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Jhansi Ki Rani Episode 407--409 Update on Wednesday 1st August 2018


Laxmibai states that even though Gangadhar Rao was no more, she has dedicated her life to her dead husband and also to fulfill his responsibilities, mainly to safeguard the kingdom of Jhansi. The king of Modh informs Rajmata that marriage for Yuvraj would have to wait as he would be busy in a legal case. Lord Canning is surprised when Yuvraj informs him that he would assist Captain Hatch in the trial of Mangal Pandey, scheduled for April 6. 

Yuvraj assures the governor general that the revolutionary would be given death sentence. At the Jhansi palace, Laxmibai and her ministers are shocked when Karma informs them about Mangal Pandey's trial at Barrackpore. Laxmibai believes the British were trying to suppress Indians and decides to rescue Mangal Pandey. Meanwhile, Nelson plans to nab Rana Bankura. He shares his plans with Robert Hamilton: once Rose learns about the prince of Modh heading for Barrackpore with the evidence against Mangal Pandey, she would inform Laxmibai. Laxmibai, according to Nelson, would surely disguise as Rana Bankura and try to steal the evidence. 

As expected by Nelson, Laxmibai believes what Rose informs her. On the one hand, while Rana Bankura along with Karma plan to steal the evidence from the prince of Modh, on the other hand Nelson along with his soldiers lie in wait for Rana Bankura. Will Nelson succeed in capturing Laxmibai? Rana Bankura tells Karma that they must steal evidence from the British lawyer to prevent it from being produced at Mangal Pandey's trial. Meanwhile at the Jhansi fort, the subjects of Jhansi praise Jhalkari, who is disguised as Laxmibai. In jail, Mangal Pandey laments the fact that he would not be able to witness the downfall of the British empire. Karma and Rana Bankura's attempt to steal the evidence is thwarted on seeing Nelson marching at the head of his army. Karma suspects Nelson wants to capture Laxmibai. While on his way to Barrackpore, Yuvraj's horse carriage meets with an accident. Rana Bankura orders Karma to steal the evidence from the British lawyer when the carriage stops. Laxmibai is unaware that the Prince of Modh is the lawyer heading for Barrackpore. After asking Karma to steal the documents, Rana Bankura decides to ascertain the identity of the Indian who was traveling in the coach. Near the lake, Yuvraj looks at Manikarnika's pendent and is lost in her thoughts. As soon as a thorn pricks him he throws the pendent. Later, Laxmibai dressed as a commoner, gives the pendent to Yuvraj. She learns from him that he is in India to locate his childhood love. The Prince leaves after learning that the coach was ready. Nelson meets Yuvraj and informs him that Lord Canning had assigned him for his security. Laxmibai, disguised as a commoner, tries to kill the British lawyer. She is left startled not only when Nelson's army surrounds her but also when she realizes that the stranger whom she had met the previous night is the British lawyer. Will Laxmibai manage to escape? In the previous episode, Laxmibai was surrounded by BRITISH. Karma disguises himself as a commoner and tells the soldiers that his sister was mentally unstable and prone to get violent on seeing British officer. Yuvraj gets convinced and allows Karma and Laxmibai to leave. Karma is stunned on learning that prince of Modh would lead the prosecution during the trial of Mangal Pandey. Yuvraj and Nelson continue their journey for Barrackpore. The king of Modh follows the Yuvraj and Nelson. On their way, Rana Bankura and Karma attack Yuvraj's carriage. Rana Bankura comes face to face with Yuvraj and warns not to spare a traitor like him. Yuvraj and Rana Bankura engage in a sword fight. Rana Bankura throws Yuvraj off a cliff. The King of Modh and Nelson too reaches the spot. Nelson fires at Rana Bankura but hits the king of Modh. Karma and Rana Bankura take advantage of the situation and escape. The dying king tells Yuvraj that he must accept his responsibilities towards Modh. Blaming Rana Bankura for his father's death, the Prince vows to make him pay for his crime.

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