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Three Sides of Ana Update on Tuesday 24th July 2018


Parte 3 of 3

Rodrigo lets Facundo stay with him.  Fac has cleaned up rather nicely and the two men discuss SanMarco’s peculiar situation having to deal with all the unusual things that are going on with him after having lost his memory.  Fac doesn’t know the man who sat and talked to him.  That wasn’t his son.  Rod says be patient.  Just because Facundo is used to getting his way in business doesn’t mean he will in family bidnez.  Ok.  In the meantime, since having sold all his properties and having given it to Rod to invest for him was smart.  He’s now got scads of money.  No, says Facundo.  It all belongs to Marcelo.  But he’s going to have to earn it……(We have no idea what that means.)

There’s a knock at the door.  It’s Ram, who we learn Rod hired on Fac’s recommendation, though Rodrigo told him it was a college prof who gave the nod.  Rod introduces him and Fac tells him the two of them need to have a sit down.

Yaki has a powwow with Santi.  Santi’s just as bummed out with life currently as Yaki is.  Santi mentions it’s cuz he just found his dad.  Yaki says he’s just found his mom!  

In the hospital coffee shop, Julieta finally admits Yaki is her son also and that’s why it has to be Yaki who is the donor.  Ana Leticia is Julieta’s only hope in convincing Yaki to help her and Daniel.  Hmmm.  Now that is a horse of a different color.  But no, she won’t be much use.  Then, Julieta asks her to help her locate his brother, Javier—her second “other son”. 

Santi and Yaki discuss Daniel’s beat down and Dan’s now needing a liver transplant, and how his long-lost mama has told him Daniel Escárciga’s his brother and she’s his long lost madre de verdad who he despises.  Turns out he’s penniless and nothing more to the woman than a piece of liver for the little prince.  Sanit now learns that Daniel’s dying and he was the cause of it all—his friend’s brother at death’s door!!!  (Dun-duhn-duhnnnnn!)

Yaki is scared of going through the dangerous operation for that jerkecito, and that woman never gave a crap about him and Javier all these years.  As far as he’s concerned the kid probably deserved the beating.  Let the jerk die for all he cares!  Santi asks him to reconsider.  Why, asks Yaki.  “—Because I’m the reason he’s in there!  I’m the one who put him in the hospital!!”  (Dun-duhnnn-duhnnnnn!)

At the Foundation, TinTin is trying to sidle up to Ana Llora with some silly fundraising scheme and sweet talk.  Ramiro walks in on the two of them and nips it in the bud.

Santi explains it was like a dream but he doesn’t really remember if it was or not.  It is just that the waiter recognized him and Daniel and stated he’d seen him drag Daniel out of the bar that night.  Also he’s got scabs on his knuckles, like he’s been beating somebody up in a brawl.  What else can he think?  And, he plans on telling Daniel’s mother.  Yaki tells him he’s crazy.  The woman is rich and powerful and she will have him locked up and throw away the key!  Anybody would have done it.  I'd have done the same!  No reason to risk himself over that!  Yaki will agree to donate only to save Santi from going to jail.  

Viridiana is chatting with Julieta about the absence of her husband during this family tragedy when Yaki shows up and tells them he’s decided to donate a part of his liver to Daniel.

At the same time, A MiMi has a secret powwow with Evaristo.  She is pissed that she’s spent a fortune for him to protect her from her husband and Ev hasn’t lifted a finger to stop him!  He reminds her that Marco is a threat to him also.  Well, she says, he called her and told her he had her lover in front of him.  "--It’s obvious this is the beginning of his revenge against me."  “—If he left Daniel alive he had a reason.”  She asks Ev what that reason could be.  Well, if Daniel opens his mouth Ev and she are both going to go to jail!!  And????  He’s too old to care where he dies, but it would be a shame If a lovely little young thing like her should be sent away.  So, for her own good, Daniel needs to breathe his last and soon.

Outside Rem’s rooming house, Santi has just pulled up to park.  Lucky walks out to greet him.  He tells her the man the waiter saw him pull out of the bar is now at Death’s door in the hospital.  He thinks he should turn himself into the authorities.  She says absolutely not.  Let’s discuss this.  Just then Facundo shows up to visit.  “—Papa!”  Fac says Ram gave him the address.  He hugs SanMarco.  He looks  over at Lucky.  “—I’m glad to learn that you and my son have found each other and are together again, Ana Leticia.”  Lucky is definitely confused—or thinks his papi is.  She looks at Santi for an explanation/correction…something.  “—Ana Leticia??”

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