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Who Killed Libia Episode 31 Update on Friday 27th July 2018


 John goes to the bar and starts to drink alcohol to the fullest all because of what Sofia told thus refusing to escape with him as they planned and, in the act, two other men who knows him begins to ask themselves why he’s drinking and they walk to him to find out but he rejects them and drinks and starts to recollect all the fun moments he had with Sofia.
Jemima escapes through the window to meet Oscar and she tells him that now she looks really afraid about her mum because she locks her up day in out as a prisoner and that is why she would want them to get married as early as possible. Oscar then assures her that he will speak with Father Teddy so they can finalize on their marriage. As she goes back home through the window, she unfortunately and coincidentally clashes with her mum right in her room as she jumped into it and there, Gabriela detects that, she goes out through the window and Jemima thinks, her sister Sarah is the brain behind their mother knowing. Gabriela slaps her uncountably and asks her to apologize for doing that. Jemima then tells her mum that she thanks her stars that Sofia is now gone for good to look for her happiness and will never return home again to experience her mum’s wrath always.
Meanwhile, Fernando arrives and being sarcastic towards John, he tells him indirectly that, it sounds funny to see the poor coming to the bar to get buy alcohol. John then replies him in a ridiculous way that; the rich person who has no brain is the one who opens a pub for the poor to also enter to buy and have a drink. This hits Fernando very much and confronts him to ask if he is the one he is speaking to and he tells him that, if it actually hit him then that was to him.
Rosario looking so very afraid asks Ofelia to go get John’s brothers to come over to protect their brother is not, things will go out of hands. Armando and Fernando then set up John to end him up in a fight and seriously, he falls flat into the trap and upon Oscar and Franco arriving, they hep in the fight to defend their brother by beating those who attacked their brother mercilessly.
Sofia returns home to quit her stay at the church house so to make her mum happy and as Gabriela and Fernando welcome her, John sees them and becomes very very jealous and approaches them wishing to even pick a fight with Fernando but his brothers cool down his temper.
Sofia sets some conditions for her mum by telling her that, she is the main reason for her return and not Fernando. So, if she is hoping to let him stay in the house it is going to be by those conditions and that is, she never wants to see her and her sisters locked ever again their rooms and that they go out whenever they want to explore all they can because they are no longer kids. Also, h seis never going to sleep in same room with Fernando. Again, she would want her grandpa to be brought back to the house because he is now staying with the masons and looks happy more than when he was even living in his own house. If she can’t go by these conditions, she will go back to the church house. Gabriela has no option than to accept Sofia’s conditions. Jemima and Sarah descend to see their sister and in fact they become very excited seeing her home again. Fernando agrees to go get Mr. Fernando back home. Fernando wishes that Sofia will try and make their marriage work but she stresses to him that, that is impossible.
Sofia upon realizing her sisters are at loggerhead, she does everything possible to reconcile them so they will be one again.
The brothers are almost done with the building of the cottage in the hacienda and seriously they reason as to why till date they haven’t figure out their sister’s murderer and John says, he is sure Gabriela is the one and no one can change his mind on that since Gabriela is truly a wicked woman who is capable of doing anything and no matter what she will pay for her bad deeds in the end.
Oscar asks Father Teddy to help him bless his marriage.
Father Teddy caution Gabriela to be very careful about Fernando and also to take very good care of her daughters and he certainly knows not very long, she will testify to his warnings against Fernando.
Fernando after telling the three brothers of going to take Mr. Augustin from their house, he goes right away to see Mr. Augustin and he asks him to forgive him for taking him to the rehabilitation center because he only did it on Gabriela’s order and he also replies him that he is one person who doesn’t habour evil in his heart and so he has nothing against him. Fernand tries luring him to go with him home by telling him that Sofia is back home and wishes to see him but Mr. Augustin tells him that never will he fool himself to go with him so he can take her somewhere else. He tries to take him away by force but Tina confronts him to leave the house as soon as possible.
Eva is able to detect from Sofia’s face that she is certainly not happy returning home and therefore and she had all the things to make her the happiest woman again, she would do so. In other matters, she reveals to her that, there was a day John told her that he will escape with her and in the beginning, she was really afraid but upon realizing that, John is her happiness, she understood him, Sofia then says she never knew John had trust in her to the extent of telling her such a serious secret. Eva replies that, she and John shares many secrets in which one of them is the love she had for her father. Sofia now wants to know if her mum Gabriela knew about the love she had for her father and she says NO but it’s only Mr. Augustin. She asks again if her father returned her love and that she answers NO because her father never even knew about the love she had for him since she loved him in secret.
But one night as Bernando Elizondo returns home fully drunk, she took advantage of his weakness and slept with him on his bed and made love with him but he never even remembers a thing the next day after waking up and so she also never told him anything. But out of that affair, she got pregnant and she gave birth to a baby girl and this surprises Sofia.

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