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Three Sides of Ana Episode 60--61 Update on Wednesday 25th July 2018


So we ended on Facundo confusing Ana Lu for Ana Leticia. Before Santicelo could collect his split personality brain cells and think up an excuse, Ana Lu gave him a huge break by assuming that Facundo had just mistaken Leticia with Lucia, since he probably just heard it for the first time yesteday! So she corrected him and invited him for coffee. Santi of course played along, and Facundo – quick thinking on his feet (he must have had a lot of time to do crossword puzzles and Sudoku in his cave) – did as well.
(Side note – what is happening to Ana Lu’s blouse there? Is it borrowed from Ana Le?) 

Our selfless boy Inaki is not letting us down and asks for a small fortune in exchange for a piece of his liver. Julietta is shocked and tries to bargain – she will give him money after everything goes successfully. Well, he is not her son for nothing, so he wants assurances too. Since she cannot guarantee Daniel will not kick the bucket, he wants the money now.   How about half the money? And half after? Nope, this doesn’t work either. 

With a deep sigh Julietta writes him a check. How can she know he won’t just leave them and never come back? Inaki thinks it’s ironic she is talking about leaving. He also apparently has not discovered mobile banking yet, so he is off to a brick and mortar bank to deposit the check, then wait for the money to clear, while Daniel is camping out in this spa relaxing with a tube down his throat. While on the way to the bank, Inaki stops by the furniture store and buys almost everything they have there, including this new invention…. “oh, is that a lamp?? I will get it!!” 

Llora is lunching with Ramiro five minutes into the episode, thus commencing the longest yet stretch of wishing she were taken by a tornado to a far-away land along with Toto. She is short with Ramiro to show she is upset. Llora declares that her sister explained to her why she went along with their plan and she believes her, it’s something very serious. Ramiro better be completely honest with her  - their relationship depends on that. Now, if Ramiro was a little smarter, he would just throw in the towel, give up on this walking contradiction and walk out. But he is not, though he is finally starting to get just a bit angry – why does Llora always believe Ana Le? She knows everything about her! What was it that Ana Le told Llora to make her doubt? She told her Marcelo is alive. Oh, that…. Well, Ramiro can’t give her many details about that, except that Marcelo isn’t hiding and he has his reasons, and he, Ram, didn’t know Marcelo was alive until a couple of weeks ago. 

Understandably, Llora doubts every word Ramiro says, because – unlike Ana Le – he does not pepper in insults while speaking to her (and we are becoming certain those are what makes Llora believe truth is being told). Llora thinks this changes everything. And if Ramiro can’t tell her anything, she will have to ask Marcelo herself. If Ram loves her, as he says he does, he will arrange a meeting. To think that all this time he made her believe Ana Le was a liar, when Ramiro himself is a liar! And every time he disappoints her. 

Remedios and Facundo are sitting down with Santi and Ana Lu. Everybody’s insecurities surface and this turns into an episode of “Who knows and loves Santiago/Marcelo better?”. Nobody wins, in case you had any doubts, though Facundo decides to move in to Rem’s pension. Isn’t it too modest? Well, Marcelo could become accustomed to such…err…place, and so can Facundo then. (I am certainly beginning to “like” this character. He and Julietta might make a good pair of friends....). 

Sole and Ana Lu are debriefing in their room. Sole is weirded out by Facundo coming over to live at the pension. She and Ana Lu philosophize on the topic of child loss, when Ana Lu notices that Sole speaks with much knowledge on the subject. Sole shrugs it off and notes that she understands Remedios. It is tough to realize that children don’t belong you, or that perhaps that they never have.
Santi and Facundo are chatting about his personality and about Ana Lu. Facundo is much less concerned with moral qualms of hiding Ana Lu from her family – he just wants his son back, and will do anything to accomplish that.  

At the dinner at the mansion, Abue congratulates herself  on their new found unity and Leonor has made Ana Le’s favorite dish to spoil her!(Oh how fleeting is the common sense – one episode it is there for ten minutes and then it’s off and not to be seen for 20 episodes more. )

Elsewhere at the pension, Facundo is back for a round 2 with Remedios – this time at dinner, and it is announced that he will become the newest resident. This time around Facundo does not stop with Remedios only, but grants his condescending attitude generously to all who asks. Sole almost spits out her food when Facundo announces he will be staying and hopes to become part of this family.

