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Jhansi Ki Rani Episode 441--442 Update on Thursday 16th August 2018


 Laxmibai decides to provide a safe passage to the missionaries and warns that anyone trying to harm them inside Jhansi will be punished for opposing royal decree. 

Laxmibai hands over her written order to Moropant. Damodar manages to get hold of the order and runs away with it. Damodar collides with a pillar and faints. 

The order rolls away from his hands and is confiscated by an unidentified person. The unidentified person replaces Laxmibai's letter with another one. 

Moropant is alarmed to see Damodar unconscious. He believes the English doctor will help Damodar recover fast and seeks Laddi's help. 

Laddi promises to help Moropant and secretly meets the English doctor. Ghaus Khan receives the letter purportedly written by Laxmibai. Laddi learns about the English conspiracy to kill the missionaries to foment trouble in Jhansi. 

Ghaus Khan is shocked when he reads that Laxmibai had asked him to put the missionaries to death. Prime Minister Narsinh Rao and Raghunath Rao are shocked. 

Both leave to consult the queen while Ghaus Khan guards the missionaries. Using the opportunity, Bakshish Ali attacks Ghaus Khan. Laxmibai learns about the conspiracy. 

Laddi informs Laxmibai about British conspiracy  Before her shock can subside, Laxmibai is shocked to learn that the contents of her letter had been changed from Raghunath Rao and Narsinh Rao. 

Ghaus Khan has a tough time defending the English missionaries from Bakshish Ali. Ghaus Khan asks Bakshish Ali to wait for the Queen's arrival. 

British shoot the missionaries. Ghaus is injured by Bakshish Ali. By the time Laxmibai arrives, the British are successful in murdering the missionaries. 

Laxmibai suspects Hugh Rose's hand in the whole episode. Queen Victoria gloats at her success in murdering the missionaries and foisting the blame on Laxmibai. 

Laxmibai asks Raghunath Rao to convene the court. Meanwhile, Moropant with the help of Laddi tries to get Damodar to drink the medicine prescribed by the English doctor. 

Moropant is unaware that the doctor is also part of British conspiracy and was working for Hugh Rose.

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