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Jhansi Ki Rani Episode 419--421 Update on Monday 6th August 2018


Ghaus Khan asks Tatya Tope to wait for the opportune time to rescue Laxmibai. Laxmibai is hurt when Nanasaheb Peshwa fails to defend her and instead accuses her of misusing her powers as the queen of Jhansi. Tatya Tope is furious on hearing Nanasaheb's comments but at the insistence of Ghaus Khan decides to wait for the right time. 

Nanasaheb accuses Laxmibai of belittling the status of the queen of Jhansi. When the Rajmata of Modh alleges that Laxmibai was behind the murder of Gangadhar Rao, Laxmibai bursts into tears. She laments that her own compatriots had betrayed her. Nelson tries to instigate Laxmibai against Nanasaheb and others. Ladai Sarkar believes Laxmibai will die of heartache on seeing her on Jhansi's throne. Nelson promises to make Jhansi a part of Ladai Sarkar's kingdom once she captures Jhansi. 

Tatya Tope commands his soldiers to follow Ladai Sarkar's carriage and wait for an opportune time to rescue Laxmibai. Laxmibai prays to Goddess Durga to help her in saving her kingdom. Will Laxmibai be able to save Jhansi? Ladai Sarkar, Nelson and Nanasaheb Peshwa march towards Jhansi. Laxmibai, in chains, is dragged towards her kingdom. 

Tatya Tope and his comrades follow Ladai Sarkar and her army. Laxmibai has to endure severe physical pain. Tatya Tope and Ghaus Khan are shocked to see Laxmibai's state. On the way to Jhansi, Ladai Sarkar and her army stop at a temple. The queen of Orcha promises to sacrifice Laxmibai's life once she is crowned the queen of Jhansi. The physical hardships prove too much for Laxmibai and she faints. However, Nelson suggests dragging the queen all the way to Jhansi. 

Tatya Tope and his comrades fume in anger at the disrespect of their queen. Tatya Tope fears the consequences would be disastrous if Ladai Sarkar and Nelson manage to enter Jhansi fort and he along with Raghunath rushes towards the citadel. Tatya Tope and Raghunath fail in their endeavor as Moropant opens the gates at Nanasaheb Peshwa's command. On seeing Ladai Sarkar and Nelson along with and Nanasaheb Peshwa, Moropant and Pradhan Mantri are left stunned. 

He is left speechless when he not only sees Laxmibai's condition but also when Ladai Sarkar declares she is the new queen of Jhansi. When Moropant begs for Laxmibai's life, Nelson kicks him. On seeing Moropant in pain, Laxmibai warns Nelson that he would soon meet his end. Will Laxmibai be able to save Jhansi? Tatya Tope duels with Nanasaheb Peshwa but escapes just before Nelson could enter the chamber. 

A despondent Tatya Tope asks Raghunath, Jhalkari Bai and Ghaus Khan not to consider Nanasaheb Peshwa as part of their freedom struggle. He decides to do something to rescue Laxmibai. Ladai Sarkar regrests her act and apologizes for her behavior towards Laxmibai. Laxmibai quickly forgives Ladai Sarkar. Ladai Sarkar is surprised when Tatya Tope arrives with Jhalkari Bai. Jhalkari Bai takes Laxmibai's place in the prison.   

Part-2 In the April 3 episode of Jhansi Ki Rani aired on Zee TV, Nelson orders preparations for the execution of Laxmibai. Nelson checks the strength of the rope by putting it around his own neck. Just then Damodar pulls the handle and the noose tightens around Nelson's neck. When Nelson tries to hurt Damodar, Nanasaheb Peshwa tells him that every kid in Jhansi is against the British so instead of killing the kid he must kill the revolutionary.  To avoid more revolutionaries in the kingdom of Jhansi, Nelson not only orders soldiers to forcefully bring young children and pregnant woman but also asks Nanasaheb Peshwa to carry out their execution. 

A soldier is shocked to see Laxmibai outside the palace and just before he could shoot her, Nanasaheb Peshwa kills him. Tatya Tope and Laxmibai refuse to believe Nanasaheb Peshwa's loyalty. Just then the man who had helped Tatya Tope in rescuing Laxmibai enters. It is later revealed that the man is none other than Tatya Tope's student, Mohan Singh. Nanasaheb Peswa states that Mohan Singh had helped in carrying out his plans. Nanasaheb Peshwa reveals that though he was siding with the British, in reality, he was preparing for the freedom struggle. Laxmibai apologizes to Nanasaheb Peshwa. Will Nelson learn about Laxmibai and Tatya Tope's plans?   Nanasaheb Peshwa tells Laxmibai and Tatya Tope about Nelson's orders to execute all newborn babies and pregnant woman. In order to save the children, Laxmibai asks Nanasaheb Peshwa to continue his association with the British. 

Nelson is confident about his victory; so he hires a painter to portray his picture. He also issues a note to the Bundelkhand residency stating that revolutionaries will meet their end if they dared go against the British. A pall of gloom descends on Jhansi after soldiers start acting on Nelson's order. 

Nanasaheb Peshwa tells Nelson that he wants to keep Damodar along with him so that he could use him if the situation would turn against them. Just when Jhalkari Bai is about to be hanged, Nanasaheb Peshwa stops the executioner and reveals that the woman behind the veil is not Laxmibai. As soon as Nelson orders his soldiers to execute every woman in the kingdom, Bithoor's soldiers attack the British soldiers. Realizing that he had lost the battle, Nelson begs forgiveness from Laxmibai and her comrades. Outside Jhansi's territory, the women and the children of Jhansi surround Nelson. Sitting on an elephant's back, Laxmibai tramples Nelson to death. Will Laxmibai succeed in driving the British away?

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