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Madhubala Episode 224--225 Update on Wednesday 25th July 2018


Episode starts with RK saying to Radha showing windshield that its a gift send by Madhu n her new lover. Radha reminds RK about his limits n RK says he learnt today limits are meant to be crossed. RK leaves to his room. Radha asks Bittu whats the matter?

Paddo asks Madhu why she went back to Sultans place as she already promised she wont go there. Madhu says RK didnt know he was talking to Aryan who is a kid and Sultan didnt realise his anger will effect her so in all the fight she is the loser as she had to take all RK’s humiliated her so she had to visit Sultan.

RK calls Madhu. Paddo stops Madhu from receiving the call, but she does. RK is drunk n says..that even if he is her ex she can talk sweetly n asks for number. Madhu wonders whose number. RK asks for her lovers number so he can give him appointment to meet him rather than beating around the push. He says the offers to meet up her lover n fight it out has a terms n conditions’for REAL MEN’ Madhu says she wont give n RK says why coz he isnt man enough.

RK is talking but Madhu cuts the call. RK calls again. Madhu cuts the call. RK recollects seeing Madhu with her Sultan n rues if his love was so weak that Madhu moved on so easy? What ties him to her why he cant say bye n why it hurts so much?

Madhu says she wanna go away from all this mess. RK calls Paddo. she does not pick up n Madhu n Paddo are confused when they hear knock on the door of their door. Paddo opens n Madhu is shocked to see Sultan. Paddo asks him to stay away from her dayghter n Sultan saysits all as per destiny.

Sultan says he always talks about using brain than flowing in emotions but today he did that mistake. Sultan tells Madhu that Aryan is his life n so he couldnt tolerate anyone ill treating him. He says he didnt realise his act will effect Madhu. He apologises to Madhu n offers her money for her loss. Madhu asks if he would have taken money from RK for insulting Aryan. She says money cant make up for every loss esp money earned by causing pain. Sultan drives off angrily. RK is driving drunk. They come face to face. Sultan keep blowing horn but RK loses control n bangs his car on a tree n Sultan rushes to help.

RK is unconscious n Sultan carries him to his car. Sultan wakes RK up by sprinkling water. Sultan offers to drop him home. RK tries to call Bittu but finds battery low and asks to drop him home. Sultan says that girls n drinks if cant handle dont try n RK says.. if one loses control only then they can control life. RK wonders about marrying Madhu first time, meeting her. n Sultan asks for address. RK talks Sultan about seeing Madhus lover whose eyes he saw, then him taking Madhu with him, and then leaving a letter breaking his windshield. Sultan stops the car.

Sultan switches on Car light n realises its RK n takes out his gun n RK says he must be bored with RKs story.

Precap: Paddo asks Madhu to slam the money on RKs face n say that people respect a poor persons respect not poverty. Madhu hugs Paddo.

Part 1

RK tells Sultan that first time when he saw ..HIM ..he saw his eyes.. n second time when he saw him … he took Madhu away n he couldnt see his face. .n third time.. the sadakchap broke his cars windscreen and left a note..n Madhu fired him! Sultan slams the break and RK says.sorry .. u must be bored! Sultan takes out his gun..! RK says..better talk of something else. .but what? RK says..anything he thinks or speaks.. he thinks of Madhu n her new lover..! He says..he hates that lovers eyes n feels like shooting the guy between his eyes..! RK asks if Sultan has pistol ..thought he is sure..he does not have whiskey? Sultan is quiet..! RK says..sorry.. usually not so much out of control! Sultan keeps the gun away..!

Sultan slams the brake and RK says..why stop again? Sultan says..ur house..! RK asks..who told him the address? He then answers.. all would know a superstars home! Sultan opens his cars door and asks RK to get out! RK says. .OK n gets out..! He asks Sultan if he bored him a lot? He says.. seems Sultan is upset coz of his blabbering..! He says.. he din.. do anything drinks were blabbering. .n he was on mute! RK is about to put his arm on Sultans shoulder n says.. Sultan is a nice guy! Sultan moves away n RK says.. in todays one helps a drunkard.. but he did..! RK says.. RK or Right Kameena.. has a lot of confusion.. whether he has a heart or not! Sultan says.. Sultan.. thats his name..! RK says.. they existed in past.. n RK asks.. which era he belongs to n where from? Sultan says.. he is Mumbai ka Sultan..! RK says..good nite and walks inside the mansion!

