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Three Sides of Ana Episode 62--63 Update on Thursday 26th July 2018


Ana Let kisses Dani goodbye, and Evaristo is seen lurking towards Dani's room (possibly also to kiss him goodbye). Santi has a wet dream (and by wet, I mean his ritual baptism in doused gel) where Marc is there to finish Danito off. Fack-mundo decides to go for a night stroll.....into Dani's hospital room, mayhap?? Santi wakes abruptly to find that the gel was just a nightmare....oh and Dani's death too. He checks w/ Inaki who reassures him Dani is fine. Ghoulieta arrives to thank him once again, but he tells her to save it. Dr. Lorenzo comes in and& informs them that Dani kicked the bucket overnight. Ghoulieta makes a ghoulish face and howls at the moon. Inaki humorously crosses himself.

Ghoulietta auditions for Ghostbusters

Present: Ana Loba updates Llora on the meeting with Marcelo. She explains he's left her for a side-piece. Llora is shocked Marcy-Marc wants a divorce from Ana Let, after all she's such a prize <eye roll> They discuss his accident & coma, and wonder who's body they buried. (Isn't this why dental records are used? Was the tattoo really that unique? This is why I'm getting a barcode, you can scan me at the supermarket AND the morgue. Easy). Ana Let thinks him a coward because he never sought her out, and now wants his freedom. 

Mirror, Mirror on the wall.....
Which of these 2 is most frustrating of all?

In comes Leo to tell Llora that Ram is paying a visit. Llora goes bananas in pajamas. AnaLet offers to "entertain" him while she gets dressed. Her "entertainment" involves impressions of Llora limping. "Lookey, lookey, who am I?", she teases. Ram tells her to stop . She bets he couldn't guess b/w them anyway. He thinks she's mistaken, but soon finds out he got punk'd only yesterday. He's not happy. But Marcelo couldn't confront her, so she had to force the situation and instructs to "Tell your friend, that in love, a woman is more dangerous than a man". Ram explains that Santi didn't confront her because he found out about her betrayal. She admits her mistakes but Marc is also a coward. She says she'll find out everything they're hiding. He's caused her to become bitter and unhappy, his love once made her touch the sky but now she's going to drag him to hell! Llora enters and asks if everything's ok. AnaLet responds that in fact, she happy and just adoressss seeing the lovebirds together.

Who Wants to Play Charades?!

Ghoulieta cries over Dani's body. "I'll never let go, Jack". Behind her Fackmundo ovehears this & drops this pretty necklace of words into her ocean of tears: "Sorry your heart will not go on, twas your son or mine" 

Erni is at her amiga's house to discuss setting up a webpage w/ photos of their family, so Ana Lucia could find them. Ev shows up & is told about the webpage idea. He, of course, cautions against it. He states being afraid of the scam-artists and fortune-hunters it may attract. Or worse, it could cause AnaLu further trouble if she's in the wrong hands. Erni & Miranda want to seek the help of the police, but Ev promises to investigate if she's in actual danger first before involving the authorities. There are no records of her anywhere, so it's likely she got picked up by someone, who is taking advantage of her (uh, he's not building a very good case for Solebad when this ship sinks). Miranda inquires whether Erni could forgive them if AnaLu is returned. "No, they must suffer the consequences of separating us. If they couldn't open their heart to me, why should I for them"

Sole & Viri are bonding over how much business Sole is giving her. Viri offers an expensive LBD (little black dress) for AnaLu as a gift. She then receives the news that Dani is donesy. Solebad & Ceci bemoan the hardship of losing a child. Sole mentions her dead daughter, Sofia & the 2nd daughter that was sent to save her from dying of pain & sadness. 

Santi & AnaLu talk about his plans with the divorce & with preventing Dani from pressing charges after he recovers. Funky Dad shows up to the rescue and gives the "good" news. Santi automatically feels responsible and wants to turn himself in. Fackmundo is against it, claiming that Santi didn't survive just to end up in a cell. Santi feels differently and expects his papa to understand that while Marcelo was a coward, he's going to step up and pay for his actions. Remedios enters the scene worried, Santi informs her that the man he beat up is muerto.

Inaki gives his condolences to Ghoulieta, she gives him a high-five to the face! She says all he cares about is the money she gave and that's all he'll get. Dani is her true son and the real reason why she abandoned him. Because she only has to look at his face to see the man she despises. She was stuck with Tadeo when she got knocked up with him and now he has no purpose here. Inaki is fighting to hold back tears. "Enjoy spending all the money you received by selling hope to a desperate woman. No one in the world would spend a single peso on you!". 

