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Jhansi Ki Rani Episode 413--415 Update on Friday 3rd August 2018


Laxmibai fails to find evidence against Mangal Pandey in Yuvraj's bag. Laxmibai realizes that she had been tricked by Nelson who had also used his wife Rose to achieve his objective. The kingdom of Modh plunges into gloom on learning about their king's demise. Yuvraj promises Rajmata that he won't spare his father's killer. 

Laxmibai also arrives at the conclusion that Nelson had shot the king of Modh to trigger enmity between Modh and Jhansi as she would be blamed for the death of king of Modh. After cremating the king, Rajmata, Gayatri and the ministers are stunned when Yuvraj vows not to ascend the thrown until he put to death his father's assassin. 

Yuvraj decides to leave for Barrackpore after learning from Nelson that Rana Bankura did not want him to participate in the trial of Mangal Pandey. Laxmibai too decides to leave for Barrackpore after learning that Mangal Pandey has been awarded death sentence. As Laxmibai feared, Nelson plans to foment trouble between Modh and Jhansi by revealing the true identity of Rana Bankura. 

After learning that Karma had infiltrated the British army, Nelson Yuvraj about it. The prince of Modh believes it would be easy for them to capture the bandit. Yuvraj learns from Nelson that Rana Bankura has been harassing East India Company and was also responsible for blinding him in one eye. 

Laxmibai makes plans to rescue Mangal Pandey Karma overhears Yuvraj and Nelson's conversation that Mangal Pandey would be hanged at Chirgaon. Karma informs Rana Bankura who in turn passes on the message to Tatya Tope that Mangal Pandey will be hanged at Chirgaon instead of Barrackpore. Tatya Tope and Rana Bankura decide to attack British carriages heading for Chirgaon. Karma learns about British planning to arrest Rana Bankura and decides to help. 

However his plan is foiled when he is caught escaping. Rana Bankura leads her men in a daring attack on the British. Rana Bankura heads for a carriage which is transporting Mangal Pandey to Chrigaon. Rana Bankura is surprised when she is handcuffed by Yuvraj. Rana Bankura learns that it was all a sham mounted by the British to capture her. 

Rana Bankura plunges into grief after learning that all her attempts have been in vain as Mangal Pandey was headed for the gallows. Mangal Pandey was hanged by the East India Company on April 8, 1857   Tatya Tope is shot by Nelson. When Yuvraj threatens Rana Bankura that she would meet the same fate, Rana Bankura blames Yuvraj for Mangal Pandey's death. 

The prince calls him a traitor; however, Rana Bankura defends Mangal Pandey. Before Rana Bankura can reveal the truth to Yuvraj, Nelson knocks him unconscious. Tatya Tope gains consciousness but is unable to rescue Rana Bankura because of his injury. 

Nanasaheb Peshwa is surprised when he sees Nelson along with Yuvraj. On inquiring with the prince, Nanasaheb Peshwa learns that he has imprisoned Rana Bankura. Rana Bankura is amazed to see Nanasaheb Peshwa along with Yuvraj. Will Nanasaheb Peshwa join Laxmibai?

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