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Fall Into Temptation Episode 41 Update on Wednesday 15th August 2018


PRESENT DAY, AFTER THE ACCIDENT: Santiago goes over to see Raquel and she rebukes Santiago for his unjustified reaction toward her and tells him that she doesn’t like the fact that they are starting to hurt each other and he not trusting her and thinking that she could be capable of taking his son Benjamin away from him especially right after he told her he truly loves her and Santiago goes silent. Santiago then begs Raquel to forgive him for his actions.
Miriam refuses to accept the fact that Andres wants her claim for Damian’s son custody to take revenge on Santiago but after she goes confused though to their convincing words to just do it not necessarily that she loves the boy but to punish Santiago.
Fede visits Benjamin and Lola gets annoyed because she thinks Fede’s family are going to take their brother Benjamin from them but Fede assures her that wont happen.
Godoy complains to Laura for the scandal she did at his work and and Laura tells him it’s because she doesn’t trust him anymore and Godoy also tells her he’s leaving her because he doesn’t love her anymore.
Santiago is afraid to lose Benjamin and Raquel proposes to him to speak with their four children because she is sure when the four plus the two of them agree that Benjamin stays by his side, that insecurity will be gone but he still feels Mia Will never agree because she hates him and also Miriam can also take him from him.
Nico finds wants to know whats there between Alina and Sammy but she refuses tol et him know anything and says she hates guys who suffocate her and also what she does with her life is her business and not his. Nico says he’s worried because he loves her and straight away, she slaps Nico warning him to leave her alone.
Whiles leaving the house, he bumps into Sammy right at Alina’s gate and asks him about his beef with Alina and he reveals to him that, Alina seduced him and dumped him whiles working for her and then replaced him with him (Nico). He started hating his father when he tried opening his eyes because she pleasured him like no other woman and that is why it seems he wants to end it all and he surely kinows Nico Will also fall for it and he wont be able to forget Alina but says he is not like him. Nico then advises him to not kill himself because nothing is more importnant than his life and if he thinks that his life has no purpose then he should go look for one.
Raquel reveals to Mia that Benja is her brother and wants them to talk Mia refuses to see the Alvarados..
Bebo tells Santiago he knows he made a mistake but the fact is he can’t see his father to be behind bars like that and now he now thinks he has the evidence to prove that his father is innocent of what he’s been accuse of. Because he remember speaking with his dad from prison the night of the accident where he even told him that he couldn’t cook but he’s ordered a delivery but he can’t remember exactly what he ordered. So they should may be go look for that delivery’s man brochure.
PAST YEARS: Raquel convinces Santiago to allow Damian and her to help him with his business because she learnt she’s shorts of money for his next Project and Santiago goes furious to know from him that Nacho betrayed him to her,
Same vein, Damian asks Carolina on phone to allow him to take responsibility of their son but Carolina refuses to allow him because she still believes Santiago is Benjamin’s son and not him.
After Santiago arrives home to tell Carolina about Raquel’s idea to help him to finance his new work, Carolina goes angry at Santiago that Raquel is giving him a loan when in fact they have agreed to take no support from the Beckers again.
PRESENT DAY: Alina promises to help Santiago with Benjamin’s matter by asking his children to ask for his custody too which they can if they prove to the judges that they earn monthly income and also it could even be much easier if he i sable to get the children from the two families to support him.
Miriam reasons with Mia to accept and help her to claim custody of Bejamin her half brother and a grandson to her too. But she tells her that she doesn’t care about the boy and she asks her if she actually hates the Alvarados very much and Mis replies YES. She then suggests to her then to help her and go to the house for the reuniĆ³n.
Laura looks for Raquel and she refuses to give her an interview.
Whiles the two family gather without Mia to deliberate on how to get the children’s mind to help Santiago, Miriam shows up in his house with Mia, asking to see her grandson and this truly shocked them.

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