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Begusarai Update on Thursday 23rd August 2018


Phulan says Priyom is my heir and Begusarai’s new king, Bindya gets happy that she will become king and me queen, Mitlaish says what he has done that you took this decision? Phulan says i have thought alot and then taken decision, it will be good if you stay with it, he leaves, Mitlaish leaves too, Poonam and Lakhan takes dolt from there, Bindya thinks from now on its my time, Phulan threw me from this Haveli and forced me to become dancer but now i will make everyone dance in this Haveli. Lakhan and Poonam brings Dolt in Manjeeta’s house, Vimla ask Dolt what was the need to go there, if Lakhan had not saved you then Mitlaish would have killed you, it was good that Priyom stopped Lakhan and Mitlaish’s fight, Lakhan looks on. Phulan ask Badi Amma why you are tensed? you also wanted Priyom to become my heir, Badi amma says but situation is tensed, Phulan says we cant tell about depth without going in water, lets welcome our new king. Servant ask Priyom to come down for Tilak, he nods. Priyom comes to Phulan, Phulan says you are going to sit on this throne from now on, this is not just a seat but responsibility and respect, the respect which is given by my family and my people, destroy yourself but dont let this respect get destroyed, come and sit, Priyom touches his feet and sit on throne, celebrations start in city, Bindya smriks seeing Priyom on throne.Mitlaish is in room, Maya says all are celebrating for Priyom and asking about you and you are sitting here, Mitlaish ask whose right and whose seat it was? you are inviting me in celebration of throne which is snatched from me, why Priyom is chosen? i did all the work and if i was not capable then how Priyom was given training, Phulan could have trained me, he ask her to leave, i dont need you, she leaves, he drinks wine. Phulan blesses Priyom, Maya comes there too, Phulan does Priyom’s aarti and orders to announce in Begusarai that Priyom is my heir, all should respect him, from now on all orders of Priyom will be followed, Bindya thinks not only Priyom, i will be respected too, i am queen now, i will rule everyone, i should check it first, she says to Phulan that in happiness of new king, i want to give lunch to all begusarai, Phulan agrees, Bindya thinks that my rule is working, now i need locker’s keys but i know this old Badi Amma will not give it easily, i have to do something. Lakhan comes in room and has pain in hand, Poonam brings medicines and ask him to take it, Lakhan says all are celebrating down, what you are doing here? she says i am where i should be, Lakhan ask how you felt when Phulan announced Priyom as new king? Poonam says i didnt fell anything, take these tablets, Lakhan snatches tablets from her, throws it and says you tell lie and i dont want to eat anything from a liar, Poonam again brings tablets and says you can throw them as much as you want but i will make you eat in end, Lakhan says i will make you say your heart thing in end, you must be enjoying seeing your lover becoming king, Poonam says i was sad as my brother was injured at that time, Lakhan says he is fine now, so tell me how you are feeling? Poonam says take medicines first, Lakhan says first answer me, Poonam says this Phulan’s decision, what should i say, Lakhan again throws medicines and says you are hiding your happiness, Poonam again brings tablets and says i am not happy nor sad but i know Priyom will capable king, Lakhan angrily stares her and says you mean to say that i am not capable to become king, Poonam says i didnt mean that, Lakhan says any loyal wife would be happy to see her husband becoming king but you chose your lover even today, Poonam says you can understand anything but take these medicines, Lakhan again throws medicines and goes to bring something. Rekha is working in kitchen, Badi Amma comes to her and ask her to not work in anger but with love, this house has many angry people so atleast make food with love, she ask Choti Amma how is Dolt? she says he is fine, Rekha says a dancer is being made queen of Begusarai and you are thinking about kitchen, Badi Amma ask her to not think that much that your brain get fused, Rekha says you still have time, make him understand, Badi Amma says i cant question him, Rekha says you never listen to me, i will see how you order that Bindya, she starts to leave but Bindya comes there, all looks at her, Bindya smiles and touches Badi Amma’s feet, Badi Amma doesnt put hand on her head and says be married always, Bindya says i know i am two days old in this house and you all must be thinking how to give all responsibilities to me but dont worry i will keep this Haveli the way it used to be, she thinks that i will make this Haveli like my father made it for me 20 years back, this is my promise. Lakhan brings rope and starts tying Poonam’s hands, he sys you need to realize your mistake, he makes her sit on bed and ties her feet too, he says you have doubt on my capability, you think your lover is more capable, Poonam says please eat medicines then give