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Kuch Rang Episode 197--198 Update on Thursday 16th August 2018


Sona tells Ishwari that they should take Dev under shower to lessen his fever. Ishwari scolds if she has gone mad, Dev will shiver more, she knows what to do and asks her to call doc and bring cold water for cold compresses. Sona goes out, calls doc, and returns back. Ishwari asks why did not she bring water. Sona goes to bring water. Dev holds Ishwari’s hand and says he is fine. Ishwari goes out, calls Mamaji and asks him to get car out, they need to take Dev to hospital. Radha yells someone’s bad eyes have fallen on their house, pointing at Sona.
Ishwari goes back to Dev’s room and sees Sona getting Dev out of bathroom after a cold shower. She yells at Sona that she wants to kill her son. Sona says it will lessen high temperature. Radha
comes next and yells followed by Neha that Sona always tries to impose her superiority on everyone and risking Dev’s life. Nikki says even she read that cold shower is best for high fever. Radha continues yelling. Neha yells Sona is disobeying maa and always want to rule on bhai, even risking his life. Nikki says even she used to disobey maa. Neha says that is why she is suffering now. Mamaji says Sona is a doctor and Dev’s wife and knows what is best for Dev.
Doc comes and checks Dev and praises Sona for noting temeprature chart, Dev’s fever is normal now. Ishwari asks to check for pneumonia as Sona kept Dev under cold shower. Doc says it was the best remedy, else Dev’s condition should have worsened. GKB Radha loudly says if he heard that Sona kept Dev under cold shower. Doc says he told this is the best remedy and he is happy that someone is sensible among them. GKB fumes in jealousy. Mamaji says he told Sona is sensible and knows what is best for Dev.
GKB continues yelling that doctors talk rubbish. Mamaji says they study for 8 years and know their work. Ishwari says whatever it is, if Dev had listened to her and not Sona, he would not have fallen ill.
Sona takes care of Dev whole night. In the morning, Dev wakes up and asks where is mom. Sona says he made maa awake whole night, she went to take rest. He jokes that she forces her rules on him like kids. Their nok jhok continues. Dev says he wants to meet maa. Sona gets his slippers and he leaves. He goes to Ishwari’s room and sleeps on her lap. She asks why did he come here instead of resting. He says she finds peace in god and he finds peace. Mamaji comments that is what Ishwari is, she bought up 4 children and spend most part of her life between hospitals and temples for her children. Dev continues chatting and says he needs her prepared kachori. She says he is having fever. He insists. She says only one and goes to kitchen.
Ishwari goes to kitchen to prepare kachoris. Sona comes and insists to bandage her finger injury. Ishwari says she has to prepare kachori for Dev first. Sona insists and bandages her finger. Ishwari then prepares kachori. Sona says she does not have much work, so she will fry kachoris. Ishwari says just by thinking of frying, one cannot make tasty kachoris. Sona insists her to rest and fries kachoris.
Precap: Sona serves kachoris to Nikki and Dev. They say it is super duper tasty. Ishwari yells at Sona that she wants to snattch her rights on her children. 
Dev gets ready for office and stumbles due to weakness. Sona scolds him that he just got well and is wasting maa’s effort of giving him cold compresses whole night to less his fever, now maa is preparing kachoris for him even with injured leg. Dev rushes to kitchen and stops Ishwari from making kachoris and forcefully drags her to hall and makes her sit on sofa and asks mamaji to not let maa get up from here. He asks Sona to fry kachoris and suggests to lower flame as maa prepares kachoris with low flame.
Asha serves breakfast to Sourav. Sourav says toast should be more crisp. Asha asks to prepare himself and even serve Bejoy. Bejoy enters ands says society memebers are pestering him to become secretary. Daadi says good society members want to bear her problem.
Sourav says khadoos person is best for secretary position. Bejoy says no… They all try to convince him.
Nikki comes and gets excited hearing kachori smells and asks who is preparing kachoris. Sona brings kachoris. Nikki picks a few and says these are for breakfast. Dev tries to pick two and Sona scolds to pick only one. Dev tells ishwari that kachoris are very tasty and she should try. Sona offers kachoris to Ishwari. Ishwari yells at Sona that she took even this right from her. Sona and mamaji are shocked to hear this. Sona asks what is she telling. Ishwari says she mixed her love in kachoris and wanted to prepare them for her ill son, but Sona always snatches her right. Sona says nobody can snatch her right from her, she and Dev are pillars of this house and nobody can snatch Dev from her. Even if her mother would have tried to work with injury, she would have make her sit like this, Ishwari is also her mother. Radha comes and yells. Sona says she will not understand her until she gets Vicky married and her bahu will show her love for her.
Sona meets her patient in a restaurant. She sees Ayan with a girl in another table, touching girl supciously. She thinks who is the girl with him. Ayan sees her and rushes out. Sona rushes towards him calling his name, but waiter drops food on her and she stops.
Ishwari folds clothes and keeps them in her cupboard. GKB Radha comes and says even if Sona pesters her, she should continue her work silently. Ishwari says yes. GKB then brainwashes Ishwari that Sona does not want to become mother and wants to maintain her lean tummy and beauty for some more years. Ishwari asks who told her. GKB says she heard Dev and Sona talking that they don’t need children for another 5 years.
In the evening, Sona returns home and sees Nikki taunting Rhea about Ayan. She realizes tha Nikki has started liking Ayan, asks Rhea if she knows Ayan well. Rhea says they speak a lot and he told everything about him, he is very simple. Sona asks what about his ex-girlfriend. Rhea says he just had a crush when he was 14 or 15 and no girlfriend. Neha yells when Rhea is so sure, why she is pestering her.
Ishwari goes to Dev’s room and tries to speak. Mamaji enters and asks what are they talking about. Dev says maa is very worried about him. Mamaji says he will understand once he becomes father. Dev says being elders, they should not talk like this to him. Mamaji says he is married now. Dev says he and Sona have decided not to have children for another 4-5 years. Ishwari says this is not fair. Dev remembers doc’s words that Sona has only 7% chance to conceive and very difficult to bear a child.
Precap: Ishwari tells Dev that time is flying and Rhea grew up so soon, now she is getting married soon. Dev says she is marrying a nice guy, Ayan. Sona enters and says she needs to talk something important. Ishwari asks what now.

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