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Fall Into Temptation Episode 46 Update on Thursday 23rd August 2018


PRESENT DAY: Bebo is still on his search mission to look for the delivery guy who his father rescued and thanks be to God he is able to find the pizza deliveryman so he will declare in nacho’s favor, because nacho isn’t guilty,
Santiago tells Raquel that she already knows that they found the weapon with which Carolina was killed, and that they are going to analyze the fingerprint it has on it Raquel tells him that Andres confessed to her that Miriam is seeking for custody of Benjamin but she has a solution, but Santiago goes crazy and Raquel tells him to calm down because she has a solution to assist him but in he wants to do anything, he should consult her first but Santiago says that won’t happen since he will do things his own way and he will not let anyone take his son away from him. 
Santiago looking so desolated tells Raquel that he will go far away with Benjamin where no one can take him away from him but Raquel advices him that she will make a deal with Miriam, so he shouldn’t go away because that will only complicate things.
Alina calls Rueda to her office and lures him into having his last sex with her since that is the way she closes her deals because it gives her satisfaction and energy and this was a meeting to ask Rueda if indeed he wants her to leave town because of the wellbeing of His son Sammy and he says of cause. This is how come she in exchange for that requests for sex as a closed down deal but it looks like the game stated with only a caress but Alina as usual never allowed Rueda to have the fun she lured him into as Alina states that her desire for him just disappeared and this was after Rueda sent Nico to run some errands for him.
Raquel goes to see Miriam at her house stating that she spoke with Andres and he told her that she (Miriam) may be interested in her shares in the company so, she is there to offer Miriam to transfer her part of the company and also her shares of the factory into her (Miriam) name but in exchange; she won’t take Benjamin from Santiago because all she sees is that she only wants to get revenge on Santiago for nothing. Miriam replies that she only wants to save her grandson from the hands of an assassin, because Damián is in coma all because of Santiago. But in the end it look like Miriam accepted the negotiation.
Santiago goes to get Benjamin from his school and he calls Lola telling her that he is running away with Benjamin to prevent anyone from taking him from them and Lola asks him to come home so they can talk about things calmly.
Alina calls Nico to ask him as to why he is still not back from running Rueda’s errands and he replies her that, he is her secretary and not her errand boy and so he left Rueda’s money with her secretary and went away. Rueda then teases Alina that it’s pretty obvious that Nico is tired of having sex with her and this actually hit Alina in her heart seriously.
Not knowing Nico has gone to the hospital and he speaks with Mia and promises her that, he will stay with her until he gets better. Raquel bumps into Nico at the hospital and she inform him to tell his father that no one will take Benjamin from him because she already spoke with Miriam.
Lola talks at least some sense into his father’s years to not run away with Benjamin but should stay back so together as a family they can defend Benjamin without having to separate and he begs her to forgive him. quickly, Nico calls him to inform him about what Raquel told him.
Miriam goes to the company and she tells Andres that if he wants the company and Raquel, he must know that if Damián dies, Raquel is the one who will inherit the majority of the company’s shares and so if she were Andres, she would stop dreaming dreams and stop building hopes on Raquel because Raquel is indeed obsessed with Santiago and she even proposed to her, to give all her shares to her as long as she stops wanting to have her grandson’s custody. Andres tells her that it is her opportunity to get rid of Raquel out of the company.
Nico reveals to his dad that he actually slept with Alina or better still he can say he has a relationship with her but she always suffocates him with her demands and that is she always wants things to be done in her way and when she wants it and wants to control him but the serious thing is that he fell in love with her. Santiago then advices him to take things cool because he will get over it and fall in love with someone else again and asks him to forgive him for not being there for him and his sister to know how Alina was hurting him.
Santiago asks Raquel to never negotiate anything with Miriam but she tells him that Miriam is only interested in money and not Benjamin and money is nothing because she loves him and she will do everything to help him, Santiago replies that he loves her too and that he doesn’t want her to lose what belongs to her because of him but Raquel’s mind is made up.
The negotiation agreement is on and Raquel signs her part of the deal but Miriam refuses to sign and tears the documents in pieces stating to Raquel that, she (Miriam) Raquel doesn’t care about the factory but what she can tell she cares about is Damian’s son and that is what she Miriam wanted to be sure off. So, after knowing that, she will sign no deal with her.

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