me punishment, Lakhan puts tape on her mouth and says i dont want to listen your words, i will be free from your drama for sometime, keep sitting here then you will realize your mistake, he is about to leave but feels dizzy, he head spins and faints, Poonam is shocked, she tries to reach him but cant as her hands and feet are tied. Poonam is tied, lakhan is unconscious, Poonam thinks what to do, she prays that she may die but Lakhan is safe, her mouth is closed with tape too. Bindya comes to Rekha and says you are working alone, i will help you, she starts setting dining table and says i was thinking that Badi Amma should give her responsibility, like Phulan retired, Badi Amma should retire from money, finance and all this, Rekha says i knew you wanted all this only, Bindya says i dont need money and all, all i need is respect, till you are alive i cant get throne of house, Rekha says what you wanna say? Bindya says you should now give rest to Badi Amma, take house keys from her and sit on money’s carton now, you didnt get any happiness which was your right, now as per rights you deserve all this, retire Badi Amma from all this, Rekha starts dreaming about all that, Bindya smirks and leaves, Rekha dreams of sitting between money, she starts laughing and says i never thought about it, Bindya no younger daughter in law is right, i was thinking wrong about her and she is talking about my rights, there is Bindya and otherside is Poonam who never thought about me. Poonam tries to reach Lakhan, she thinks i cant see Lakhan burning in fever, i have to do something, she gets down from bed, breaks glass and starts cutting rope of hands with glass, she frees herself, goes to Lakhan and ask him to get up, she ask him to open eyes, she ask for help, Piddi comes there, Poonam says he fainted because of fever, help me to put him in bed, Piddi says what kind of women are you? he did so bad with you and you are still doing it, why? Poonam says only goodness can change badness, Piddi says person like Lakhan can never change, Poonam says everything can change in world, i will do this, i will change him, Piddi says ok i will help you, he makes Lakhan rest on bed and leaves, Poonam calls doctor and ask him to come. Badi Amma is talking to Choti Amma and says you forget things, Bindya comes and says if she forget things then give responsibility to Maya, Badi Amma says you need experience for all this, Bindya says experience will come only when you give duties, Choti Amma says its difficult to handle house, Bindya says when responsibility will come only then experience will come and you will also know if daughter in laws can handle house or not, Badi Amma brings out money, Bindya says not this but give something which increases status and respect of your daughter in law, Badi Amma ask like? Bindya says like key of house, all are stunned, Rekha comes there too, Bindya ask did i say anything wrong? i am asking what is right of daughter in law of this house, like Phulan made Priyom king so that he can get experience and handle begusarai same way you both should give keys to daughter in laws so that they can handle house, Choti amma says you dont have to worry, we are here to take decision, Bindya says yes take decision and give keys of house to Rekha, Rekha gets happy, Badi amma thinks that she is shooting in right direction but why she is using Rekha? i have to see this, she says Bindya is right, Bindya is stunned and thinks how this lady agreed so fast, Bindya thinks i am old player of this game, you cant change rules of game till i am here, Badi Amma calls Rekha and says giving keys doesnt mean that you have power of this house, these keys only signifies that you have some rights in this house too, you will get control only when you love people of this house, you have to prove that you are capable of this duty, i will keep an eye on you, she gives house keys to Rekha, Rekha takes her blessing and looks at Bindya with gratitude, Bindya smirks, Badi amma stares her. Rekha comes in locker room and finds money boxes there, she dances and says this is all mine, is this true? i must be dreaming? it will break, Bindya comes there and says see this is not dream, its truth, Rekha says you have made this dream possible, she hugs Bindya and blesses her, Bindya says i have done all this for you as i like you and Lakhan most in house, i feel you both are very good at heart and injustice happened with you like it happened with me, you didnt get what you deserved, Rekha says for first time i am feeling there is someone who understand my pain, i give you promise that i will do anything for you, bindya thanks her and thinks that i am doing all this for me, i became queen but i need soldiers who can die for me and REkha you are my army head, now it will be easy to control house. Choti Amma tells Priyom how Bindya forced Badi Amma to give keys to Rekha, i thought she changed but she is still same, Rekha was so happy to get keys, Priyom recalls how Bindya forced him to become king and make her queen of Begusarai, Choti Amma ask Priyom will you not say anything? you are king of