Julietta is crying over Daniel. She will do whatever it takes to help him live.

Llora is back home to talk to Ana Le. Ramiro gave her his version about Marcelo and she believes him (Really? That’s not the impression you gave us, Llora.) Ana Le brushes her off – Marcelo is hiding, she just needs to find out why, and Llora should leave – nothing she does is of any use anyway. Ana Le backtracks immediately, though, once she is informed that Llora got herself an audience with Marcelo. Ana Le has a plan.

That plan, of course, is to dress like Llora and go see Marcelo. Early in the morning, Ana Le is ready to go and is stopped by Leonor, who does not realize it is not Llora, and cheerfully chats her up about the hope they gave Abue on finding Ana Lu and the fact that she does, in fact, love Llora more than Ana Le. 

Facundo sneaks up on Soledad and wants to chat. His son went to work. He sneers at this mockery of a job Santi has now. Please! If only he could remember who he was. He didn’t want to become a businessman like Facundo, so he became a federal agent. Later, when he quit, he opened his own agency and he was a wonderful investigator. Say, Sole, did you know he was investigating a case of a lost girl, away from her family for years, right before he “died”. You wouldn’t happen to know anything about it, would you?

Sole tries to explain her position, but Facundo will hear nothing. Sole is not a mother, she is a criminal. He is disgusted by her and is surprised Marcelo is going along with that. Well, Sole has an opinion too – his precious Marcelo is just the worst person she knows. At least Sole doesn’t have her hands in blood (again - selective memory, Sole, but for the sake of argument…). Facundo doesn’t believe her and how dare she talk like that about his son.

Meanwhile Inaki is showing his new furniture to his brother. All this money came from a recent commission he received on a sale. In fact, Inaki thinks Javier should go tell all the hostel residents how well he is doing. Well, they will all be happy for you, thinks Javier – especially dad. Dad is not worth anything, never was, says Inaki. Javier meekly tries to defend the dad and loses several respect points for listening to Inaki at all and not stopping him. 

Inaki tells Javier he is going on a trip for a couple of weeks. Should something happen to him on this trip, he is showing Javier where he keeps the money. Javier is super confused. 

Nerina comes to keep sad Remedios company. 
Santi is back at Ramiro’s telling him how much he complicated his life by giving the address of the hostel to Facundo. Mea culpa, says Ramiro, I wish I had thought about that. Suddenly a doorbell rings – oh that must be Llora. What???? Santi is panicking. “Oh, right, forgot to tell you, but I invited Llora, ‘cause she was, like, all over me to visit and stuff, and I couldn’t do anything”, says Ramiro, in not quite such youth-oriented lingo, but that is what that explanation sounded like in my head, for all the sense it made. Ok, fine – Santi jumps on board surprisingly quickly – I will meet her. Can’t hide forever.

“Llora” is invited in, Ram gives her a kiss and after a couple of moments of her staring at Marcelo (and us hoping that someone – anyone – recognizes her), she asks Ramiro to leave them alone. He obliges. (And so much for knowing Llora’s voice.  Ramiro continues to lose points as well.)

A long conversation ensues, during which Santi does not realize it is not Llora, but also does not reveal the memory loss. He does ask and talk about divorce he is planning to ask for, and the one they were discussing  a while back with Ana Le. Santi says he is in love with another woman and wants to spend the rest of his life with her. To all Ana Le’s tears and demands on specifics, he responds that he doesn’t own her (Llora, he thinks) any explanations. Santi doesn’t bear any ill will to Ana Le. He also thinks his car crash was not an accident, and that someone is still trying to kill him. His life was in danger a couple of weeks ago in Costa Paraiso, where he saw Jenny dying. Say what? What did she tell you? What, what?? Marcelo is surprised she is so agitated and does not want to talk about that further.

Llora and Leonor are discussing the trick that Llora and Ana Le pulled. Llora does not seem to feel bad in the slightest deceiving her boyfriend like that, but - keeping her priorities straight - she is upset and worried when Leonor mentions she almost spilled the beans about the bracelet to Ana Le dressed as Llora.  

