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Jhansi Ki Rani Episode 439--440 Update on Wednesday 15th August 2018


Laddi learns about the summons from the palace to help Damodar recover  Laxmibai is despondent and shares her worries with Gangadhar Rao. 

Laxmibai regrets having failed to take proper care of Damodar. However, Laxmibai reiterates her resolve to see Damodar ascend the throne of Jhansi. 

Capt Hugh Rose plans to foment trouble against Laxmibai by turning the subjects against the Queen. A furious crowd confronts Ghaus Khan and Raghunath when they escort the missionaries to a safe place. 

Ghaus Khan is surprised to see Bakshish Ali among the crowd. Ghaus Khan tells Raghunath Rao that Bakshish Ali was employed with the British but turned against them when his family was annihilated by the British. Bakshish Ali, Ghaus Khan reveals had helped him too once. 

Bakshish Ali tries to instigate Ghaus Khan to put the English to death. Bakshish holds the missionaries responsible for Damodar's condition. 

Raghunath appeals for better reason and asks the crowd to respect Laxmibai's decision. An English doctor comes to treat Damodar. However, Laxmibai is reminded of Gangadhar Rao's refusal to be treated by an English doctor. 

Laxmibai refuses the English doctor to treat Damodar Laxmibai reveals how she had lost trust in the English. 

Laxmibai prays some Indian would come forward to help improve Damodar's condition Laxmibai's prayers are answered when Laddi comes to meet her. Laddi enacts a skit to make Damodar happy. 

Damodar smiles after seeing the skit and Laxmibai rewards Laddi handsomely. Laxmibai also asks Laddi to stay at the palace. Bakshish Ali leads an enraged crowd and demands to meet the Laxmibai. 

When soldiers stop the mob, it turns violent. Moropant informs Laxmibai that the subjects wanted to know Laxmibai's decision about the missionaries. 

Laxmibai asks Moropant that the missionaries will have to go if the subjects had problems in their stay in Jhansi. 

However, no missionary would be harmed till they were in Jhansi, Laxmibai declares. Capt Hugh Rose believes he can exploit the opportunity to counter Laxmibai.

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