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Jhansi Ki Rani Episode 437--438 Update on Tuesday 14th August 2018


Robert Hamilton flees with Damodar when Laxmibai storms the commissionary. Laxmibai manages to rescue Damodar. Robert Hamilton, meanwhile, flees seeing his death near. 

Laxmibai ties Damodar on her back and goes after Robert Hamilton in hot pursuit. Robert Hamilton manages to injure Laxmibai; however, she continues to chase him. Laxmibai manages to bring nab Robert Hamilton and hangs him from a tree. 

Capt Hugh Rose watches secretly as Laxmibai and others burn Robert Hamilton's body. When an Indian soldier suggests abandoning the idea of capturing Laxmibai since it had met with repeated failures, they always suffered defeat, Capt Hugh Rose shoots him. Capt Hugh Rose believes the British had to change their technique to defeat Laxmibai. 

He decides to create hatred against Laxmibai among her subjects. Laxmibai, Moropant and others are worried when Damodar faints. Laxmibai is alarmed after Damodar faints. 

The Queen learns that the prince had suffered head injuries  Laxmibai learns about mob laying siege outside the residence of the Missionaries for collaborating with the East India Company. 

Ghaus Khan has a tough time stopping the mob from storming the Missionary. Damodar regains consciousness and an ecstatic Laxmibai asks maids to distribute sweets among the subjects. 

However, Laxmibai's happiness is short-lived as she learns to her horror that Damodar has lost his voice. The subjects of Jhansi get furious on learning about Damodar's tragedy. It enrages them further. 

Moropant intervenes and dissuades the mob from storming the Missionaries' residence. He asks them to pray for the Prince's recovery and offers reward to anyone who helped Damodar recover. 

Moropant commands Ghaus Khan to escort the missionaries to a safe place. Subjects deliberate on ways to help Damodar recover and come to the conclusion that Laddi could be of help.

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