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Gangaa Episode 281--282 Update on Thursday 16th August 2018


Niru folds his hands before Ganga. Return my son to me. He is my life. Return me my life, my son. Have pity on me. She is taken aback by his words and thinks of how he spoke of pitying her a few days ago. You pitied on me once by bringing a poor orphan girl in your home. Today the same girl will pity on you. Keep your Sagar with you. If you can bring him here then do it. I wont stop you. Niru looks at her stunned. He notices Sagar standing by the door. Ganga turns to look at Sagar.
Ganga thinks hope you understand why I said so. Do you understand my pain? Do you understand the insult I had to bear? Sagar sits down next to Niru. Niru says you were leaving me and all of us behind. Sagar shakes his head. I am sorry papa. I was making a very big mistake by leaving you for a girl like Ganga. I am sorry. Ganga looks at him in shock. Sagar refuses to leave his father’s side. Madhvi hugs him. Amma ji is also happy and relieved. Ganga walks out of the room in trance. Raghav ji and Maharaj ji see her leaving.
Sagar’s words echo in Ganga’s ears. Maharaj ji comes there. Maharaj ji asks her what she did. You burnt your dreams with your own hands? She declines. Sagar said it just like that, just like I said in ager and pain. Sagar understands me very well. He understands everything. Why wont he? He knows me since childhood. He will understand the meaning behind my words. Babu also said that he pitied on me. Sagar asks her if this is the revenge that she is taking from his father. Maharaj ji leaves from there. You want to take revenge from Mummy, Dadi, this house and everyone? Dadi has taunted you so much. My parents couldn’t take your Bappa’s place. What am I to you? A pawn! You used me for your revenge, right? You were right. I dint understand you till date but I understood everything today. She follows him downstairs trying to make him listen to her. she stops him. Truth is you never understood me and do not understand me today as well. I will take revenge from these people? I will use the one I love so much? He pushes her hand away. do you even know what love is? You don’t know what love is. Love does not look at anyone. It is the fire which cannot be burnt down by anyone. I loved you but you? I left everyone and everything behind as I wanted you. You cheated me instead. You gave me up in donation without asking me! She tries to talk to him but he is angry. Open your eyes. Closing your eyes wont change the truth. Open your eyes. Say it to me. Say it that it was all a sham. I played a game with you. You are a fool to not see my truth. You danced to my tunes since childhood. You were doing the same today. Sagar Chaturvedi is a fool. He fell and lost in this emotional drama of vermilion. She tells him to stop it. Enough! This is the biggest truth of my life. I lived my years with this love only. You are wrong. This so called game started the day I came in this house. I used to do everything as per your wish. I used to feel the pain when you got hurt. Your tears used to fall from my eyes. This vermilion was just an excuse. truth is I had accepted you as mine since childhood. Your name is written in every beat of my life. Destiny is playing a game with me which is why you are saying this to me. He says why not to say it. You taught me to love. Today you taught me how to pine for someone. Why did you do this to me? She says I thought you loved me a lot. You dint understood me back then and today too. My self-respect! He nods. How could I forget it? It is famous in entire Banaras. Everyone speaks of this. All her life Ganga gets beaten by Sudha Bua, hears Dadi’s scolding’s, but she sacrificed her love today for her self-respect! You are simply great! I am saying the truth. Your self-respect is everything to you. I stand nowhere. You told me your choice very clearly today. You did the right thing. I can see you clearly now. You call me selfish but no, it is you who is selfish! You gave up your life for your stubbornness, your arrogance! You think you saved your self-respect by doing so? Maybe yes but you lost Sagar for forever. She is shocked. He again pushes her hands away. Don’t touch me. He walks away. She runs after him.
Prabha and Ratan meet Pulkit and SUpriya outside. They ask him about Niru. Pulkit and Supriya are shocked to know that Pulkit is unwell. Ratan says he had a mild heart attack. Pulkit runs inside. Prabha hopes the kids don’t come close to their father because of his illness. Our plan can go wrong. They too head inside.
Madhvi and Amma ji discuss about Niru’s condition. Pulkit comes there just then. He tries to ask her about Niru but Madhvi stops him. Why did you come? Pulkit says papa is unwell. Madhvi asks him what papa. You dint think about him when you hurt him and divided the house? What did he do? He only worried about you guys. Every father wants his kids to become stable in life. You guys insulted him, said so much to him, and got the house divided! Dint you think then what he will go through? Amma ji tells her to let it be for now. I wont forgive the kids for what they did but he can meet his father for now. Madhvi stops Pulkit from going inside.
Madhvi closes the door of Niru’s room. I cannot see my kids insulting my husband. What if something had happened to him? How would I have lived! Tell him he cannot meet Niru ever. Go from here. Your parents aren’t here anymore. Don’t cross this line ever that you only have made. Your parents are dead for you! Ratan tells Pulkit to go for now. I will talk to Didi and Jija ji. Pulkit sadly leaves from there.
