari says she will sleep only after feeding Dev comes and asks her to go and sleep. Sona says she needs to speak to Dev. Ishwari gives her milk to drink and asks her to go and rest and she will send Dev up when he comes. Sona leaves.
Dev comes home and seeing lights on asks watchman if someone has come. Watchman says Ishwari must be awake. Dev enters and sees Ishwari waiting for her. She asks serves food and asks if he is tired. He says his gets rejuvenated when he eats her food. He finishes
food and asks for coffee. She asks him to go to his room, she will bring coffee to his room. Dev says he will work here itself and asks to bring coffee here itself. Ishwari says as he wishes and leaves. Sona calls Dev and he rejects her call. She comes down and calls repeatedly standing behind and he rejects call. She comes in front and asks why he is ignoring her, she is waiting for him since long. He says he is busy working. She says they did not speak whole day. He says so what, he is busy working. She says he does not have time for her at all. Ge says yes. She goes back sadly. She then comes down after sometime and sees him asleep on sofa. She dorns him shawl and waits whole night. In the morning, Ishwari comes holding pooja thali with Radha. Sona asks if she woke up so early today. Ishwari says she usually wakes up at this time and today she has to attend neighbor’s pooja. Radha sees Dev sleeping on sofa and yells at Sona that she fought with Dev just after few days of marriage. Ishwari asks her to calm down and says Dev worked whole night and seeing Sona already slept in room must have come down and slept here. Sona feels bad seeing her lying so fluently.
After some time, Sona serves breakfast to everyone. Mamaji praises it is very tasty. Vicky says he will not eat this. Mamaji taunts he is acting as if he used to eat grapes for breakfast and what about the other day when he ate butter laced paranthas. Vicky angrily leaves staring at Sona. Sona sees Neha not eating and asks if she needs anything else. Neha yells nobody cares about her and does not like her here. Ishwari asks not to say that, she is worried about her. Dev comes. Mamaji asks him to have breakfast, Sona prepared a tasty breaskfast. Dev says he is short of time and will have something at office. Ishwari asks him to tie his shoe lace. He bends near stairs and ties lace. Sona brings lunch box. He takes and turns. Sona sees his kerchief on floor and calls him. He turns and leaves taking kerchief without speaking to her.
At office, Dev opens lunch box and does not eat it though. Tina comes and says she needs his passport. He calls home and asks Kichu if mom is there. Kichu says no. Dev asks about Sona. Kichu says she is present. Dev gives his cupboard keys to Tina and asks her to send someone home and get passsport from Sona. After sometime, he realizes Sona’s medical report in his cupboard and thinks Sona should not read it. He calls Tina and asks to call back employee. Tinas calls employee, but his phone is switched off. Dev rushes home. Employee reaches home and gives keys to Sona. Sona walks towards cupboard and opens drawer.

Precap: When Sona is about to read file, Dev enters and stops her and says he…Sona says his secret is caught.

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