Bittu is trying RKs cell and Radha is worried too..! Radha asks..what happened? RK says. .nothing.. he is ok! Radha calls for first aid box! RK asks her to relax n says..he is fine..n it was a small accident n small cut! He is alive n fine! RK says.he wont spare that Madhu..! Radha applies first aid on RKs head! Bittu asks .. how did he reach home? RK says.some good guy gave him lift! RK tells Radha that he had asked Bittu to trace out Madhus lover but he does not know anything except bringing juice. but what point telling Radha as she wont tolerate. .any bad word for Madhu..! RK tells Bittu to trace out Madhus new lover..! RK did Madhu move on in life? So fast?? Radha tries to helpRK to get up but RK refuses her help!

Aryan is upset and asks him if they are moving from there? The elderly says..yes. .n why is he asking? Aryan says..he doesnt want to go! Sultan walks in and asks..who is he to decide? Elderly says Aryan is a kid! Sultan says.. no one is a kid! He asks..Aryan why does he not wanna go? Aryan will SHE know they are moving? How will she meet them? The elderly says.. he is talking of Madhu..! Sultan says the girl wont meet them ever again! Aryan asks..why not? Sultan says heart is only meant to pump pure blood.. not for giving to someone..! He says.. tears blur a vision.. so go and wash face.! Aryan goes! The elderly tells Sultan not to be so tough on Aryan! Sultan says..its needed.. as he does not want Aryan to get attached to anyone not even himself coz life can snatch anything anytime..! He says that when nothing belongs to one ..the fear of losing or gaining wont be there!

Next day morning.. Madhu is getting ready to go to work n Paddo gives her cash..! Madhu asks..what is it? Paddo tells Madhu to take the money n slam on RKs face! Madhu asks from where she got so much money? Paddo says.. not to think of that..! She says..that ‘Gareeb ki gareebi ki nahi.. uske izzat ki izzat ki jati hai’! She says that when there is an earthquake the earth underneath the feet of huge buildings.. slips n results in destruction! Madhu hugs Paddo!

RK asks Bittu if he traced out Madhus lover or is busy chanting her name? Bittu says.. its not like what he thnks! RK tells Bittu that he is not a character certificate for anyone..! Madhu comes nearby and is on the phone with her mother! RK taunts out loudly that if he should wait for the hairdresser on the set or he should asks the mobile operator.. if he can contact her? Madhu cuts the call..! RK taunts that everything is new… RK says Naya Ishq.. Naya Junoon .. Nayi Nafrat. .! Teeno ne milke kya khub banaya Madhubala.. AHAN! RK comes to Madhu n says..that he wont break her moby! He requests her not to tell her lover..! Madhu says.. Mr. Rishabh Kundra.. if crap talk is over.. wake me up! She says..good he came.. n she slams the money on his hand..! RK looks on!

Part 2

Madhu tells RK that its the money for the damage to his car! RK says.. her lover is rich too… who gave her the money? Madhu says.. money is like drug ot him.. so why care.. rather enjoy it..! Madh usays..he said..she wont be able to repay him 6months but she did in 6days.! Madhu glares at RK before walking off..! RK looks at the bundle of money and crushes it..!

Madhu walks out of the studio and recollects RKs barbs..! RK chases her and asks her who is the guy? Madhu says..he has no right to stop her or touch her..does he not undrestand! RK asks.. who is the guy.. n where did she meet him? Madhu asks..why should she tell him if she is with him or not.. or if she loves him or not..!

Part 3

Madhu asks RK why does he care? RK says..thats not his question ..! He tells her that he wont let her go till she answers .. she is not his slave! RK shakes her and says.she is his WIFE..! RK-Madhu eyelock..! BG-Hum hai dewane!

Fir kyun har pal … bechaini hai.
Kyun nahi ..chahte puri hai ..
Hai adhuri khushiyan
Mera rom rom hai jala..
Hum the dewane.. tere dewane..!

Precap —- RK is holding Madhu hostage [sort of] inside the studio! He switches off one after other all lights and says..if she does not answer.. he will switch off the last light too! RK asks Madhu HIS name.. n Madhu screams .. SULTAN!

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