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Fall Into Temptation Episode 44 Update on Thursday 2nd August 2018


YEARS AGO, AFTER THE ACCIDENT: Luísa (Juan’s mother) goes to beg Carolina not to denounce her son to the police and she tells her that she is aware that Juan has problems and she will pay for a psychological treatment and on the other hand they fire him from the school. Carolina tells her that she doesn’t want Juan near Lola by any reason he does that, she will press charges against him.
Miriam thinks Damian living in a hotel now is very absurd and would have preferred he comes home to live with her though he doesn’t want to and Damián tells his mother that he’s made his decision to not leave Raquel because he loves her. Miriam tells him that if he really loved her he would not cheat on her and this is not to defend Raquel but his lover has become an obsession to him and this is dangerous so if he doesn’t take care of himself, she as his mother, will protect him personally and won’t allow him to ruin his life with Carolina.
Andres tells Raquel that he seems not to believe her again because two days ago, she and Damian were separated and it turns out they are now back together and that looks really surprising and the truth is, their separation made his auntie Miriam very happy but now that they are back she looks sad. Raquel tells hm that he is so sorry ruining their happiness.
Damian calls Carolina to inform her that he’s made a decision to go back to his house and be with Raquel and Carolina thinks that is the best and so now he should forget her and concentrate on how to make his family but Damian still insists on seeing her because he thinks he can’t do anything without seeing Carolina.
PRESENT DAY, AFTER THE ACCIDENT: at the hospital, Raquel tells Damián that their children know about Santiago and her and all is happening just exactly as what happened with him and Carolina but they don’t want to hurt their children. 
Raquel and Santiago talk about the fact that their children aren’t in support of their relationship yet they express to each other how much they love themselves but they agree that they don’t want to hurt their children so they decide to stay apart and seriously it did look difficult for them as they kiss passionately to depart and bid goodbye to their relationship.
Raquel arrives home and Mia questions her what’s happening with her and Santiago and she reveals to her that nothing is happening between them because now they have breakup. Same vein, Santiago also arrives home to tell his children to relax because now he’s over with Raquel.
Santiago tells Nico and Lola that his relationship with Raquel is over but in fact, it never started.
Fernando gets upset with Laura because she is checking on his phone, Laura tells him that she saw that he has several calls from Cynthia and if this doesn’t have anything to do with the Becker case why are they calling each other. Fernando tells her that if there is no confidence between them and doesn’t trust him anymore then, there is no point in being together as couples again. He then challenges her and takes her phone and sees Juan’s naked picture on it and he ask her who that person is.
Cynthia to be able to help Godoy with some evidence to arrest Rafael, she records their conversation without his notice about the deal of selling his merchandise to get money to cater for herself and he truly commits himself in the conversation by telling her that they will deal in secrecy so they never attract any suspicion. She asks him if he still has with him her sister’s watches she gave him but he tells her that she is too late to ask him for that and very soon she will receive news about those watches. He warns her to never call him again unless it’s necessary.
YEARS AGO, BEFORE THE ACCIDENT: Carolina goes to the restaurant to meet Raquel to work but unfortunately, she bumps into Damian there.
Nico tells Federico that there are comments that are going around social media and just when he is about telling him, Mia arrives to ask Federico if he’s a gay and he becomes so shocked and says no but asks them if they are joking but Mia says that isn’t a joke.
Santiago excuses them so he can go finish his job at Gabriela’s house since Carolina asks for more time from him to stay and help Raquel make some sauces. Raquel then asks Santiago to drop her off at the foundation to do something there. So now, the two, Carolina and Damian are left alone into another temptation to overcome.
On their way, Santiago tells Raquel that he is happy for her now that she is back again with Damián, Raquel then tells him that the worst is that she never knew why he left her.
Damián tells Carolina that when he is not with her, his life has no meaning and after they kiss, he asks Carolina to let them go to a place by giving some excuse to their spouses but Carolina says she can’t still Damian insists.

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