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Kuch Rang Episode 201--202 Update on Monday 20th August 2018


Neha, Nikki, and Maami try to console Rhea after Ayan’s family talk about breaking alliance and walk out. Sona enters and asks if anyone want to have juice. Radha yells she already did a lot today and does not have to do anything more. Neha starts yelling next. Nikki says what is wrong if bhabi came to ask for juice. Neha yells at her to shut up. Dev enters. Neha yells even at her. Dev asks to calm down. Neha yells she is staying in his house, he will scold only her now and not his wife.
Bejoy after finishing lunch and tea tells Asha that he will sleep now and goes to bed. Vicky hiding behind bed thinks these bengalis and their mid day nap. Elena messages where is he. He replies he is in Bejoy’s room. Bejoy hears mobile beep and asks Asha
whose phone is it. Asha says she does not know. Elena rushes in, keeps her phone silently, and says it is her phone. She tells Bejoy and Asha that she needs to talk to them and asks to come out of room.
Dev makes Sona on swinger says he is thinking of buying a big swinger. Sona says if he thinkshe will impress her with big swinger, he is right, but he does not have to do this. He says maa and Neha. Sona says whatever happened today it is obvious about their reaction, whatever happened in Neha’s life even her frustation is obvious. Dev says she is marvelous. He says this all happens in family. He says whatever happened today, he enquired about Ayan and got sure that heis perfect for Rhea. Sona thinks something is wrong.
Ayan and Khushi play card and Khushi says she wins always. He says he lost because he does not want to lose her. She says today his acting was awsome, he did not let Rhea and his family doubt on him. He says even her acting was good, she spoke so well to her sautan. She says he is meeting his goal well. He says they should be careful about Sona, she will create problem, but he is also 2 stteps ahead of her and uses his brain to tackle her.
Dev gets ready for office and asks Sona to move aside of mirror as he has to look good. She asks in his age. He says he is not in his 50s. She asks whom he has to impress. He says his wife, she is too picky. She says even her husband is too picky. She asks to give her some cash as she did not go to ATM. He says with govt’s new rule, at least his wife is asking money. They continue chatting and smiling. Neha enters yells when to enter their room, they are always busy romancing. Dev sys whenever she comes in is the right time. She says she needs cosmetics and mom is going somewhere else, if she can bring them. Dev says he has important meetings. Sona says if Dev brings even shirt for him, that would be great and says she will bring cosmetics while returning from job. She asks Dev to give money. Neha yells she asked just cosmetics and not diamond necklace, bhabi always tries to degrade her and does not want her to be in this house, if she would have earned, she would not have stayed in this house. Dev says she is thinking wrong and tries to explain and walks out angrily. Sona asks Neha not to feel bad about Dev’s words. Neha yells why she is interfering between her and her brother.
Dev’s employees inform him that a big transaction happened from company’s account and asks if he did it. Another employee enters and says Mr. Reddy from IT department found out who did transaction, it is Vicky.
Elena goes to Sona’s clinic with Asha’s prepared food. Sona shows her Rhea’s engagment pics. Elena sees Ayan and Khushi’s pics and says Khushi works in her college and Ayan comes there often. Sona gets tensed. Elena then walks on road and sees a van following her. She informs a passerby man and asks to help her. He asks not to worry.
Nikki shows Ayan and Rhea’s pics to Radha and Neha. Radha tells Ishwari that she found a good boy for Rhea and should get them married before Sona creates any problem. Neha says yes, you know how Sona is. Nikki looks at Elena’s pic and says she is very cute. Radha yells what koot/cute, she is black. Ishwari says bhabhi…Radha says okay, she is dusky. Nikki says Elena is so cute.
Asha calls Sona and informs that Elena did not return home and she informed via phone that she is coming directly home from Sona’s clinic. Sona asks not to worry, she is coming home. She informs Dev to reach home soon. They both reach Bose house. Bose family gets very tensed. Sourav says people saw her going and not coming in. Dev asks not to worry, she will come back soon. Asha saks Sourav to file police complaint. Sona says she will check Sona’s room first. Dev follows her and asks what will she get in Elena’s room. Sona asks where is Vicky. Dev asks why she is asking about Vicky, he withdrew money from company account and is missing. Sona says Elena and Vicky are having an affair. Asha and Bejoy enter and ask what…Sona says yes, she spoke to Elena about Vicky and Elena broke up. Bejoy says she knows how arrogant Vicky is. Dev says she would have informed him before, if she is sure Elena will be with Vicky.
