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Gangaa Episode 277-- 278 Update on Tuesday 14th August 2018


Pulkit is with Ratan and angry with Niru. He never liked me so I understand it but he acted bad with Sagar too. He was and will always remain a Hitler. He wants everyone to move as per his wish. Ratan tells him to think from Niru’s perspective. You will have to prove yourself in your area of specialisation. Not just Niru but everyone will recognize your talents. Pulkit says you know everything. From where to get money? I mortgaged Supriya’s jewellery too but the result is zero. Instead of giving something to Supriya, I mortgaged her jewellery only. Ratan gives him an idea. You too have a right in that house. You are Niru’s son. This isn’t alms but your right! I know everyone will be hurt to hear it but time will heal it. They will realise and understand your were right when they will see you doing well in business. Pulkit agrees with him. There is no harm in asking for your right.
Ratan is at home. Niru and Madhvi would be so clueless as to who to support. Yash called to tell what happened. Prabha shushes him. Ganga and Sagar are inside only. Prabha calls Madhvi. How are you? Madhvi says you cannot understand what a mother will feel whose both sons left the house. I have no idea where Sagar will be. Prabha tells her not to worry till she is here. I took Sagar and Ganga to my place. Madhvi is surprised. Prabha says people will talk if they will see both the youngsters together on road. Madhvi wants to meet them but Prabha tells her against it. They are very angry. Let them calm down. They don’t want to even talk to you. I will make them understand. Your son will be before your eyes on this Holi. She ends the call. Prabha is sure there will be a blast in Chaturvedi Sadan on this Holi. Ratan wants the world to know that those who snatch other people’s happiness can never be happy.
Next morning, it is Holi. Supriya’s parents have come to Chaturvedi Sadan. They wish each other by putting colour. Madhvi stops Supriya’s mother from putting colour on her. She tells them to have sweets first. Raghav ji reminds Niru about an important call. Niru excuses himself. Supriya’s mother asks for Sagar and Pulkit. Niru stops hearing their words. Supriya lies that they would have gone out with friends. They will come anytime. She goes to kitchen. She notices Niru looking at him. He apologizes to her. you must have lots of hopes regarding your first Holi. She tells him not to think like that. This house is mine so its happiness and pain will be mine too. He blesses her. She leaves for kitchen. Madhvi wonders till when they will hide this truth.
Prabha asks Sagar to go today as it is Holi. He denies. Prabha tells ganga to make Sagar understand. There will be so many people around. They will question everyone. What will they say? Ganga tells Sagar to listen to Mami ji. She is saying the right thing. He refuses to go anywhere without her. Prabha walks up to him. I know you are upset with your parents and have lots of complaints. Confront them directly. You have held Ganga’s hand. Don’t make elders unhappy as you wont be able to stay happy or keep Ganga happy ever. Your mother called. She was in tears and wants you to come. I think you should go. Sagar notices Ganga’s forehead blank. Did anyone say something to you? He puts vermilion in her forehead. Keep it always. This has Sagar’s promise in it. I will never leave you. Mummy called me only. She dint call Ganga. I wont go then. Sagar will not be where Ganga isn’t!
Niru stops Madhvi. You dint let Supriya’s mother put colour on you. Let me do it. She denies. Sagar puts it first when he is in Banaras. He says what if he wont come. I told you not to worry about him. He will realise his mistake in a few days. I will put it. Sagar calls it cheating. I put colour on mom first. Madhvi hugs Sagar. I knew you will come. I knew you will listen to your father and wont leave your mother. Niru looks relieved. Their smile fades away when they see Ganga entering too. Madhvi backs off. She asks Sagar why Ganga has come here again. Sagar holds Ganga’s hand. Ganga meets in Sagar only. Ganga will come flowing where Sagar will be. Neither papa nor anyone else can stop them from meeting. Can anyone separate them when they meet? No! Amma ji comes there to call Madhvi as everyone has been asking for her. She stops seeing Sagar and Ganga.
Madhvi tells Sagar that there are guests at home today. Don’t do a drama before them. Send Ganga back. He says we both will leave. Let me put colour on you first. She refuses to do it till Ganga is here. He says you broke our custom today just because I am not doing what you want me to do. Niru tells Sagar to stop this drama. Sagar says it hasn’t even begun yet. He tells Ganga that they should indeed do a drama today. The family members are taken aback. He walks inside the house holding Ganga’s hand.
Dhol is playing. Sagar looks at the elders of the house. Prabha and Ratan come there as well. They ask Madhvi if there was another fiht. Sagar claps so as to catch everyone’s attention. I want to show you a drama today on Holi’s occasion. The name of the drama is – justice of Judge! MAdhvi tries to stop him but in vain. Sagar asks his father to come. In your court today, your own son waits for justice. Not just me but Ganga too wants it. Our relation needs an answer from you. Our relation that he at times refuses to accept and at times ignore it as if it was never there! Till when will it go on like this? Till when will you hide our relation from the world? They would know some day then why not today! People know him as the judge who always does justice. When Ganga and I have chosen one another as we love each other, when no one forced us for it then why can I not marry her? Tell me why it is so. Ganga asks him to come. Why are you saying all this? Sagar stays put. Sagar says my heartbeats, my breaths, everything belongs to Ganga. Then why can’t be name Ganga’s as well? Niru angrily replies that it is he who gave this name to him. I would never want my ancestors name to be associated with a widow! Ganga looks at him stunned.
