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Fall Into Temptation Episode 49 Update on Monday 13th August 2018


THE PAST: The doctor goes to check on Carolina whiles Santiago is present and he commits an indiscretion by asking about how the baby’s father is doing and Santiago thinking he is referring to him responds that he is doing great but the doctor tells him that the child’s father seems to have disappeared. Carolina goes anxious whiles Santiago looked confused and shocked and asks the Doctor what he meant by the father isn’t here and Carolina replies that Santiago is the father. The doctor then feels sorry and says it could be because he’s done many deliveries that is how come he saying things.
Santiago would like Carolina to give the child a name and she names him Benjamin as requested by Damian and Santiago accepts it
Andres finds out that Vicente is blackmailing Damian and Andres tries to get Damian to open up about his personal life and what the hell beef Vicente is having with him and asks him if Carolina’s child is his, but Damian doesn’t fall for the trap; nevertheless, Andres finds out that Santiago is not the father of Carolina’s son.
Raquel goes to the hospital to congratulate Carolina and meet the baby but Carolina looks very uncomfortable for having to lie to her friend, and she’s also nervous because she fears that Raquel is going to find out the truth about Damian’s infidelities.
Vicente goes to the hospital to try to see Carolina but since Carolina refuses to see him knowing the scene he can create, Santiago stops him and upon her request and she is upset and asks the doctor through the help of Raquel to prohibit all visitors from seeing Carolina. The doctor tells Raquel that something mysterious happened during the delivery and he can’t disclose that to her but should ask Carolina herself. Same vein, Santiago asks Vicente to leave and he asks Santiago to warn Carolina that avoiding him will cause her more problems.
Raquel then goes to asks Carolina to explain to her why the doctor said something happened during the delivery and as she goes anxious to give the answer, the doctor enters the ward and after Raquel excused them, Carolina pleads with the doctor to keep it a secret that someone was with her during her delivery because it’s a sensitive matter and the doctor assures him of his secrecy.
THE PRESENT: Sammy in fact miss his shot on Alina and looking so frightened, he quickly leaves Alina and she looks so very afraid because that shot could have been the end of her life.
Federico calls Nico and through their conversation, he reveals to him that tells Raquel that the DNA test results shows that Benjamin is Damian’s son.
THE PAST: During Lola’s graduation trip, Patricia invites Lola to a party in which a young woman dies from a drug overdose whiles having fun. 
After seeing Benjamin, Raquel wants to have another baby and she seduces Damian in the kitchen and after she tells him that she never took precaution about their love making since she wishes to have a baby but Damian tells her that he doesn’t want to have any more children. She wants them to go see the baby but he refuses and says it’s going to be awkward to see the Alvarados again since they great problems for Mia and now that she is doing better they should link up with those people again.
Santiago has money problems due to the expenses caused by the baby’s delivery, and therefore his project stands because they can’t pay for the permits and legal requirements. Nacho tells him to ask Raquel for a loan, but he replies that he doesn’t want to ask the Beckers for any more favors.
Miriam continues to pollutes Mia’s mind that she leaving her mum’s side to stay with her is the best decision she’s made but Mia isn’t sure yet Miriam says she is sure because one day she will be handling their company and needs to be strong unlike Federico who is like her mother pretending to be like one of their employees. She then tuitions Mia to try and surround herself with capable people and sycophants who may not be good workers but will keep her updated with whatsoever gossip that goes on in the company. Mia is sure Azucena told her but Miriam says no because she is very competent with her work though she is on Raquel’s side but very soon the two of them will get her off their way.
Raquel is worried about Santiago about Benjamin’s situation and after she calls Santiago, he reacts badly towards her and asks her if she will try to take Benjamin away from him and Raquel goes speechless.

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