begusarai, will you not say anything? we have some hopes from you, i think you cant see anything infront of your love for your wife, i listened people changing in love but i am seeing it first time, Priyom leaves from there, Choti Amma says to Badi Amma that there is some reason behind Priyom’s changed behavior Doctor checks Lakhan and prescribe medicines, he says to Poonam that your hand has wound, should i give medicine? she says no, she ask about Lakhan, he says that Lakhan has high fever, if he has fever whole night then it will be dangerous for him, fever should not increase more than 100F, Poonam says i will take care of him, doctor leaves. Priyom comes in his room, he recalls Choti Amma’s words that he cant see his wife’s misdeeds, he is changed in love, Priyom says i am sorry Badi amma, i know i am cheating with you all, i dont deserve your trust, forgive me, he puts wine in glass and drinks, Bindya comes and sees him, she says you were in hurry to start celebration that you didnt wait for me, make one pack for me too, Priyom ask why you did that? till now nobody talked to Badi Amma like this, how dare you ask keys from her? go now, sit in her feet, say sorry and give keys back to her else.. Bindya says else what will you do? dont talk to me in high tone, i am not innocent daughter in law who will bow to you, i am Bindya, people of house dont know reality, when they will know it, it will be fun, what will happen to Poonam then? Priyom ask why you are doing all this? what you want? Bindya says ok i will tell you, like Phulan retired and gave duty to you, i said same to Badi Amma that she should rest now and give responsibility to daughter in laws so she gave keys to me, and listen, i am not doing anything wrong, i am doing what Phulan made me learn sometime back, someone starts clapping listening this, they turn to find Phulan clapping after listening all this, both are shocked. Poonam is taking care of Lakhan, she rubs his feet, covers his head with cold cloth and gives him syrup, she cries and prays that take my life but make him fine soon, i cant see him in pain, Lakhan wakes up a little and holds her hand, she tries to her hand, Lakhan says you have hurt me alot, the much i loved you, i hate you more now, you have broken my heart by loving Priyom, Poonam says Priyom is nothing for me, she says its hurting me, leave my hand, he leaves, Lakhan says the pain you have given me, you will have to bear same pain. Priyom thinks that if Phulan has listened our talks? Bindya thinks if Phulan listened my talks, she ask Phulan that you would have called me, why did you come here? Phulan says i am really impressed by you, Bindya ask what? he says come with me, Priyom goes behind Phulan, Bindya goes too. Poonam does bandage on her hand, she thinks that i should check Lakhan’s fever but how? she says i will check it at any cost, she takes thermometer and puts in his mouth but he pushes her away and says be away from me. Phulan brings Priyom and Bindya in hall, Bindya thinks that i am sure he didnt listen our talks else he would have thrown us out, Badi Amma and Choti amma comes there too, he ask Bindya to call Rekha and Bhushan too, they come, Bhushan ask if something special? Badi Amma ask what you wanna say? Phulan says to Bindya that give keys back to Badi amma right now infront of all, Rekha says but Badi Amma has given keys to me herself, we should respect her decision, Phulan says disrespect was when keys was taken from her, anyone can think anything but Badi Amma has handled this house and will keep handling it, Rekha says i will not give keys, i am daughter in law of this house, i have rights, what drama is this that give keys first then take it back, injustice has happened always, Bhushan ask her to do what Phulan is saying, Phulan ask Bindya to give keys back to Badi Amma, Bindya takes keys from Rekha and gives it to Badi Amma, Phulan says nothing can be unseen from my eyes, i know everything which is going on in this house and in Begusarai, i have only given my throne but i will remain Thakur till death, Priyom smiles, Bindya stops Phulan and says i am sorry, i never wanted to hurt you or Badi Amma, i just wanted that younger generation should get experience of responsibility, i did mistake, i will not do it again, she fold her hands and says sorry, Phulan leaves without looking at her, all leaves, Bindya thinks that Phulan rule over Begusarai but what if Phulan not remain in begusarai, he has snatched all my happiness from childhood but now i have come to snatch everything from you, i will take Haveli from you but first i have to remove you from my path. Poonam gives syrup to Lakhan but he doesnt take it, she says you need this, your fever will lower down, Lakhan blabbers that i will not take medicine from your hands, Poonam thinks what to do, she sees rope there and thinks that for safety of his life, i have to do it, Lakhan is dizzy, Poonam ties his hands and feet, she comes to him and makes him drink syrup, she rubs his feet, she checks his fever and says his fever didnt lower down

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