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Fall Into Temptation Episode 44 Update on Tuesday 21st August 2018


PRESENT DAY: The doctor informs Raquel and loved ones that that Mia is weak due to the loss of blood, even after a blood transfusions and that she has to rest to recover. Raquel becomes depressed and as Santiago consoles her, Miriam gets pissed off and asks Andres to take her from there.
Bebo tells Lola that whiles he was in the unted States and even after he was arrested and imprisoned, there was one person he couldn’t stop thinking about and she kept him going and that is her. He was afraid to tell her but now he wants tos ay it because she’s continues to be an inspiration to him but Lola thinks she is not someone somebody should look up to but Bebo says it because she doesn’t see what he sees in her and that is why he loves her and that for her he wishes to get ahead and do something useful for his life though all hope is lost for him but Lola says he should do that for himself and not because of her.
Miriam complains to Andres about Raquel and Santiago’s behavior and remarks that in order for Mia to get bettter her mother has to disappear from their lives forever. She then prefers to leave the hospital than to stay behind to see those two and their absurd love exhibition.
Raquel says she is guilty of what Mia did because of her relationsip with him (Santiago), and he tells her that she is a good mother, because she has accompanied her daughter during her psychological tretment and encouraging her always but Raquel still thinks Mia can’t coup with everything that is her relationship with him, Damian and Coma and now a new half brother to her which she is finding difficult to accept and that is what is hitting Mia badly. She pleads with Santiago to stay away from her and be with his family whiles she also cater for the important things she abandoned because she got distracted by her relationship with him but Santiago says he wont leave her. 
Rodolfo is willing to offer Alina his parto f shares in Los Angeles which he is willing tol et his attorney give her so she live him and his son;s life alone because she’s done a loto f harm already and Alina states that he isn’t doing it for his son but him and angrily, he confronts her forcibly t olive because he actually not doing it for his son because he wants her again but now all he wants is for her to leave and not come back which he wouldn’t repeat again.
Raquel speaks to Damian whiles in coma complaining to him everything she and her family are going through and suffering because of him. She also warns him that he should pray whiles in coma that nothing bad happens to Mia because that should happen, she will kill him.
Two boys find a gun in the bushes whiles playing around and they start playing with it, fortunately a man sees them and takes it from them.
Mia gains consciousness and Raquel prefers to stay by herside at her Ward.
THE PAST: It turns out that in the past, Fernando and his wife Laura were seriously deeply in love as a married couple and were even expecting a baby.
Finally Damian is able to talk with Vicente into telling him what happened between him and Carolina in the past, that makes him him treat her like gabbage and Vicente confesses that he killed a man who tried to rape her sister Carolina because he loved her very much (but he never tells him who it was). He then who warns him that if he dares tell anyone about it, he Will haunt him and kill him.
Carolina calls Damian to get feedback from him after he met with his brother Vicente and Damian asks them to meet and after meeting and kissing all they can and sweet talking her as usual, Damian incites her into to telling him the name of the man who tried to rape her and Carolina finally tells him that the person who tried to rape her was her father. Damian then goes shocked.

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