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Iron Lady Update on Thursday 30th August 2018


Rishi asserts that he wanted Indira to re-buy Sharma Niwas. He adds that he had no other option but to seek Munna’s help. Rishi further adds that if he would have not sought Munna’s help, she would have never been able to re-buy the house. Indira gets furious when Munna accuses her of betraying him. She threatens to throw Munna out of the house, if he continued to accuse her. The family gets furious whenIndira asserts that she was the owner of Sharma Niwas and had the right to decide who would stay with her in the house. Indira goes to Inder’s room and starts packing his bag. On enquiring, Kutumb learns thatIndira has decided to throw Inder out of the house. 

Kutumb does not oppose Indira, instead helps her in packing Inder’s luggage. Meanwhile Inder returns home from the police station. He gets worried on learning Indira’s decision of throwing him out of the house. Inder requests Indira to change her decision but fails. After Indira throws Inder out of Sharma Niwas, she warns him not to return to her house. Inder pleads to Indira but she does not forgive him. Next morning, Indira goes out for an interview. Rishi too has an interview. He waits in a garden as he still has one more hour for the interview. While waiting, Rishi falls asleep. After some time, Indira arrives near the same garden and calls up Rishi to enquire about his whereabouts. 

Rishi wakes up startled as he failed to go for the interview as he was fast asleep. When Indira asks Rishi whether he managed to find a job, Rishi lies to her that he was discussing the terms and conditions with the company’s managing director. Munna finds Ishaan upset on his birthday and asks the reason. Munna gets angry on learning that Indira had promised to purchase shoes for Ishaan but failed. He further learnsthat Indira has not wished Ishaan on his birthday. Kutumb pacifies Ishaan and gives him hopes that Indirawould purchase new shoes for him, after she finds a job. Ishaan questions Kutumb when Indira would find a job and give him gifts. At that time a lady arrives at Sharma Niwas and assures to gift Ishaan Munna gets surprised when Inder’s sister, Dulari visits his house. Dulari assures to gift Ishaan on his birthday. On her way home, Indira purchases a pair of shoes for Ishaan as she had promised to gift him on his birthday At Sharma Niwas, the family celebrates Ishaan’s birthday. 

Meanwhile, Indira returns home and gets surprised on seeing the arrangements made for Ishaan’s birthday party. Indira too had brought birthday cake for Ishaan. Indira further gets surprised on learning that Dulari has visited their house and that she had organized the party. Indira gets upset when one of Ishaan’s friends dashes her and drops the cake. Dulari mocks Indira for purchasing a small cake. Indirarecollects the moment wherein Dulari supported Inder to marry Jhumpa and stopped Indira from changing Inder’s decision. NEXT EPISODE

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