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Kuch Rang Episode 173--174 Update on Tuesday 31st July 2018


Ranbeer comes home with Sona to reconcile with Neha. He touches Ishwari, Radha and Mamaji’s feet. Ishwari says good he came. Radha he came as Sona brought her here, else he would not have come. If he had come before, Neha would have thought of reconciliation. Ranveer says he called Neha many times, but she did not pick his call at all. Ranveer then gos to meet Neha. Neha says he always ignored her happiness and was worried about his family, she needs her own house and does not want to stay with his family, until he gets her a separate house, she will not return. He says he will not leave his family and asks if her decision is final. She says yes. He angrily leaves. Sona hears their conversation and stands dumbstruck.
Ishwari infront of mamaji and Radha
scolds Sona that she should not have brought Ranveer home. Sona says she wants to reunite Neha and Ranveer and anyways someone had to make a move first. Mamaji says Sona is right. Radha yells she is wrong, Ranveer did not come by himself and is not worried about Neha. Dev also comes home. Ishwari says she knows Neha well, she will not agree so easily, so they should let her take her own time and continues scolding Sona. Dev says he will speak to Neha once. Ishwari says if he did not hear what she told, nobody wants to listen to her, they should give some time to Neha.
Asha tells Bejoy if they can get some job for Sourav in Dev’s company. He says no, already Dev’s family created so much drama and if get get job for Sourav, they will to live under their favor. He will never agree for it.
Neha starts yelling at Sona to stop interfering in her life and says she cannot come back to her house now and Sona is jealous of her. She lost right on her brother completley now and will go and stay in hotel. Sona says father says girl’s parent’s house is also her house and she never feels any difference. She and Dev want her to lead a happy life. Neha starts yelling again. Ishwari hears their conversation and asks Neha to calm down and reconcile witih Ranveer. Neha angrily leaves.
Sona sadly goes to her room. Dev starts joking with her. She says bad joke. He says let us go out. She says no. He says he was planning to go to her parent’s house to have bengali feast. She says really. He says he was having some work near her house and thought of visiting her parents. She agrees.
Sona reaches her parent’s house and helps Asha in cooking. Asha says she has learnt cooking so early. Sona says she had to learn. Bejoy enters and asks if Dev and his family is troubling her. Sona jokes that Radha beats her, Ishwari does not give her food, Dev’s sisters lock her in a room. Bejoy gets angry and says he will call Ishwari right now. Sona laughs and says she was just joking. She and Asha serve food. Elena comes and gets very happy seeing Sona and jokes she should be surprisist instead of nutritionist and hugs Sona. Bejoy says it is his turn as Elena goes to meet Sona often. Sona asks what is happening, Elena hides her face and Sourav does not call her at all. Sourav comes running and locks door. Family asks what happened. Sourav says he went for a product demo and client’s dog attacked and bit his hand. Bejoy jokes. Sourav holding his hand asks him to stop pestering him. Bejoy leaves laughing. Sona asks what happened. Sourav tells her that his partner betrayed him andhis cheques started bouncing when he paid her marriage bills, dad paid back with his PF money. Sona listens to him silently.
Ishwari enjoys tea with Mamaji, Radha, and Neha. Ranveer comes and gives documents to Ishwari. Ishwari asks what is this. He asks her to ask Neha and says Neha has send divorce notice to him.
Sona at her parent’s house asks her parents why did they hide Sourav’s problems with her. Asha says she told Bejoy to inform her, but he did not. Sona says Bejoy told he considers Sourav and her equal, but he did partiality. Bejoy apologizes. Daadi brings rasmalai. Sona says she is getting late and asks Daadi to pack rasmalai.
Dev enters and is shocked to see divorce papers. Neha asks Ishwari if she thinks she is wrong, she sent divorce notice after thinking thoroughly. Ranveer says he just wants her back to his home. She says she will not come. He asks
what about their love. She says it vanished like her hand prints vanished with hard work. He says doing household chores is not called hardwork. Dev shouts he cannot talk to his sister like this. Ranveer says Neha is only his sister hereon and leaves angrily. Sona enters and greets him. He does not reply and leaves. Sona asks what happened to him. Dev says Neha has sent divorce notice. Sona says she should have thought 10 times before sending divorce notice, divorce is not a solution. Neha yells if they all think she is wronng, she will leave this house and go, this house was never her house. She leaves yelling she will leave this house. Radha starts yelling at Sona that all this happened because of her, why did she bring Ranveer home, now Neha is more angry and will divorce Ranveer for sure. Mamaji asks her to shut her mouth. She continues. Ishwari asks her to be quiet, Neha is very tensed and goes to check Neha. Radha continues. Dev asks her to shut up, if she did not listen what mom told.
Elena walks out of restaurant and sees Vicky entering. She scolds him for stalking him. He ays he loves her and proposes. She stands in a shock. He cotinues that he loves her a lot. She ges a call and she leaves.
Ishwari goes to Neha’s room. Neha yells that she always ignored her happiness. In childhood, whenever she used to get stomachache, Ishwari used to give her pickle as medicine and when she used to get Dev a new shirt and get her just ribbons. She always ignored her happiness and even now she is ignoring her. She has decided to part ways with Ranveer.
Dev goes to his room. Sona asks if he thinks she did wrong by calling Ranveer home, she justs to solve their problem. Dev signals her to be quiet and hugs her. She says once Ranveer and Neha will stay away from each other for some time, they will realize they cannot stay away from each other. Ishwari comes. Sona walks out. Dev asks what did Neha tell. Ishwari says she wants divorce from Ranveer. He asks if he should speak to Neha. She says no, she wil not understand. He says he will speak to Ranveer then and will not let his sister’s marriage break.
Precap: Ishwari tells Sona that whatever is happening is very sensitive and they need to act very carefully. Sona says even she thinks same. Ishwari asks her to stay out of Neha’s issue and let her handle it.

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