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Jhansi Ki Rani Episode 444--445 Update on Friday 17th August 2018


Moropant tries to administer the medicine prescribed by the English doctor to Damodar. Laxmibai arrives in the nick of time and prevents Manohar from offering it to Damodar. 

Laxmibai is furious at Moropant and Laddi. Moropant absolves Laddi of all blame and confesses she was working at his orders. When the court convenes, Laxmibai asks her courtiers to write down their thoughts. 

Unknown to the courtiers, Laxmibai wanted to find out the culprit who had changed her orders and issued the order which resulted in the murder of the missionaries. 

Laxmibai's endeavor fails as the handwriting of none of the courtiers matches with the one on the royal order. Raghunath Rao accuses Rao Dulaju and asks Laxmibai to arrest him. 

Rao Dulaju in turn blames Moropant as he was the custodian of the royal seal. Moropant is pained when Laxmibai declares no one was above suspicion. 

Laxmibai believes the conspirators were still inside the fort. Her suspicions come true when it is revealed that the conspirators were planning to foment further trouble. 

Who are the conspirators? an unidentified man throws the order dictated by Laxmibai regarding the fate of the missionaries. Chima Bai tries to track the man, however, gets scared on seeing his footprints stained with blood. 

On hearing Chima Bai's scream Laxmibai and others members rush to her. Laxmibai questions Moropant regarding the order. Chima Bai shows Laxmibai the footprints of the man to prove Moropant's innocence.

 Rao Dulaju points out that the man had six toes. Laxmibai suspects her courtiers and asks them to show their feet. Moropant, Raghunath Rao and Rao Dulaju try to convince her against suspecting her courtiers.

 A furious Laxmibai reveals she felt miserable since the day of the big battle was coming closer and she had doubts about her trusted men. Laxmibai prays to Lord Durga to give her courage. 

Laxmibai refuses to speak to Moropant as she suspected him too. Nanasaheb Peshwa believes Capt Hugh Rose had to be stopped from attacking Jhansi. 

He along with Tatya Tope decides to attack Capt Hugh Rose with the help of soldiers sympathetic to their cause. Will Laxmibai be able to find the traitor?

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