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Fall Into Temptation Episode 42 Update on Thursday 16th August 2018


PRESENT DAY: Whiles the two family gather without Mia to deliberate on how to get the children’s mind to help Santiago, Miriam shows up in his house with Mia, asking to see her grandson and this truly shocked them and Santiago confronts Raquel about Miriam if she knew about Miriam’s coming there and she says no. Mia supports her grandma and Raquel asks him to accept and allow Miriam to see Benjamin if not things might become complicated and so he had no choice than to allow her. 
Bebo goes to see his dad to ask him if he does remember that he called him way back the day of the accident and Nacho is able to remember defending and saving a pizza deliveryman from a robbery the night Carolina was killed and Nacho says he is sure that that Pizza guy can be able to remember that story and him and Bebo assures him that he will definitely look for the delivery guy to help him out so he will never be sent to jail.
Mia doesn’t recognize Benjamin as her brother and Nico asks her if that is so then why did she come over and she answers that she only came because her grandma insisted to come.
Miriam tries intimidating the Alvarados about their incapability to take good care of her grandson due to their place of living as she asks Lola if Benjamin has his own room and Lola says no but sleeps with their father or them (Nico and her) and Miriam says she doesn’t think Benjamin should be sleeping with grownups like them especially when in fact the man he is even sleeping beside isn’t his father.
Lola then becomes pissed off really and she goes to report to her dad about Miriam’s intimidation and critics and Santiago goes to confront Miriam that Benjamin is his son and doesn’t care what that DNA paper says and asks her where she was when he was taking care of Benjamin and Miriam says she can pay a nanny to do same work and asks Santiago how much it cost him to look after that grandchild and Raquel cautions her to never speak against Santiago in that manner after he kicks Miriam out of his house.
Sammy returns home and questions his dad about what happened between him and Alina because he doesn’t understand why he hates her so much and he reveals to her son that, it’s because Alina also played with him in same way as she has done to him thus using him and dumping him and Sammy assures him that he will help him so together they can destroy Alina.
PAST YEARS BEFORE THE ACCIDENT: Nacho visits Carolina to know how Benjamin is doing and he tells her she shouldn’t be angry with Santiago for getting help from Raquel because he rather was the one who asked Raquel to help them and Carolina says she got angry because she never wants to own any money to anyone and Nacho as her what happened for her to change her mind toward the Beckers help because as it is, she is even the one who wanted them to get closer to the Beckers. Carolina questions him to go straight about his questions and stop wandering and he replies her that, if she thinks Santiago will cheat on her with Raquel then, she should worry not at all and shouldn’t get jealous of Raquel.
Fede goes to Santiago’s house to see meets Benjamin and through that he engages in a chat with Lola and Lola advices him to not give meaning what his friends have published about him on social Media that he is a gay and he asks Lola if she also thinks he is a gay and Lola says that doesn’t matter but all she wants to tell him is that he is not to allow people to determine to him what to do with his life. Carolina brings Benjamin out to meet him finally and he becomes very happy.
A man demands from Vicente to pay him if not he will be responsible for the consequences and he asks him to give him days but the guy refuses and so he calls Damian to extorts money from him and Damian agrees to give him the money but he warns him to be careful not to fool him.
Raquel insists on investing into Santiago’s business for his sake and to help her husband break free from the family business but he refuses to take it stating that, his wife Carolina is against it. Raquel tells him that bank interest loan alone in case he never accepts her help can make him go crazy and there Santiago confirms to him that the bank has turned down their request. Santiago then accepts
Carolina to be able to speak with Damian about going to meet Vicente, she intentionally sends Lola out to get milk for Benjamin and there Lola asks Federico to escort her but on their way. He realizes that he left his phone and decides to go back home and get it and upon entering, Fede hears Carolina speaking with his father Damian on phone asking him to not go because it’s a matter she has to solve on her own. She turns and sees Fede standing right behind her and she becomes anxious.
PRESENT DAY: Santiago is determined to run away with Benjamin so nobody takes him away but Raquel advices him to not do so because she will be there with him and everything will be fine.
Miriam arrives home and Andres asks her if she is going to claim custody of the boy and she is sure because he is her grandson. Mia warns Andres that she’ll go away if her grandma brings Benjamin to live with them.
Bebo looks for information for his father’s alibi at the Pizza delivery guys working place, and the manager is able to recollect that Nacho indeed saved that worker of his. Bebo asks him if that delivery guy can give his statement to redeem his dad but the manager says, no because that delivery guy quit his job the next day after the encounter. Pleading with him, the manager agrees to give him the guys personal information so he can locate him.
While Miriam looks for Mia, she faints after cutting her veins.

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