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Madhubala Episode 226--227 Update on Thursday 26th July 2018


Part 1

RK tells Madhu ..she is his wife! Madhu says EX-biwi n pushes his arms away!

RK pulls Madhu inside the studio.. shooes everyone out..! He asks again ‘Naam kya hai?’ Madhu asks him to leave her..!

RK starts to switch off one after another studio lights n only one light remains n says..till she answers.. he will close the last light.. !!

RK keeps shaking Madhu n she finally blurts… SULTAN! [the camera in the studio records all this.] RK recollects meeting Sultan on the road..! Madhu clarifies that she has no bond with Sultan except for saving his son’s life..!!

She tells RK that his insecurity is hurting her..! Madhu walks off n RK calls out saying Sultan met him n helped him…! Madhu says..coz not all are sadist like RK .. who enjoy hurting others..!

RK starts to pack his bags recollects how he had packed Madhu once ..! Radha asks RK if he is going out of India for shoot? RK says.. yes..few days! Bittu explains Madhu — Sultans situation n RK cuts him off.. n says..he doesnt care whats between them..!

RK sulks .. takes Radhas blessing.. n walks off! Bittu asks Radha the matter n Radha says.. one who loves.. fears losing the beloved..! Radha says..they need to give Rishbala time so the poison in their heart subsides n love rises!

Sultan is firing a guy .. n asking him to couf out cash.. He is about to pull trigger .. when he gets some tip about Bhujangs drug smuggling deals.!

At the seaside .. Bhujang awaits delivery of goods …Sultan arrives n fires in the air..! He glares n walks upto Bhujan who glares back..!

Bhujang says.. they r both bad.. but Sultan is good wala bad n he is bad wala bad..! He says.. he has all the riches..n a mother.. n Sultan says.. n bad one gets all BULLETS TOO!

Part 2

Bhujang refuses to back off.. .Sultan glares on..! Bhujang asks Sultan to give up his zidd or his son! He asks Sultan to bow down his head ..!! He threatens Bhujang .. right then Aryan screams.. Sultan..!

Part 3

Sultan searches around for Aryan .jumps from boat to boat ..but cant find him!

Precap — Sultan starts to shoot down Bhujangs men … Bhujang fumes..! Finally Bhujang fires a shot on Sultans chest..! He falls in the water..!

Part 1

Sultan keeps looking around in search of Aryan … n finds a tape recording..

Bhujang teases him …n flashback of Bhujang threatening Aryan!

Bhujang was his plan to trap Sultan..! Sultan rushes to attack him ..! He threatens.. him saying.. even Death. .wont get an excuse to come between them..!

Bhujang tells Sultan he is the one.. trapped..! Everyone opens fire on him! Sultan tries to shoot them back! Sultan tells him that if the road came to know..Bhujang has dared to come in Sultans way.. even road will leave him!

Sultan gets shot in the chest..but fights on..! Bhujang tells him that he wont survive..! Sultan pours petrol on all of the consignment.. n Bhujang tries to make peace with him…!

Sultan says.. Agar Sultan bhagna chahta to use rokne layak aukad nahi hai teri n sets the consignment no fire n Sultan passes out.. n falls in the sea!

Madhu recollects RKs words as she is walking n Bittu informs her that its outdoor shoot n she is not needed to go..! Madhu says.. he doesnt have to lie to her.!

The elderly n Aryan are worried n wait for Sultan..! Paddo applies oil on Madhus hair..n she recollects about RK sighing seeing her long hair..! There is a knock on the door … its the elderly …with Aryan ..!

He tells Madhu .. Aryan is not eating n there is no news of Sultan..! Madhu assures to watch over Aryan as he goes in search of Aryan ke Pappa.!

Part 2

Paddo tells Madhu .. that Aryan is not saying his name n he says..coz he doesnt talk to strangers..!

Aryan says how Sultan calls him up whenever he is late..!

Paddo asks him to call Sultan Baba n Madhu says..Sultan doesnt like..! Paddo offers Aloo ke Parathe.. n he is worried about Sultan..! Madhu cheers him up!

Part 3

Madhu feeds Aryan n he is still sad.. n tells her how he wants to be like Sultan ..but he only angers him.!

He shares how a friend of Sultan went missing one day.. n never returned n hope Sultan will come..! Madhu hugs him n comforts him..! Aryan says Baba..! Sultan is lying on the sea shore.. bleeding. .n unconscious..!

Precap — Madhu helps Aryan sleep n hears footsteps n its hte elderly who sadly shakes his head..!

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