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Kuch Rang Episode 191--192 Update on Monday 13th August 2018


Sona fights with Dev that he is mamma’s boy. Ishwari enters and asks what is mamma’s boy. Dev says nothing. Ishwari says it must be something. Sona tells her that she is doing this for Dev’s goodness, Dev needs to be independent and not take mama’s help. Ishwari says what is wrong in helping her son. Sona says it was, but cannot continue like this. Ishwari says taking care of Dev’s needs is her responsibility. Sona says even she stays in this room now, Dev works so hard at office, then why is he so lazy at home. Ishwari’s it is their problem and she cannot understand.
Asha sees Sona’s childhood frock bitten by rat and shouts. Daadi says how dare rat is to spoil her granddaughter’s dress. Asha asks Bejoy to bring
rat trap. Bejoy says she is right, if Sona comes, she will tell food is not hygeinic and will complain.
Dev apologizes Sona. Sona says she wants to make his special day more special and did not want to fight, they should forget this fight and should promise they will not fight again. Dev says she is right, what is today’s plan. She says she is eagerly waiting for his birthday more than she did for her birthday. He says he loving the love, he is very excited to spend his birthday night with him. They both hug.
Bejoy’s family discuss what to keep for rat and tempt him to get into trap. Bejoy taunts Souraav as usual. Their nok jhok and jokes continue.
Ishwari cooks in kitchen angrily. GKB Radha comes and asks what happened, what is she hiding. Ishwari says Sona…forget it. GKB says one should not hide problems, if she does not tell, she will ask Sona what she did now. Ishwari says no need, she will be fine if she takes rest, she does not want to spoil Dev’s birthday. GKB says as her wish. Ishwari asks what mamma’s boy means. GKB asks what bai..Ishwari says it is okay.
Rhea and Nikki prepare hand made greetin card for Dev and joke. Nikki asks what she is gifting Dev. Neha says she is surprised how Sona will leave Dev alone tomorrow after 12 a.m., she does not part ways with bhai at all, if she can, she will run away with Dev even tomorrow. Nikki says bhabi is so cool, she never does that. Neha yells she is very young and will not understand.
Bejoy’s family searches rat and Bejoy scolds Sourav to search rat. Sona comes and asks what are they searching. Family gets tensed, Bejoy hides rat trap behind him and acts as cleaning house. Sona sees rat rat and panics and asks Asha to get food items out soon. Asha finds rat and shows it to everyone. San says it is so cute, they will not kill it. Bejoy says they will not an dasks Sourav to capture it. Sourav captures rat in towel and says he caught it finally. Family’s drama continues.
Ishwari contiues preparing Dev’s favorite dishes. Radha munching dry fruits and badmouths about Sona that Ishwari is preparing ghee halwa for Dev, but Sona will try to stop Dev. She is sure sona has planned something secretly for Dev. Ishwari says why she is thinking wrong. GKB says she is telling right, Ishwari may waste her energy preparing halwa for Dev and Sona takes Dev away.
Sourav and Bejoy work on laptop. Sona says she needs to prepare presentation for Dev’s birthday. Sourav says they are doing same and shows Dev and Sona’s marriage pics. Sona says it is not that good. Bejoy says he prepared it. Their discussion continues.
Ishwari asks Nikki what mama’s boy means. She tells one who loves mother a lot and does not do anything without her permission. Ishwari feels angry.
Sona waits for Dev outside a hotel and calls him repeateldy. Dev gets ready at home and is about to leave when Ishwari stops him and says she has made a lot of arrangements for his birthday and he cannot go out. He says birthday is tomorrow. She says so what, he should spend time with family till then. Dev gets tensed seeing Sona’s calls repeatedly.
Precap: Ishwari tells Dev that he was born at 12:03 a.m. and she will perform his aarti same time. Sona sees car coming and scolds who will make his wife wait for so long, but driver comes out of car.
Dev gets ready and walks towards door to meet Sona at a restaurant. Ishwari stops her and asks if he is going somewhere, family has planned his birthday celebrations here. He sees his sisters, mamaji, GKB, etc. dancing and enjoying and tells Ishwari if family is celebrating, then he will not go out. Sona calls him and he gets tensed. Sona waits for Dev outside a restaurant eagerly. She gets a call and thinks it is Dev asks where is he. Asha speaks and asks if Dev Babu did not come yet and asks her to get int hotel. Sona says Dev must be coming anytime and she will wait outside. Her phone battery drains out and it switches off. She asks someone to give his phone, but he does not. She continue waiting for Dev outside restaurant.
Dev stands tensed. Ishwari comes
and says she was also reborn as a mother when he was born and she is eagerly waiting for 12:03 a.m. to perform his aarti. She goes to kitchen to bring something. Mamaji sees Dev tensed and asks what happened. Dev tells him that he and Sona had decided that they will spend whole day with family, but night they will be together and enjoy a nice dinner at a restaurant, so Sona is waiting for him at restaurant. Mamaji asks then what is he doing here. Dev says maa. Mamaji says he should inform her and go, she will understand. Dev goes to kitchen. Ishwari says she prepared sweets for him and is eagerly waiting for 12:03 a.m. to perform his aarti. Dev goes back sadly. Asha calls him repeatedly, but his phone is away and she thinks why he is not picking call, must be on his way to restaurant. Dev then sends driver to pick Sona from restaurant.
Mamaji sitting on couch thinks Dev is stuck in a confusion, a man needs both mother and wife and sometimes he has to chose one more than other, poor Dev is stuck in a kasauti. Ishwari hears that and asks what kasauti. Mamaji says he said gehloti, he needs soya beans gehloti kabab. She says he would have told her before, she will prepare some other day and says Sona is not yet home, why she is taking so much time today. Mamaji says Dev sent driver to pick her.
Sona continues to wait for Dev outside restaurant. She sees Dev’s car coming and thinks she will scold birthday boy for coming late. Driver opens door and comes out and says Dev sir sent him to pick her back home. Sona sadly sits in car and asks what was Dev doing. Driver says his family is celebrating birthday and he was with them. Sona gets more sad.
Bose family celebrate Dev’s birthday with a cake. Surabh says thank god Sona is not here, else she would have insisted for sugarless cake. Asha jokes Dev’s family is so emotional. Bejoy says how can Ishwari show so many emotions at once, something is wrong with her. Asha says they should get Saurabh and Elena married in that house. Bejoy says if she thinks of that, he will go back to Kolkota, he cannot tolerate that family any more. Elena hears that and gets sad.
Sona takes driver’s phone and calls Asha. Asha asks if Dev came. Sona says Dev did not come at all. Asha asks her not to get disheartened, he will come. Sona disconnects call and cries. Bejoy asks Asha if she got her boyfriend’s call. Asha says hope it was, Sona had called. Bejoy says she would have give phone to him, he would have wished Dev. Asha says he was so irritated about Dev before marriage, now he is fond of Dev. Bejoy says Dev knows if he keeps Sona happy, he will be happy, else knows I will not spare him.
Dev sadly celebrates birthday with family. GKB Radha tells Neha that good Sona is not yet back, else she would not have let Dev with family and would have stick to him always. Neha says she is surprised why bhabi is not yet home, it is good anyways.
Precap: Sona reaches home and gets sad seeing Dev celebrating his birthday with his family.

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