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The Candidate Episode 15 Update on Thursday 26th July 2018


At Ignacio’s house Regina explains to Alonso that she was going to call him as soon as she figured out what was going on. Alonso makes a snarky remark about how she called Gerardo instead of him. He then addresses Ignacio and says “give me my son or I will have my guards handle this issue” Gerardo tries to let level heads prevail and asks Ignacio to give Emi back to Alonso and Regina, and to go take care of his daughter instead.
Noemi is at an isolated area, without a car and is freaking out trying to call Regina.
Now in Alonso’s car, Regina is pleading to Alonso to take Emi to the hospital since they don’t know what type of drugs he consumed. Like always Alonso dismisses Regina’s concerns says that Emi is fine and “just look at him he is sleeping like a baby and is clueless as to the turmoil he has caused”. They continue to argue about what is best for Emi, Regina wants to continue to overprotect and Alonso want’s the hands off approach (yin yang).

Noemi finally gets thru to Regina and tells her that she was assaulted and that they stole the car, Regina offers to send someone to get her.
Gerardo and Xi are discussing that Gerardo hired a nurse to take care of Tere, so that Xi can get back to a “normal life”. Xi not happy about it but Gerardo reassures her, Xi tells him he is the best father in the world.
In her bedroom, dressed for bed, Regina gets a call from Noemi letting her know she is home.         
Regina and Alonso continue to discuss Emi, Alonso keeps insinuating that something is going on between her and Gerardo. Regina becomes upset at Alonso’s continued distrust, Alonso then turns his anger towards the political situation and says “I don’t know who is in front of me is it my wife or the woman who wants to compete against me?” Regina responds by saying that their relationship is a competition because that is what Alonso has made it. They discuss that they don’t love each other and have to figure out when they stopped loving each other.
At Noemi’s house she is told that Mario had a heart attack.

The next morning Magda is at home and sees the note that Israel sent her when he returned the items he had stolen from her.

Back at the San Roman home Emi is waking up from his beauty sleep. Regina checks up on him and tells him that they need to talk and break the barrier between them. She says she loves him and that she will be back after she goes to see Mario because he had a heart attack, “oh by the way do you want to go with me?” . “No I want to continue to rest” 

At Gerardo’s the nurse is trying to make Tere eat something, and Tere as usual is being a B#$%, yelling at her, however when Xi comes in something magical happens and hypocrite Tere turns the nice on and smiles and begins talking sweet to Xi and pretends to be nice to the nurse.
At the Governor’s office Mauro arrives and says hi to Magda. She stops him and asks him for a favor, she would like to have Israel’s information to verify that what he has told her is true (blah, blah, blah!)

Alonso is having breakfast as Regina is leaving to go see Mario. She asks Alonso to please talk to Emi since she now has to go see about her dad. Alonso reluctantly agrees.
Gerardo is telling Ignacio he did the right thing protecting his daughter if the press had gotten a hold of the story it would have been like feeding meat to the sharks.
“I don’t know why I didn’t kill him” says Ignacio
“How is your daughter?”
“Punished, no computer, no phone, no credit card because that’s what hurts them”
“It hurts up until yesterday she was my baby, then I find her naked in bed with that guy”
“I understand I have a daughter and I don’t know how I would react if something like that happened”
At hospital Noemi is telling Regina about Mario’s condition, the doctor said he needs rest because he is under a lot of “stress”. (Poor Mario)
He wakes up and wants to talk to Regina about the candidacy, has she talked to Alonso and has she desisted with the idea of running for president? Regina says she will not talk politics with him. But Mario wants to use the black mail card and says “if you don’t do what I ask I will get another heart attack” (yes I can have one at will… ugh!!)

Alonso is scolding sleeping beauty
“Do you know who that girl’s father is?”
“No who is he?”
“He is the chief of the press for the opposition, and the chief adviser for my greatest opponent”
“I don’t want you to see her again; we need to avoid further scandals”
“If you don’t behave yourself I am sending you to the U.S.”
Alonso tells Emi that he has two options, continue misbehaving or behave like the son of the future president of the county. Emi is shocked, and Alonso confirms that the party wants to propel him to the presidency. “To win I need you by my side, can I count on you?”
At Natalia’s house a friend comes looking for her and tells the maid that she is going in no matter what. She sees Natalia and asks why she is not allowed to see her. “You don’t answer the phone” “your husband said I could not talk to you, and now Irene said you were not home” Natalia tries to explain it away, covering up for Omar.
At the Governor’s house Omar shows up (wearing his high school cardigan, about 3 sizes too small) he brings Arreta over, they find Alonso in a very happy mood. The reason for his high spirits? Well he just got the endorsement of his son. “Any woman will confront her husband, but what woman will confront her son?” Omar gives him a knowing look of approval.
At a bar Pacheco meets a private investigator who brings him all of the information he could find on Cecilia Aguilar, it was not easy but he found out that her mother is the owner of a brothel.
Regina is telling Mario that she will talk to the people in the party,
“You don’t understand anything, you have to talk to Alonso, you two can’t confront each other, the party likes the couple, you can’t be separated, if you are not together the votes are divided and the opposition can win”
“I’ve always helped you”
“But I never asked you too”
“You are ungrateful”
Noemi reminds Regina that her father just had a heart attack.
“In case that Alonso and I can’t come to an agreement who will you support your son-in-law or your daughter?”
At Gerardo’s office the leaders of his party are telling him that they will support his candidacy and that they need to take care of all details including his personal life.
“what are you talking about?”
“we are talking about the problem your wife has with gambling”
“but Tere and I are divorced”
“that was before, now you are a happy couple, the Governor and his wife are having problems but you are a perfect marriage”
“I will not fake a perfect marriage, Teresa is sick, and I will not expose her to this”
“You don’t understand you have to do this to be able to become a candidate”
At Alonso’s he tells Cecilia he saw all her notes, but he wants to use another strategy. He invited his son to a restaurant; he wants her to alert the news media. And there he will make his intentions to run for president very clear.
            “Of course I need my new chief of the press to be there with me”
           “Yes the job is yours”
           “Oh by the way sorry about Mario”
           “What happened to him?”
He tells her that Mario had a heart attack, and Cecilia immediately becomes emotional wants to know how he is, and Alonso looks at her because he does not understand why she is acting like that.
Outside Ignacio and the party leader are talking about how Gerardo did not look all that excited about running for president. Also that Ignacio needs to control Teresa. The party leader tells Ignacio to find Pacheco, he was just fired and he may want to share some dirt with them.
Alonso asks Cecilia why she was affected so deeply about Mario. She says she sees him like her dad. Alonso says she can go see him after she arranges the news media showing up at the restaurant.
At the Governor’s house Xi comes to see Emi. She wants to know why he had sex with Nayeli. Was it to hurt her? He never thought there was anything between them. Xi says “that is your problem you never think, you never care about what others think, what I feel” she then calls him stupid and walks away.
Hernan is on the phone talking about Mario, he knows he is in the hospital, but when he gets out he will go back to doing what he does and they will catch him then.
Pacheco calls Hernan to inform him that he has some dirt about his “little girlfriend”

