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Jhansi Ki Rani Episode 448--450 Update on Tuesday 21st August 2018


Capt Hugh Rose surrounds Laxmibai and tells her how he had trapped her. Capt Hugh Rose mocks Laxmibai by revealing that the spy was inside the palace itself. 

Laxmibai finally infers that Laddi was the spy. Laxmibai tries to flee and in the process gets injured. Meanwhile Karma and Kali lead a troop of tribals to rescue the queen. 

Despite being injured Laxmibai fights bravely. Karma and Kali too put up their best efforts and fight against the British. Despite being injured, Laxmibai manages to make the British army flee. Capt Hugh Rose is left fuming as he watches his plan getting destroyed. 

At Jhansi, Chimna Bai and Moropant are shocked when they learn about Laxmibai's death. Damodar too cries in pain after learning about Laxmibai's death.  Laddi believes that she will be rewarded extra if she kills Damodar. 

Laddi sends a message to Capt Hugh Rose informing him about Laxmibai's death. She also reveals her plan to kill Damodar. After receiving Laddi's message, Capt Hugh Rose along with his army leaves for Jhansi. 

While grieving about Laxmibai's demise, Moropant and the courtiers panic when Damodar is found missing. Capt Hugh Rose receives a coffin as promised by Laddi. However, the British official is horrified to discover Laddi's corpse in the coffin. 

From the ramparts of Jhansi fort, Laxmibai tells Capt Hugh Rose that Laddi committed suicide after she was discovered. She adds that Kali nursed and helped her recover. . Laxmibai later reveals that Damodar is with Kali. 

Laxmibai gives another shocking news to Capt Hugh Rose: Nanasaheb Peshwa and Tatya Tope had captured the Kanpur Commissionary. 

Laxmibai resolves to catch Laddi's accomplice within 12 hours. After Laddi's death, Balwa doesn't find any motive to stay in Jhansi and so he packs his bags to leave from the kingdom. 

Karma finds Laddi's love letter in Balwa's room and discovers that Balwa was Laddi's accomplice and plan to nab him before he left the kingdom. Will Laxmibai manage to nab Balwa? Laxmibai searches for Kalwa However, Laxmibai fails to find him and learns that he had escaped from the fort. 

Laxmibai along with Ghaus Khan, Raghunath Rao, Karma and others search for Kalwa. Kalwa ends his life and his body is found hanging from a tree. After Kalwa's death, Laxmibai believes British spies have been eliminated. 

Laxmibai makes plans to secure Jhansi against the British. However, Raghunath Rao objects to Rao Dulaju being assigned critical responsibilities for the defense of the fort. Rao Dulaju takes offence and decides to prove his prowess. 

Rao Dulaju defeats Rahunath Rao in a duel. Laxmibai stops Rao Dulaju from slaying Raghunath Rao and declares that her orders won't change. 

Laxmibai is wrong in believing that British spies have been eliminated. Rao Dulaju continues to work for Laxmibai's downfall. 

Under the guise of being a cripple, Rao Dulaju had selectively targetted Karma, Ghaus Khan and Raghunath Rao and injured them to reduce their strength. 

Will Laxmibai learn about Rao Dulaju's treachery?

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