Our Sensitive Inaki

Llora gets reprimanded by Ram for her ploy with AnaLet. He complains that she's caught in her lies again, but Llora is sick of people not giving her credit for thinking for herself. She's no puppet or idiota! (How cute, did AnaLet train you to say that?). She's only defending her sister as he has been defending his friend. And if they can keep secrets, why she & AnaLet can play that game too. He wonders how they got tangled in this mess, she says it's when he decided to keep quiet. She teases that she thinks maybe she shouldn't be around him right now. He agrees. She tells him to hit the bricks, he says he will. He then takes each of her hands off her hips and bids adieu. She looks back at him & smiles. 

Hand to Heart, Hand to Hips, His Heart on her Lips

Rem pulls Facmundo into her private quarters to argue over Santicelo's fate. She implores him to understand that Santi needs his support. He'd rather get him out of Mexico & asks for her help. She refuses. He wants them to settle this "without masks". He tries to bribe her with compensation for all she's done for Marcelo. She's insulted by this. He condescendingly accuses her of false modesty and he thinks her a cancer to him. She retaliates and thinks HIM the cancer, followed by the 5-fingered cure across his cara feo! She tells him she prefers Santi to go to jail than to wear a cowardly face like his. She kicks him out. 

AnaLu tries to persuade Santi, but see he's not budging. She doesn't want him to do this alone, but he needs her there with his madrina. She offers her support and he asks her to seek Ram to find him a good lawyer. They promise to not forget one another and declare their love. 

Mariano gives bad news to AnaLet. He tells her about Dani, and her crocodile tears cometh forth. He also hands her the divorce papers. She admits she already knew Marcelo was alive, but Jenny forbade her from telling. She says it was Jenny that helped Marcelo hide & deceive everyone. Mariano is confused and having a hard time believing. Crying, she says she feared they'd cancel the wedding, and she also needed to secretly meet with Marcelo. Mariano consoles her, and says they all messed up here. She's upset they made her into a joke. But he insists they won't repeat her (Jenny's) name and he'll gladly forget her. She can't do the same with Marc, but he promises to support her and that Marcelo will regret this.

Funky tags along with Santi on the way to the police, but Santi realizes he's not really there to support him. Funky argues that Dani is at peace and this won't bring him back. But Santi says he needs to find his own peace by submitting to the authorities. Funky uses his trump card; he threatens he'll tell AnaLu everything and take her back to her family. Santi doesn't like these threats and kicks him out of the car. (Ha! That's 2 for 2, ye Ol' Funky Boy!). Funky doesn't want to leave him making this mistake, but Santi forces him. He drives off, when all of a suddenly a truck slams his taxi flipping it 360° many times! Funky cries out, runs over and tries opening the jammed door. He yells out for help, as Santi is shown to be knocked unconscious and bloodied over. A crowd appears, and one Samaritan offers to call an ambulance while instructing Funky not to move him. Funky later climbs into the ambulance with Santi and begs his son to fight. Santi begins to respond. Fearing himself lost, he sputters "Tell Ana Lucia that I will love her beyond this life". Funky asks him not to talk like that, then sees him go unconscious. He demands they help, the paramedic begins to pump his chest.  Santi's eyes flutter (Viewerville: exhale) 


Nerina comforts Rem by advising her not to be concerned about losing Santi. Santi is a good son, he'd never turn his back on them the way her children did. Rem feels she can't compete with a father, but Nerina reminds her that Santi loves her as a true mother. And it's not just his mother that keeps him there, but his love for Ana Lucia. Rem feels better knowing she has an ally.

Orblando strolls right over uninvited to AnaLu's bed where she lies crying. She asks him to kick rocks. He says he wants to be there for her. She states he's been far from a friend and already blew his 2nd chance. He explains that he acted out the way he did out of love. He can't suppress his anger b/c Santi brings her suffering. She refuses to listen further. He maintains that he made mistakes, but he's no criminal like Santi. She tells him he better "callete", but he confirms it by confessing he overhead Santi sent a guy to the hospital. AnaLu criticizes him for spying. He argues that he lives there and she can stop worrying since it seems the guy will recover. She corrects him, the man died. She exits. Orblando looks shocked and has a flashback:

Marcelo is beating Daniel. Daniel begs for forgiveness. Marcelo bargains that he will only if he calls and asks for Santiago Garcia. He must order Santi to remember that AnaLet hired Evaristo, and both are complicit in his attempted murder. Daniel, without a choice, agrees. We then see Spylando in the bushes witnessing the entire conversation. 

