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Fall Into Temptation Episode 50 Update on Tuesday 14th August 2018


THE PRESENT: Raquel is worried about Santiago about Benjamin’s situation and after she calls Santiago, he reacts badly towards her and asks her if she will try to take Benjamin away from him and Raquel asks him how he can think that of her.
Santiago then blames Raquel for all the bad things that has happened to his family because she suggested to Carolina for that family friendship and got her involve with Damian and Raquel defends herself by letting him know that her filthy wife also destroyed her family when she in fact had a good intention about the whole friendship and he also had the right to have prevented Carolina from getting involve with her husband Damián but he didn’t so he should blame her. Also, all these problems came about because both of them didn’t want to admit that their spouses didn’t love them anymore and that is how come all these happened and in anger, she tells him that, she agrees it’s her fault for loving a heartless man like him (Santiago). This actually hurt Santiago and she goes quiet and she also regrets saying such words. 
Cynthia warns Raquel that Miriam will try to use Benjamin situation to hurt Santiago and that she thinks worries Santiago a lot though she Raquel won’t do it and Raquel thinks that could be true.
Nico tries to contact Alina to ask her to help Santiago to keep his parental rights over Benjamin but he was able to send a voice note instead.
Same vein, Alina calls Lawyer Rueda to tell him about the way Sammy pointed a gun at her because he is going insane, and warns him to calm his son down or else she will send him to prison.
THE PAST: Vicente goes to the Alvarado family home to see Benjamin, and he asks Carolina to remember the great favor he did for her before she left him alone and that is killing their father to defend her during their childhood but after she called him a nonentity and she simply abandoned him after that. Carolina feeling so very bad then have to calm her brother down since he looked so depressed and having a supposed dizziness and allow him relax in her house.
Andres sees Raquel and asks her if she knows Carolina has given birth and she says of course she knows and she’s very happy and asks him what his beef is? Andres replies that she should wait and see what is coming. Damian interrupts them and calls Andres over to his office and Raquel becomes nervous but Damian warn Andres to never try telling Raquel anything and Andres assures him but he still wishes to know from him if Benjamin is his son but Damian shuns him.
Damian arrives to visit Carolina to give her a flower bouquet and to meet Benjamin and there Vicente eavesdrops their conversation and realizes that they still have a close relationship and warns Damian that he will have to keep on paying to keep him quiet about their son if not Santiago will hear. Damian tries threatening and setting conditions for Vicente but he tells him he isn’t move by such threats and he that he requires him to ask Carolina what he is capable of doing to such awful men like him. Lola then arrives from her trip to interrupt them and Vicente have to leave the house and asks Lola to call him in case she needs help.
Nacho tells Raquel about Santiago’s money problems and she decides to help.
Godoy tells Antonio his theory on the Becker case: he thinks Nacho did kill Carolina and wounded Damian, but that he got the order from either Raquel or Santiago.
Sammy calls Nico to tell him that he pointed a gun at Alina. Quickly, Alina hears a knock at her gate and she gets upset when Nico and Santiago show up at her home thinking that Sammy harmed her, but the only thing that happens is that Santiago realizes there is something going on between Nico and her and after Santiago left, Alina kicks Nico out and tells him that they are through with that so-called relationship that was between them.
Laura goes to see Fernando Godoy in tears to ask him if she has already lost him for good and he tells her that his work place is not the right place to talk about it and like seriously, Laura was able to shout on top of her voice to Fernando asking him if he’s been spending his time being with that prostitute Cynthia and that why he never wants her in his life again? Godoy then quickly pulls her away to stop her from creating more scandal.
Rueda confirms to Miriam that Benjamin is Damian’s son and Miriam feels disappointed and Andres tells her they should use the baby to get revenge on Santiago.
Santiago goes over to see Raquel and she rebukes Santiago for his unjustified reaction toward her and tells him that she doesn’t like the fact that they are starting to hurt each other and he not trusting her especially right after he told her he truly loves her and Santiago goes silent.

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