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Kuch Rang Episode 195--196 Update on Wednesday 15th August 2018


Bejoy packs gift for Dev and asks Asha if it is good. Asha tells him that Dev is calling her aunty since 2 days. Bejoy says happens, he must be confused. She reminds how Dev had mingled with family so well and calling her maa and fed her food, may be he is right Dev is confused. Ishwari calls Bejoy and asks if he is coming for Dev’s birthday party tonight. Bejoy says why not, it is his nephew’s birthday. Ishwari says she she is Ishwari, Dev’s mother. He says he knnows, he knows and some children are going a wrong path and he will come and see what is happening. Asha says he would not have said like this. Bejoy says how to let it go. Daadi says he did right, how can Dev insult Asha.
Nikki taunts Rhea about Ayan. Ayan’s family comes to Dev’s
house for birthday party. They all start chatting. Ayan discusses with Dev that he had met him 4 years ago in a conference. Dev says he knew he had met him before and tells he is getting associated with some Andre Azure firm. Ayan says then he will follow even that firm along with Dev. Sona signals Dev repeatedly. Neha asks what is bhabhi doing. Neha says she does not understand this, wait and watch the drama next, she is eager. Ayan’s mother asks where is Ishwari. Nikki says she will call maa. Sona says she will call and signals at Dev. Dev thinks Sona is right, he should not call Asha as aunty. Bejoy family enters. Dev and Sona greet them. Bejoy wishes Dev and calls nephew. Radha says he is damad. Bejoy says if some relationships change, better to adapt them. Dev says maa can call children anything, calls Asha maa and touches her feet. Asha wishes him. Ishwari fumes in jealousy seeing this. Radha gets disappointed that her entertainment did not happen and Bose family is more intelligent than her.
Sona goes to kitchen. Dev enters and thanks her for understanding him and apologizes. She says he just thinks about his mother and not about others, Asha felt bad when he called her aunty. Dev apologizes and asks if he should hold his ears. She says yes. He raises hands, she says it is okay and says he should call Asha as maa repeatedly and fulfill devoid of 2 days. Ishwari watches everything from a distance. Once Dev leaves, Ishwari comes and asks Sona if she made anything for Dev. Sona says green tea icecream, if she can taste and tell whether Dev will like it. Ishwari says Dev gets sore throat if he eats icecream at night, so she should not give him ice cream now. Sona says so sweet, she still thinks Dev is a child, but he has grown up now and has left her pallu long ago.
Cake is brought. Everyone gather around cake. Radha asks Nikki if it does not have eggs. Nikki says good, she wants to keep a slice in front of god. Nikki says bhaiya feeds 1st slice to maa. Dev cuts cake, feeds Ishwari and then Sona. Sona applies cream on his face. Nikki says bhaiya resisted when she applied cream, but allowed bhabhi. Dev applies cream to Nikki, Rhea, and Sona again. Ishwari stands dumb stuck. Someone switches on light. Ishwari asks Kichu to cut remaining cake and serve it to everyone. She then starts a long speech and describes how a mother’s life is complete after a child is born, child-mother’s bonding, their dependency on each other and says what is Dev takes her help and she takes his helf, someone call him mama’s boy. Dev understands her emotions and she understands his emotions well. Sona feels bad seeig Ishwari pointing at her. Ishwari continues her speech. All 4 children hug Ishwari emotionally.
Precap: Sona checks Dev’s temperature and says he has 104 temperature, she will call doc. Ishwari enters and checks temperature and scolds Sona that she warne her not to give him icecream, but she did not listen.
During Dev’s birthday party, after dinner, Asha asks Bejoy why did he eat so much. Bejoy says he enjoyed food. Mamaji asks Bejoy if he enjoyed food. Bejoy says yes and says it is time for photo session. Nikki says she will click pics. Dev and Sona’s turn come and they stand at a distance. Nikki asks them to get closer, they are acting as if they are distant relatives. They click pic holding each other. Ishwari gets jealous. Radha taunts during their time, they used to feel shy if husband touches their finger, young generation is bold. Mamaji taunts they are not shy, but afraid. Bejoy taunts that some people are maami, sorry jealous. Radha gets jealous. Dev tells Sona that code red, blue, green, everything is declared at once. Sona says she has made
ice cream for Dev and asks Dev not to complain if he does not like it and goes to bring ice cream. Ishwari tells Dev that she prepared gulab jamoon for him, he should eat that and eat ice cream in the morning. Bejoy fumes hearing this.
Ayan goes out. Nikki takes Rhea forcefully saying someone came to meet her. Ayan is busy on his mobile. Nikki coughs and says even he must have seen hum apke hain kaun, but she likes ye jawani hai deewani type movie. Rhea asks if he is busy. Ayan says he was, but not now they can speak.
Vicky takes Elena aside holding her hand tightly. She resists to leave her. Sona while taking ice cream sees that and warns Vicky to leave Elena’s hand. He yells to show her power on her husband and not him. She warns again to leave Elena, else she knows how to correct him. He leaves and Elena leaves. Sona then serves icecream to Dev and everyone.
Ishwari fumes in her room and Radha brainwashes her against Sona that she was to shameless in front of everyone. Ishwari says few years ago, they used to celebrate Dev’s birthday so well with only family, even without money… Radha continues brainwashing. Ishwari ways she will go and check Dev once as he gets sore throat if he eats icecream at night.
Vicky calls Elena, but her phone is busy. He shouts. She calls back and he says even she wated to meet her, so she had come today and asks to tell if she loves him or not. Radha enters room and he disconnects call. Radha asks whom he was talking to. He says Elena. She gets very happy and says only he is intelligent like her, he planned well to teach lesson to bengalan.
Sona sees Dev shivering, checks his tempeature, and says he has 104 temperature, she will call doc. He says it is okay. Ishwari enters and gets angry on Sona seeing Dev’s high temperature and scolds she warned her not to give ice cream to Dev at night, she does not listen to anyone. She asks her to sit with Dev and dorn a blanket on him, she will get a herbal soup for him and leaves to kitchen. At kitchen, she injures her leg in a hurry. Mamaji comes and scolds her to rest. Radha comes and brainwashes her again against Sona. Neha says mami is right, Sona is very arrogant and since she came to this house, whole house’s condition has worsened. Ishwari prepares herbal soup and takes to Dev’s room. She gets more anger seeing Sona asleep on chair and tries to feed soup to Dev. Sona asks what is in it. Ishwari says turmeric, pepper, etc. Sona says she feels they should not give it to Dev and instead make him stand under cold shower. Ishwari asks if she has gone mad and asks her again to dorn blanket on Dev while she gets something else.
Precap: Sona gets Dev out of bathroom after a cold shower. Ishwari is shocked and shouts if she wants to kill her son.

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