Adriana, the secretary, is surprised Inaki is back so soon. Inaki flirts, and tells her the surgery wasn't necessary. He says things are changing for the better, and he pays back the money she lent. AnaLet comes over, ordering her to send flowers and cancel appointments since they'll be attending a funeral. Inaki goes into her office. He doesn't plan on going to the funeral. She laments over the fact he and Dani couldn't know each other better, having faced problems because of her. He's just glad he got his work days back. "But he's your half-brother", she reminds him. "But he's your lover", he retorts w/ confusion over their pairing. She clarifies it as Dani's reliability to do anything for her, things Inaki couldn't. Inaki's up for the challenge. She queries if indeed he loves her, would he kill for her? "More than that, I'd die for you". To test his loyalty, she asks him to seek out Marcelo. He's happy to do it but he wants in exchange for her to be his woman, his lover. 

The DIE-namic Duo

AnaLu visit Ram at his place, she discloses Santi's plan to turn himself in, and his subsequent need of a lawyer. She confides that Santi loses power to his alter-ego, Marcelo, at times. Despite her concerns, he refused her advice to check into it. Ram thinks they can demonstrate his innocence by proving a psychological disorder.  

Orblando is in a cafe having another flashback:
He pulls Dani off the ground & holds him up. Ev & his goons appear. He asked him to keep quiet, and he can't risk him opening his mouth. Ev walks away while his goons go at Dani like a pinata at a weight watcher's group.
Ev, always a call away, appears in front of a worried Orly. He asks him what the hell he wants. Orly feels guilty about the beating that led to Dani's death. Ev asks if he wants to end up like him. Orly doesn't, so in that case he needs to shut up and get over it. 

Night and Day, Ev is just a kill away

Rem asks for Sole's help because just like her, although there's no blood relation to their children, they love them as their own. She wants her help to keep Facmundo away from her godson, she wants Evaristo's help. Sole isn't supportive of this, Rem doesn't know what he's capable of. Rem says she does now, after learning of her hubby's dark past. Ev is the only one capable of helping Santi, and Sole is closest to him. She'll do whatever it takes to save him.

Mariano goes to see Erni and Llora. They discuss the loss of Dani for AnaLet, as well as revealing that they're all now aware Marcelo is alive. Mariano promises retribution.against Marcelo for causing his niece pain. 

Rodrigo goes straight to the hospital where Fackmundo is admitting Santi under his original name, Marcelo Salvaterra. The doctor later arrives to tell him the operation went well, but he's still in critical condition. If there's anyone else he needs to call to be there, now is the time. (Crosses fingers he calls AnaLu)

Chana has her tarot cards showing queens of 3. The paths are closing now. There will be destruction over the love of 1 man. 

Queens of Tres, They'll meet otra vez

Ram shows up at the hospital. Rodrigo updates him on Santi's condition, he needs intensive care and that unfortunately, the culprit fled. Ram thanks him, then goes inside as he makes a call.

AnaLu tries on her new, but very tight (as she said), black dress. Sole helps her to fix it, when the phone starts to ring. She answers "Santiago, is that you?"

Fackmundo is by Santi's bed. telling him to keep his strength up. He has a surprise, someone who's eager to see him. Santi is happy. "Ana love". In she walks, wearing her tight-fitted black dress and red lipstick, looking very much like AnaLet. That is until we realize that no, it's actually the heifer herself! Santi refutes her, but she ignores him saying she couldn't be separate from him. "Here I was only a day ago because of Daniel dying at your hands, and now here you are in the very same life or death balance".  

Mirror, Mirror on the wall, which of these 2 Queens will fall?

Rem receives the call from Ram. She wants to know what news he has for her. In the other room, AnaLu discusses with Sole the call she got from Chana. It's about the cards.  There is very much danger and pain ahead. Just then, she hears Rem crying out in the hall. Santi had an accident! Everyone in the pension piles into the hall. AnaLu grabs the phone to find Ramiro on the other end. She asks him what hospital he's in. Ramiro tells her not to worry, that he'll call her and then abruptly hangs up. He looks over in the waiting room where the Alvarez family sits. Ramiro tells Llora he's surprised to see them there. Funky called them on their way from Dani's wake. She lets him know AnaLet went in to see Marcelo. 

AnaLet says she's not surprised that he'd hurt Dani. She only cheated to arouse his jealousy after a year of his neglect and constant travel. She reminds him of his promise on their honeymoon, that their love will be invincible. She believes that although she thought she buried him, their love is stronger than ever so she can't give him a divorce b/c they belong to each other. She strokes his hair, telling him she forgives his 3 years of neglect, and begs for his forgiveness, too.

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