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Fall Into Temptation Episode 43 Update on Wednesday 1st August 2018


PRESENT DAY AFTER THE ACCIDENT: Raquel in her sadness of unacceptance of her relationship with Santiago by her kids, sleeps to the maximum to the point that Mia is able to enter her room to pick her phone to read the message Santiago sent her to cancel their romantic dinner, without her notice. 
Lawyer Rodolfo Rueda reclaims Alina for having seduced his son Sammy and then dumped him and has even replaced him. Alina looking cynic tells him that it is not her fault that men get obsessed with her and Rodolfo tells her that she is a trash and that he will be in charge to ruin her not only her personal life but he will destroy her professionally and if something should happen to his son, he is going to kill her.

YEARS AGO, BEFORE THE ACCIDENT: the next morning, the children asks about the whereabout of their dad and Raquel answers them that her father went away to think more clearly about his decision of coming back home and when he comes back it would be to be happier because he came on his own will.

The next morning, Carolina does everything possible to be a good wife and she blames herself for being responsible for making him drink because now she can tell that she’s been actually distant from him and it’s not helping things and so she promised him to be a good wife as ever and Santiago looks happy.

Damian goes back to the company and Azucena welcomes him but it looks like Andres looks unhappy as he welcomes him in a mean manner.

Gabriela goes to Raguel’s apartment to tell her that her son came to her house to reclaim her that she is her husband`s lover but if she was at the hotel it was for christian her husband and not Damian and so, she better investigates somewhere else. Raquel looking upset asks her to leave her house and Gabriela fuming in furiousness, tells her that she (Raquel) deserves everything that they are doing to her.

Santiago tells Nacho that he doesn’t know what he told Carolina because she’s changed and even served him breakfast in bed and now she is the same woman with whom he fell in love.

PRESENT DAY AFTER THE ACCIDENT: After spending a good time together, Laura asks Fernando Godoy if he’s gotten any information again about the accident and after he said NO, Laura says, she’s been pressured from her workplace that is why but Fernando thinks, the best thing is to quit her job and look for another one since she is a good journalist and shouldn’t allow herself to be pressured when in fact other companies will be willing to employ her service but she says NO.
Fernando enters the bathroom and she picks his phone and went through his contacts to see Cynthia’s number taking dominion of the call-in contacts. She then goes ballistic.

Mia tells her mother that she nor Federico agree with her relationship with Santiago and Raquel tells her allowing them to have an opinion in her life doesn’t mean that they will control her, because as it is, she is the one who makes the decisions and not them.

Bebo tells Alina that he recollects that, the day of the accident was the same day he spoke with his father and so there is no way he could have been the one who killed Carolina and Alina is willing to do everything with the little information and investigate more into the day and all the calls Nacho made to use it as evidence to free Nacho. Bebo is now worried about the money she is going to use to pay off Alina for her services but she is not worried because Santiago has promised to do so but it looks like Bebo is not okay and still wants to pay her and so he decides to see Rafael for the so-called help he promised to render him.

Cynthia goes to see Godoy in his office and whiles talking, Laura arrives spotting them from afar.

Raquel tells Santiago that Mia is watching over her all the time and she doesn’t even know how to make her moves again. Santiago tells her that Lola and Nico do not agree either to their affair and Raquel tells him that, it seems the children refuses to agree because their affair is going to be like repeating the story of Damián and Carolina.

Lawyer Rodolfo Rueda and Rafael agree to give Bebo the watches that Cynthia took from Raquel’s house that belong to Damián, so that with that, they can incriminate Nacho and ruin him even more so that the police will add up this evidence to think he stole the jewelries and gave it to his son to sell them and so he could be capable to killing Carolina.

Bebo meets Rafael and he gives him the watches to go and give them to his clients but for some purposes, he can’t go and so he will have to do so and after he will receive 30% has his share and Bebo accepts and agrees to deliver the goods.

Damián goes to pick his children from school for lunch and there he tells Mia and Fede that he loves them and their mother very much and that they are a family.

Carolina goes to report Juan to his school authorities for abusing the school children with his position as a physical education teacher. The principal refuses to agree but Carolina spills the truth to her that, he came to his house stating that he is the boyfriend of her daughter Lola and not only does he abuse her he’s also very violent. The principal then states that, since it is a delicate situation they will impose a sanction on him and let the authorities take up the matter but Carolina still thinks sanction won’t be enough and therefore will report him to the police. Lola goes angry about her mother’s report and in trying explain things to her, she quickly feels a very intense pain in her womb and Lola rush to call the doctor.

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