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Jhansi Ki Rani Episode 454--456 on Thursday 23rd August 2018


Kali along with the woman's army joins Laxmibai in fighting the British army. Unaware of their huge strength, Laxmibai and the women's army take on the British. Karma is alarmed on seeing the British strength. 

Laxmibai is shocked and furious on seeing her fallen soldiers. Undeterred Laxmibai fights on. Karma warns Laxmibai of the British reinforcements. 

Realizing that it was futile to take on the numerically superior British, Laxmibai along with her army commanders rushes inside the palace. 

Laxmibai makes a daring attempt to save Damodar. Meanwhile, the British army hoists the East India Company's flag inside the Jhansi fort. Kashi succumbs to injuries. 

Before dying, she apologizes to Laxmibai for failing in her duties. At Laxmibai's command, Ghaus Khan fires his cannons at the British. However, Ghaus Khan fails to kill Capt Hugh Rose. 

Raghunath informs Laxmibai that cannons have been rendered useless. Ghaus Khan suspects Rao Dulaju had tampered with it. Laxmibai orders Ghaus Khan to fix the cannons. 

Rao Dulaju tells Capt Hugh Rose that he had rendered the canons useless. To ensure the safety of Capt Hugh Rose and his army, Rao Dulaju asks them to seek shelter in a mausoleum. 

Ghaus Khan refuses to fire at the British army. Laxmibai watches the spectacle unfold helplessly. Laxmibai hears Chimna Bai's cries and on investigating, finds Chimna Bai undergoing labor. 

Laxmibai is horrified when she spots Ghaush Khan charging at the British with a cannon. Ghaus Khan charges at the British hiding inside the mausoleum  When a canon develops a hole, Laxmibai warns Ghaus Khan against setting light to it. 

However, Ghaus Khan hugs the canon and fires it. Ghaus Khan gets severely wounded in the explosion. 

Laxmibai drags a severely injured Ghaus Khan inside the palace fearing that Capt Hugh Rose would capture him. However, Ghaus Khan breathes his last. 

Will Laxmibai save Jhansi?

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