Precap: Sagar says I will fill Ganga colourless life with colours. He throws all the colours of Holi on her and puts the red colour in her forehead. All these colours are yours too now!
Supriya’s mother supports Niru. This widow stands nowhere. Her husband tells her not to say anything. We have no right to speak in between. It’s their personal matter. Sagar asks everyone if they heard it. He is the same judge who gives makes decisions on every case. He remembers everything about law. Sadly, he ignored a very important chapter of law as per his convenience. Legally, a widow is allowed to remarry. But our judge is declining a widow of the same. He took her responsibility and thought of her as his daughter. He spoke of fulfilling it all. It is easier to tell people about right and wrong when on high pedestal but following them in real life is very difficult. Papa knows it too well as he cannot even look Ganga in the eye today. Amma ji tells him to stop but he refuses. I know you don’t like to hear something against your son. How would you? A mother is like that after all. But why did it happen with me? How did my parents’ hearts turned into stone? They cannot see my wish, my yearning, my love, nothing! You all did a very big favour on me by giving me your family name, but what if I removed your name from my name? Madhvi is in tears.
Amma ji asks Sagar if he will lose his father’s name and them. Listen carefully, neither I nor this society allows anyone to put colours on this widow! Open your eyes. Get this widow out of your life. He is tired of hearing everyone calling Ganga widow. Look at her forehead. You see the vermilion in her forehead? Your society acknowledges a woman based on this vermilion only. I have put it on her forehead. We love each other. Call her a widow the day I die! Amma ji holds her ears. Niru slaps Sagar. Ganga holds Sagar. Niru tells Sagar to leave. Get out of my house right away! Sagar declines. I still have to do one thing. This is the first Holi of both the DIL’s of this house. How can I go without putting colours? He puts colours on Supriya first and wishes her Happy Holi. This is your first Holi in your house. Sorry, all this drama happened today. I promise you I will make it up some day for you. He keeps the plate back next day. Your old traditions / thoughts took away all the colours from Ganga’s life. Today I will fill Ganga colourless life with colours. Flashback shows all the ladies of ashram breaking Ganga’s bangles and removing vermilion off her forehead. He throws all the colours of Holi on Ganga one by one and puts the red colour in her forehead. All these colours are yours too now! All the family members look on shocked and dejected. I give them all to you. Now there will be no law, court or judge who can snatch it from you. Supriya looks happy.
Sagar holds Ganga’s hand and walks up to his father. You must be feeling angry. Your narrow-mindedness came out before everyone. It wouldn’t have happened if you had acted strong / brave. I wont blame you though because you are a coward! You brought a widow home to make name for yourself in the society. You became a coward while fearing the very same society. How will you save people when you yourself got scared of law? I understand everything. These old traditions and customs have held you back. You are not brave enough to take the right decision. You will surely realise it one day that I am right. You will be proud of me that day! He leaves with Ganga.
Everyone in the ashram is dancing while praying. Sagar throws flower petals at them. Everyone stops at once. Sagar wishes them Happy Holi. Sudha says it is good you threw flower petals, not colours or you would have committed a very big sin today otherwise. Widows don’t celebrate Holi. They have nothing to do with colours. He says I have committed one sin in the eyes of my family members. Ganga walks inside. All the ladies are shocked to see her. Sagar tells Sudha to look carefully. Should there be any other colour too? I put all the colours on her and filled her colours with life once again. With the darkest colour is of my love! Every colour fades before it. You know what punishment I got for loving her? I had to break all my ties with my loved ones!
Madhvi says he broke all ties for that Ganga. Amma ji says everything has broken apart. Niru refuses to let his family or house break. It is my mistake. I kept hopes from the wrong son. I always praised Sagar and found faults with Pulkit. Sagar broke all the ties. Pulkit is the elder son of the family. Keeping a family together is the responsibility of the elder son only. I am sure he will support me in this hard time. Pulkit walks in with a lawyer just then.
Madhvi asks him about his whereabouts. We have been waiting for you. You dint come in Holi too. Niru asks about the lawyer. Pulkit says I have to do some formalities. They ask him about it. Pulkit says papa is right. I don’t like begging people for money time and again. I don’t like it. I ask for my right from you today. I too have a right on this house and on Dada ji’s property. I want my share. Everyone is taken aback.
Precap: Sagar tells Sudha he is leaving Ganga here for tonight. We will marry tomorrow in court. Sagar comes next day to take Ganga. She comes wearing a colourful saree. Sagar looks at her mesmerised.

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