Precap: Dev with Sona reaches home and sees Vicky there, he asks where is Elena. Soa asks same. Vicky shouts to shut her mouth. Dev holds his collar and warns to behave with his bhabhi and says if something happens to Elena, he will not spare him.
Dev and Bejoy/Asha are shocked when Sona tells that Elena and Vicky were having an affair. All 3 are shocked. Sona says Vicky must have gone home and they should go home and ask him. Vicky reaches home and asks Radha why did she give him 15 missed calls. Ishwaris says jiji prepared gajar halwa for him, so she called him. He says he had to leave office’s important work, he will have hawla in the evening. GKB starts her drama. Vicky says okay, get it. Dev with Sona rushes in and asks Vicky where is Elena and why did he steal such a big amount from office account. Vicky shouts he did not steal.. Sona asks where is Elena, what did he do to her. Vicky misbehaves with her and warns to mind her tongue. Dev holds his collar and waarns to behave wit his bhabhi. Radha
starts yelling at Sona and shouts how will Vicky know about Eelna. Dev says Vicky was having an affair with Elena, when Sona asked Elena to breakup, she did, but Vicky continued pestering her. Everyone are shocked. GKB continues alleging Elena and Sona. Mamaji comes and gives Vicky a tight slap and asks what happened to Elena. Radha yells let him beat Vicky as she cannot see Sona alleging Vicky wrongly. Dev also informs that Vicky took huge amount from office accounts. Vicky shouts he took a loan to repay his debt and not steal it. Mamaji tries to slap him again. Dev asks Vicky to tell where Elena is, nobody will tell him anything.
Nikki comes and says she knows something about Elena, shows Elena’s last pic on facebook that this is her last selfie. Sona starts crying and Dev consoles her. He then calls ACP and seeks his help. Radha thinks if Vicky is really involved as he is missinng now. Sona walks to living room. Mamaji asks if she got any info about Elena. She says not yet.
Bejoy enters with Asha and shouts where is Vicky. GKB starts fighting and alleges that he should have controlled his daughter and should check in some park, who knows he must be with some bengali boy. Bejoy shouts to control her tongue. Ishwari interferes and says she is also mother of 3 daughter and can understand his feelings, they all should think calmly and try to find out where Elena is.
Elena wearing bridal attire is seen in a dhaba. Vicky comes there wearing helmet and smiles at Elena. Elena says she is worried about family. Vicky asks not to worry as they are married now and should relax. He asks what would she have done if Sona would have asked to marry some Gosh babu. She says never as she loves only him. He says that is why he is mad behind her, anways tiger likes only tigress. They both hug.
Bejoy calls police and asks inspector to arrest Dev family for helping Vicky in kidnapping Elena. Dev says inspector that he spoke to ACP who told he cannot file missing complaint till 24 hours. Inspector says Mr. Bose has complained that Vicky has kidnapped Elena. Sona asks Asha what is all this. Asha says she cannot help as she is getting repeated calls from Elena’s motherGKB starts yelling this bengali baba called police and Ishwari is watching everything silently. Ishwari tells Bejoy he should have at least thought about their relationship. Bejoy says he just needs Elena back.
Elena returns with Vicky wearing garland in bridal dress. Everyone are surprised. Sona asks if she is fine, what is all this. Elena says she married Vicky and loves him. Asha stumbles in a shock. Vicky says he loves Sona and changed because of her, he has become responsible because of her. Elena says Sona wanted her to break up with Vicky and even Bejoy and Asha would have asked same, so she had to marry Vicky. GKB asks Bejoy if he can see his daughter’s misdeed and he was alleging Vicky instead. Sona apologizes mamaji on Elena’s behalf. Ishwari says both of them made mistake and nobody should be blamed alone. Elena apologizes Bejoy and Asha. Bejoy says she is dead for them now and walks with Asha.
Precap: Dev tells Ishwari if Elena and Vicky love each other, then why did they elope and marry. Ishwari says Elena is part of this family now and like they accepted Sona, they have to accept Elena also.

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