“Tell her to be careful, because I am going to destroy her”
At Arreta’s office Regina is asking if they want her to step down they need to just tell her already
“You know what kind of government I want; I want to help the people”
Arreta says “that’s what I like about you, the people love you and I’m not the only one that likes that about you”
“If you were not Alonso’s wife in my opinion you would be the best candidate for president, is that clear”
Regina looks surprised.
At a restaurant Alonso is having lunch with Emi.
“Why did Gerardo’s daughter come to visit you, don’t look shocked your guards tell me everything”
“You have to cut all ties with her and with the little girl from last night as well”
“Women are wonderful, the best part of life, but never let them complicate your life”
Omar shows up at the hospital to “see” Alonso, but in reality he is there to talk to Noemi to try to get her to convince Regina to stop with the idea of wanting to compete against Alonso.
“Look we are family after all”
“Oh since we are family tell me about Natalia, how long are you going to keep her locked up”
“She is not locked up she is having hormone problems”
“Look I know what you are doing to her so you better be careful because Regina is watching you”
“we are family after all”
At Regina’s office Daniela shows her a live video of Alonso giving a press conference. Where he uses Emiliano to make the statement that
 “Yes indeed he is running for president, because he is the best candidate for president”
“I want to make it clear that I will be the best president this country ever had”
Regina becomes upset because he is using Emiliano to launch his campaign.
“This will not stay like this; Alonso does not know what I am capable of for my son”
At Gerardo’s office Ignacio and Gerardo view the same video
“Oh now he uses his addict son to launch his candidacy, he is a pig”
“I just wonder how Regina is doing”
“I don’t care about Regina, that bastard will not undermine me”
Gerardo calls Regina, to see if he can come over, she says no, she’ll come over. Ok he will wait for her.
At Isela’s brothel, Pacheco shows up and asks for the Owner Isela Aguilar. He says he is a friend of her daughter’s.
Pacheco gets a call from Ignacio
“How can I help you?”
“I found out you don’t work for San Roman anymore; do you want to work for us?’
“That conversation we need to have in person”
“You tell me where do I meet you?”
“I’ll wait for you here”
Alonso is jubilant walking around the city shaking hands, he tells Emi he did very well. Emi asks if he can go somewhere, and Alonso says yes have the guards take you, but behave yourself. He leaves, and Cecilia complements Alonso on his great son. He asks her if she is available for him tonight, yes of course she is.
At the brothel Isela comes to see Pacheco. He makes small talk with her tells her how Cecilia is an ex-coworker friend of his and how she mention her brothel, and that she did not do it justice.
“Beautiful girls right?” says Isela
Putting on his best Gigolo, Pacheco says “Yes but I was talking about you” 
Emi goes to Ximena’s house, and confesses that he thought that Xi wanted him to go out with Nayeli.
“I’m such an idiot”
“Yes you are an idiot, now leave”
“Xime, I like you very much” goes to kiss her, she pushes him away, but she likes him too so what the hell kisses him back.
Mauro brings Magda Israel’s information. Tells her that Israel lives in a home since his son died, and BTW he is separated from his wife.
Cecilia walks into Mario’s hospital room. Mario is not happy to see her, tells her she should not be there.Noemi walks in and says since my daughter says you are not my husband’s lover I demand to know who you are.
Regina is with Gerardo. She is complaining about Alonso using their son to neutralize her. Gerardo can’t believe he did that either especially after what happened yesterday with Nayeli. And by the way Ximena said that Emi did not get the drugs, it was Nayeli who got the pills.
“Regina I feel so useless  that I can’t help you. You look so helpless”
“I have to tell you that my party leaders asked me to run for president, they are going to use Teresa to launch my campaign, what they want is to destroy Alonso”
“I don’t want them to, but they want to do it”
“I am so afraid of”
“Of losing me?”
“I never had you”
“I feel you closer than ever”
She leans in and he leans in, they are about to kiss.
End chapter 15

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