Facundo is still talking to Sole, trying to convince her that his son never hurt an innocent person, even if he did kill in his job. Well, who are you to decide who lives who dies, asks Sole. Santi is noble and is trying to change, says Sole. If you want to help him, disappear from his life. Happiness of their children is in their own hands. Facundo is not convinced though – he will do whatever it takes to get his son back. 

Nerina sympathizes with Sole – Sole must be afraid she will lose Santi one of these days. Nerina knows what it is like to lose your child’s respect. One day Nerina’s kids were with her and loved her and the other - they threw her out of their lives. Rem confesses that she knows she should be happy for Santi, but she isn’t.  

Ana Lu is looking for Santi, when Facundo, who must be making rounds, comes up to talk to her. Hypocritical Facundo sings praises to Sole - a great woman. Ana Le tries to help Facundo by explaining the struggles Santi is going through. Facundo is outraged Santi would not believe himself to be a good person. He is a successful confident man, not a simple cab driver. Whatever it is – says Ana Lu – clearly not impressed by the future father-in-law's snobbery - what matters is how Santi feels. Santi is desperate: he thinks he killed someone and he wants to self-surrender. 

Samuel is sitting nervously in Mariano’s office. They are waiting for Ana Le, so Samuel could give her important information (divorce papers?). When it becomes clear Ana Le is a no-show, Mariano asks to at least look at what Samuel wants to discuss, and is shocked by the folder’s contents.
Adriana shows up to inform them that Inaki will be taking a couple of weeks off for a surgery. 

Julietta and Inaki chat to the doctor on prepping him for surgery. As Inaki walks out, Julietta kisses him on the cheek, which Inaki promptly and demonstratively wipes off. Julietta then talks to Daniel about Inaki, a brother who came to save him. What she doesn’t know, is that Ev is listening from behind the door. 

As a parting thought, Ana Le needs to know if Marcelo still loves his wife. Santi doesn’t understand why "Llora" gets so upset over this. He does love Ana Le, but he will squash that feeling. He knows she cheated. They talk about Daniel and Ana Le asks if it was Marcelo, who beat him up. You must still love my sister, your wife, otherwise you wouldn’t have reacted that way. Santi only wants the divorce. Well, if “Llora” knows her sister at all, Ana Le will fight to regain Marcelo’s love. 

Back to Ana Lu and Facundo. Facundo thinks it’s ridiculous for Santi to be turning himself in. Ana Lu asks for his help and Facundo promises that all will be alright. 

Tin, Abue and Valeria are at the foundation, concocting some plan to have Tin and Llora spend time with children. Tin says loves Llora and wants to stay her friend.

Inaki is getting prepped for surgery. 

Marcelo tells Facundo about Daniel. Facundo thinks he defended what’s his, and shouldn’t feel bad about it. Is that what Marcelo is proud of – being a weakling?  Santi is shocked and doesn’t like those words. Is that how Facundo raised him? What is he thinking?  Santi needs to turn himself in, otherwise Daniel will do it when he gets better. With any luck, says Facundo, he won’t get better and will die.

Ana Le, freshly recovered from the shock of seeing her dearly departed husband and nicely dressed, is visiting Inaki at the hospital and teases him. Then she is off to see Daniel. Ana Le remembers how they met right after Marcelo’s funeral, when – as a true bipolar – she was sad about Marcelo's death. Daniel could not understand why she was upset, if she ordered the hit herself. 

In the present, Ana Le kisses him and wishes for him to die. (Another side note – where is Julietta’s husband? Is he coming back from Brazil on foot?) As Ana Le is exiting from Daniel’s room, she makes eye contact with Ev, who is standing guard apparently, or waiting for an opportune moment to off Daniel. 

Here is our triple (quadruple?) mystery again: We already saw Ev multiple times at the hospital. We also saw Ana Le. At night, while Santi is asleep, Facundo gets up, dresses and goes somewhere. And as a cherry on top - Santi has a dream that he went into Daniel’s room (dressed as Marcelo) and cut off his oxygen supply. So which one of them did it?

And we know that it has been done because in the morning – juts as Inaki finished some phone conversations, and was entertaining Julietta and accepting thanks – the doctor comes in to inform Julietta that Daniel is dead.

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