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Fall Into Temptation Episode 43 Update on Monday 20th August 2018


Andres enters the bathroom to see Mia unconscious in a pool of blood and he runs off to go call his auntie to come see and she becomes very desperate and they have to call for an ambulance to get her to the hospital.
Raquel finds a hidden gun in Santiago’s drawer and she becomes suspicious but he tells her that he hid it there to prevent the children from getting their hands oni t because that is the only inherited property from his father which seriously he can’t just get rid ofi t like that still Rquel thinks having a weapon with hi mis very dangerous.
Cynthia calls Godoy over to the Beckers house and she give him back his apartment keys because she has decided to change and be a Good person and therefore she can’t fail her sister Raquel again after giving her a second chance to turning up a new live and she also reveals to him about his wife’s confrontation on her and so she thinks it Will be best for them to stop seeing each other since he no longer needs her for his investigations again and Godoy tells her that he is really happy for her decisión and assures her that Laura will never again attack her.
In case Miriam desires to ask for the custody of Benjamin, Lola being his eldest sister, she is the only one who can request for his custody and so, Santiago and Raquel speaks to Lola and Federico and they agree freely to claim that custody of Benjamin in case Mirian opposes to allow Santiago to have him.
At the hospital, the doctor tells Miriam that Mia is in a very critical condition because she lost a lot of  blood after cutting her veins. The doctor believes she tried to commit suicide and so needs to call in the pólice but Miriam resists.
Raquel upon arriving home mentions to Cynthia that Santiago is hiding a gun and that she thinks she will use it against Miriam. Quickly, Andres calls Raquel tol et her know about Mia’s situation eventhough Miriam has warned him to not tell Raquel about it and the Raquel hastens to go to see her daughter..
PAST YEARS: Carolina tries to explain things to Federico about the call she was doing with his father but he refuses to listen to a things and walks out on her and this puts fear on Carolina that Federico might say spill something and now she thinks she and Damian have to make up something credible to tell him in case he asks about it and that was through a phone call. Federico tells Lola that he Heard her mum talking to his dad which seemed a bit weired but Lola sees nothing wrong with it unless of course he Heard something else. 
Damian expresses his discomfort with Raquel’s idea to lend money to Santiago and Carolina after Raquel told him about settling things with Santiago about lending him the money which she thinks is a Good business but Damian still wants to know abut the kind of business that is.
Statnding upon this, Damian calls Carolina back tol et her know that they can use the business loan Raquel is discussion with Santiago as an excuse that she was arguing with him about it that he shouldn’t give Santiago that help and Carolina agrees to go that way. So, after Lola and Federico came back to ask about the argument, she gives that as the reason.
Since Damian insists on knowing what actually happened between Carolina and Vicente, she prefers he asks her brother directly and so, Damian goes t osee Vicente to inquire that from him and says it’s only with that he Will give him the money he is requesting again
Nico explains to Santiago that his mother doesn’t want’t him to mix with the Beckers because they think they are superior to them.
Federico tells Lola that says he doesn’t know what is wrong with him because he doesn’t know if he is indeed gay or not and he wants to define whats actually happening to him.
PRESENT DAY: Federico gets a free drive by his friend Danny and he appreciates him for being a Good friend to him and Danny asks him if he only sees him as a friend and quickly he tries kissing Federico but he pushes him off and asks him to forgive him if he ever gave him the impressión but he shouldn’t get confused because he only sees him as a Good friend. He then gets out Danny’s car, where he gets a call from Nico telling him about Mia’s admission at the hospital and he had no choice than to allow Danny to take him to the hospital.
Raquel and Cythia arrive at the hospital and Andres tells her about Mia cutting her veins and she confronts Miriam to ask what she did to Mia to have caused that and the woman remarks that it was her (Raquel) fault because the girl couldn’t bear that her mother tosses around in bed with that mediocre Santiago. Raquel then becomes furious and slaps her hard.
Santiago arrives with Nico to meet the doctor with Raquel and they are told that Mia is in a critical condition and they all become afraid.

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