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Who Killed Libia Episode 40 Update on Friday 17th August 2018


Don Augustin narrates to Sofia concerning what led to the death of her beloved wife who happens to be Sofia’s grandmother, and he explains to her that before the accident, he Don Augustin was very drunk but he really do remember what happened that moment and that is, he wasn’t the one driving the car but instead, it was their mother Gabriela so he doesn’t understand why she continues to blame him for killing his wife and this actually hurting him. Sofia then asks Don Augustin if it is true that he was an alcoholic back then and he tearfully answers that it is very true but now he has come to regret it because that very attitude of caused his late wife so much pain.
Sarah and Jemima stand besides Gabriela as she lies in her bed and they say to each other that they have come to realize the reason behind the misunderstandings between their mother and grandfather and that is; grandpa killed their grandma.
In the same vein, as Gabriela lies in the bed, she begins to say in her mind that, she is going to make her daughters hate their grandfather for being the cause of their grandmother’s death though he is innocent. Then quickly, a flashback is played so to let us know how, when and what happened actually that led to the cause of the accident. “Gabriela was the one driving the car whiles Don Augustin and her wife was seated but Augustin was very drunk at the back seat whiles Mrs. Augustin was in front and there Gabriela started telling her mother to divorce Don Augustin because he is a drunkard but her mother told her to concentrate and drive but she loses concentration as a result of her many reproach against her father and ends them up in an accident causing the death of her mother and ending her dad up in the wheel chair. And when Gabriela later realized that her mother is dead whiles Don Augustin has fallen with a broken leg but still breathing, she quickly carried Don Augustin to the steer so that it will seem that Don Augustin was the one who caused the accident”.
Franco informs his brothers that he heard Rosa is missing together with her son. In the same vein, the three brothers walk to the bar to ask for the whereabout of Rosa and her son from the bar attender but Armando appears and asks the brothers what they want and John, Oscar and Franco orders Armando to tell them where Rosa and her son is else they will deal with him drastically and fortunately for Armando, Rosario and her little boy enters and the brothers now becomes at ease.
Don Augustin tells her granddaughters that he wants to explain things to them concerning the death of their grandmother but Sarah angrily yells at Don Augustin that her mother has explained everything to them already and she believes her so therefore she doesn’t want to hear anything from him and that he Don Augustin is a very wicked person if he could be capable of killing their grandma but Sofia and Jemima reproach Sarah not to disrespect their grandfather all because of what their mother said when she doesn’t even know the truth behind it and that she should be wise at least a little bit and stop trusting their mother’s words always.
Fernando walks to Gabriela to tell her that, he overhead Eva telling her that she thinks Rosa might be her daughter so, he has a plan and that he is, he is going to try her best to convince Rosa to accept Eva as her mother so that they can have their peace of mind in the house and Gabriela tells Fernando that she likes the idea and also she has also gotten something that is going to track her father down so that he will sign the documents for them. Fernando then holds Gabriela’s hand and kisses her by telling her that he really needs to be closer to her and Gabriela stares at him with great affection.
Same vein, Gabriela sits in front of her mirror and starts to recollect all the sweet words Fernando has been saying to her and she smiles.
Fernando informs Sofia that there is no money in the hacienda and the bank has also refused to lend them the money they need so she should talk to Don Augustin to sign the documents so that they earn some money else they will have no choice than to use the hacienda as a collateral.
Eva and Sofia sneak out of the hacienda in other to talk to John and there Fernando goes to report to Gabriela that he learnt Sofia and Eva has gone out of the hacienda. So, whiles Sofia walks towards John to tell him that she has something important to tell him, Fernando and Gabriela also arrive and there Gabriela slaps Sofia on her face and questions her reasons for standing with John and Sofia mentions straight to Gabriela and everyone present that; she is carrying a child and will soon put to birth for the man she loves and everyone stands in shock. Right after, she leaves.
After, John starts to jubilate with his brothers and in front of Father Teddy that, he is soon going to be a father.
Hortensia informs Tina that Eladio has confirmed from the police that the accident she had with Don Augustin was triggered by someone and there Tina begins to wonder who could be capable of eliminating her or Don Augustin.
Fernando tearfully goes to Sofia’s room to confront her of who the father of the baby is and Sofia refuses to tell him and Fernando slaps her. Sofia then reminds him that when she asked for divorce he refused knowing well she doesn’t love him and Fernando tells Sofia that he thought she didn’t want to have anything to do with any man because of the rape so why then did she give herself to a different man when she always rejects him, and Sofia tells Fernando that the man she has fallen for is totally different from him because she has fallen in love with that man therefore he should stay away from her. Sofia then asks Fernando what she wants from her now and Fernando replies her to name her child after him because he is willing to take care of the child but Sofia makes him understand that she can’t do such a thing because the father of her unborn child is capable of taking care of them and Fernando tries to whip Sofia with his belt but Sofia stops him and warns him to never try touching her if not, she will create a scandal for the whole town to see the kind of man he is..
John walks to Libia’s grave to tell her that Sofia is carrying his child and John continues to tell Libia that he needs her help so that he can be with Sofia without anyone’s interference to harm them and their unborn child and as a sign of Libia’s understanding, the flower on Libia’s grave shines.
Gabriela calls all her daughters and everyone around that she has a big surprise for them therefore she wants them to toast to the wonderful news she has heard and there Sofia and Fernando also enter and Sofia tries to talk to her mother but she refuses to hear and goes ahead to mention to everyone in a loud voice that she will soon be a grandmother because Sofia is pregnant and everyone looks surprised but Fernando breaks the silent and tells Gabriela that the child Sofia is carrying isn’t his and Gabriela gets shocked that she drops her drinking glass on the floor.

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