Ratan asks Madhvi how it happened. I think Ganga filled Sagar’s ears and did this drama. Madhvi looks angry.
Precap: Sagar has called Registrar at home. I am marrying Janvi. Ganga stops Sagar from putting the garland around Janvi’s neck.
Ganga thinks of Sagar’s words and is restless. She thinks of their childhood times. Real friends understand each other’s thoughts without saying anything. They sit down to look at each other’s face and pen down what the other is thinking by looking at his or her face only. They read what the other has written. They end up smiling as they have understood it perfectly. He promises to keep her happy always. The flashback ends.
Ganga wonders what happened today. You heard me yet you did not hear me. You act like you dint understand what I sad even though you did. Maharaj ji brings food for her as she hasn’t eaten anything since Sagar left. She denies. He goes back inside. Ganga collides with her trunk so she keeps it aside. Amma ji asks Mehri about something. She notices Ganga still by the door but does not say anything to her. Madhvi comes downstairs. Doc enters just then. He was about to say something to Ganga but Madhvi takes him upstairs with her. Amma ji asks Maharaj ji to bring puja thaal. He brings it. Ganga looks on sadly. Amma ji goes inside once her puja is done.
Niru asks for Sagar. Madhvi says he must be around only. Don’t worry. You should rest. I will bring something for you to eat. She closes the door from outside.
Sagar comes home. Ganga asks him about his whereabouts. Maharaj ji calls for everyone. Madhvi asks Sagar where he went. Sagar calls out for Janvi. Janvi walks inside just then. Ganga looks at Sagar. MAdhvi hugs Janvi. He also calls out for a Sir. It turns out to be the Registrar. Madhvi asks him who he is and why is he here. I don’t want any other drama at home. Sagar explains he is Registrar. I am marrying Janvi right at this very moment. This is why I brought them here. Amma ji tells him to stop. Marriage isn’t a game. Seems like you don’t need anyone’s blessings too. He reasons that this is how Registrar marriages happen. I have your blessings with me. I have brought garlands to complete the ritual. Ganga stops Sagar from putting the garland around Janvi’s neck. She says I want some questions before this marriage happen. How can it happen? Sagar says we are adults. We are marrying as per our wish. She asks about the vermilion. he replies that putting vermilion in childhood doesnr signify it as marriage. Did we do any of the rituals? What does it mean? She says you put it in my head in front of everyone. Did it mean nothing to you? he says take it as a joke. You joked with me and I did one too. She says I have lived with thoughts of your love all my life, my every heartbeat says your name. He says you donated me so what else should I call it. She shouts at him to stop. She is in tears. I can understand you are angry. You don’t listen to anyone when you are angry. You would come to me later to apologise. What you are going to do today cannot be changed. You don’t understand. Leave it. he says you call it your self-respect and when I do it you call it my stubbornness. He refuses to call it a small thing. what do you want? You can donate me and expect me not to react? I am not a toy. You cannot throw it away for your self-respect. I am a human being. I do get hurt and angry. She asks him if he will destroy three lives because of his anger. He blames her for ruining him already. You used me and threw me away from you. You know what such a girl is called? Selfish, clever, opportunist and uncaring for favours! She slaps him. Everyone is stunned.
She shows him her vermilion, bangles and the colours he gave her. what will you call it? What should I do with it? He suggests her to think of it as a donation. It is your choice. You can keep or remove it as you wish. I have no rights on you so I will not force you to do anything. I free you from this vermilion! He asks the Registrar to make an entry in name of Sagar Chaturvedi and Janvi Mishra. We are marrying right now. We will be called husband and wife after today. Ratan smirks. He tells Janvi to think once and for all or I can free you too. She is ready for it. Amma ji calls it wrong. I will tell Niru. Madhvi tells her to let it happen. Sagar has lost his senses right now. If he gains it then we will never be able to separate him from Ganga. Sagar and JAnvi do the legal formalities and exchange garlands. Sagar holds Janvi’s hand. Ganga looks hurt.
Niru wakes up and finds little Ganga sitting by his side, caressing his head. She gets up to go as he wakes up but he stops her. I have to talk to you. She asks him to leave her hand. there is nothing left to say. He knows she is upset with him. She reasons that you get upset with your loved ones. You took that right away. why should I be upset when I lost the right? He says you should understand me. She says you played a game with me. you should have understood it that Ganga can do anything but not compromise with her self-respect. I thought my Babu neither does wrong with anyone else nor let it happens but you broke my trust. My trust broke but not my will. I wont give in to anything till I am strong. About your favours and pity, I paid you back by returning Sagar back to you, that too with interest. We are even now. Say now, who won? He tells her not to make him small. She says you are always big for me, just like my Bappa. If you think you have become small then you should yourself find the reason. He wakes up saying Ganga.
Precap: Janvi asks Sagar to put vermilion in her forehead. He is about to do so but stops. What did I do? I got angry and took such a big step. He says Ganga.

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