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Jhansi Ki Rani Episode 457--459 Update on Friday 24th August 2018


After Ghaus Khan's death, Laxmibai resolves not to allow his sacrifice to go waste  Rao Dulaju asks Capt Hugh Rose not to worry since Laxmibai did not have cannon balls to fire upon the British army. 

Moreover, Jhansi army did not know how to manufacture explosives. Capt Hugh Rose worries as his strength had been depleted and his army was severely short of ammunition. 

To add to his alarm, Capt Hugh Rose learns that Capt Clark's battalion would take time to reach Jhansi. As Laxmibai and others perform Ghaus Khan's funeral rites, Karma and Kali keep the British at bay. 

Rao Dulaju takes the chance and plants explosives inside the fort's granary. Laxmibai's smells something burning and rushes towards the granary. 

Laxmibai's attempt to stop the fire is proved futile when the explosive planted by Rao Dulaju explodes. Rao Dulaju assures Capt Hugh Rose that with the food stocks gone, Jhansi army will die of starvation. Will Laxmibai manage to save Jhansi? 

Laxmibai continues to face problems one after the other  Even before she could douse the flames in the granary, Laxmibai is alarmed to see that the British have adulterated the stock of potable water inside the fort. 

After the food stockpile was gutted in the fire, Laxmibai feels helpless to feed the citizens. With the British continuing the siege, all routes for food supplies to enter the fort have been blocked. 

As the situation deteriorates, Chimna Bai berates Moropant for failing to leave the fort when she had asked him to. 

Laxmibai has some relief when Chimna Bai agrees to stand up with her. Laxmibai gets a ray of hope when Raghunath informs her that traders had managed to sneak into the fort with stockpile of foodgrains. 

When the sack is opened, Laxmibai finds the body of the trader inside with a note attached to it. Laxmibai learns that the British had looted the foodgrains to ensure the citizens to die of starvation. 

While the Jhansi camp plunges into gloom, Capt Hugh Rose, Rao Dulaju and the British celebrate. Will Laxmibai save Jhansi? 

Laxmibai's worries increase after news of British reinforcements arriving for Capt Hugh Rose's help reaches her  However, relief comes when Laxmibai learns about the arrival of Tatya Tope with his army to break the siege of Jhansi fort. 

With morale at an all time low, Laxmibai exhorts her army and subjects not to lose hope and fight the British. 

Tatya Tope plans to use the route through the jungle to reach Jhansi fast and break the siege. Captain Mac learns about Tatya Tope's plan. 

When starvation leads to deaths, Laxmibai recalls Chimna Bai's warning that situation would get out of hand if Tatya Tope fails to reach the fort in time. 

Narsinh Rao warns Laxmibai that they would have to leave the fort if Tatya Tope failed to reach in TIME.  

Captain Mac's army surrounds TatyaTope in the jungle. 

Will Tatya Tope be able to save Jhansi? 

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