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Kuch Rang Episode 209--210 Update on Friday 24th August 2018


Sona speaks to her frend over landline and happily tries to inform her that she is pregnant. She does not hear any reaction from her friend and thinks what happened. She turns and sees Ishwari with cord and Ishwari says until 3 months, she should not reveal this good news to outsiders as she does not want anyone’s buri nazar on child. Sona says maa…Ishwari says she knows what she wants to say and says they had many differences before and now after this good news, she has changed. She is becoming grandmother, so obviously she would change. She says they have to go to temple now as Dev will not go. Sona says they will pray on Dev’s behalf also. Dev comes and says why they will go, he will go to temple and pray. They both are surprised and Ishwari in
disbelief asks if he really will go to temple. Dev says yes why not, outside it is too cold and dusty, he does not want them to go out. Sona and Ishwari get very happy.
Ishwari sits on sofa and relaxes. Asha calls her and says in bengali culture, they feed ginger to pregnant woman. Ishwari saays ginger is very warm for body and they don’t give it in early pregnancy. Asha says they give it in their culture. Ishwari says Sona is making her grandma, so she is taking care of Sona well, she need not worry, if she has any doubt, she can come here. Bejoy speaks and says he will come there and will feed bengali food to her daughter, he wants baby to have bengali qualities. Ishwari asks what and argument starts. Ishwari disconnects call. Bejoy fumes.
Dev enters temple in Amitabh’s style and confronts god that he must be happy that he is bending in fornt of him, he wanted just his wife and mother’s happiness and wanted him not to break their trust, but wants them to fall in his feet always. For him, he is just a stone always as he does not have emotions. Now, he will prove him wrong.
Ishwari sees GKB outside Vicky’s room trying to listen to Vicky and Elena’s conversation. She asks what is happening. GKB says she wants to know what her bahu thinks of her, she does not want her bahu to be like Sona. Elena comes out wearing short dress. Ishwari looks at her in a shock. GKB asks Elena to come and help her in kitchen. Elena says she is going to a spa with Vicky and will order veg food from hotel. GKB happily says she can go to spa but not forget food order.
Sona goes to Riya’s room and sees her getting ready to go out. Riya says she is going to meet Ayan and she convinced him to meet her. Sona taunts her and goes to her room. When she returns back, Riya sadlly informs that Ayan canceled date. Sona thinks Ayan is meeting Khushi today for sure and thinks of exposing them. She with fake ID messages Khushi that he could not meet her the other day and wants to meet her today. She says she has come to a restaurant to meet someone else and will meet him some other day. Sona asks restaurant’s name and Khushi replies. Sona gets ready to go out. Ishwari comes and asks where is she going, she told she is not going to work for some days. Sona says she is going to meet her friend and will not inform anyone about pregnancy. Ishwari goes to pack snacks for and when she comes out, she sees Sona has already left.
Dev meets doctor and requests her to perform Sona IVF as he needs baby at any cost. She says his wife is also a doctor and will know about procedure easily. He asks if she did not see his wife’s happiness, he cannot see her sad again, if she does not agree, he will take some other doctor’s help, but will get his done for sure. Doc agrees to help him.
Precap: Sona captures Ayan and Kushi’s video, calls Dev and tells she needs to show him something. He says he is in a meeting. While returning home in car, she sees Dev entering a hospital and thinks what is he doing here. 
Sona reaches restaurant and sees Ayan and Khushi together. She sits on a nearby chair and captures their video, thinking she has to do this to save Riya. Ishwari reaches Sona’s hospital with food and asks receptionist where is Sona’s room. Receptionist says she did not come today. Ishwari thinks where did she go then. Sona calls Dev and says he wants to talk to him something important. He says he is in a meeting and willl call her later. She travels in car and sees Dev entering hospital. She thinks what he is doing here and gets out of car.
Ishwari reaches home and asks Kichu if Sona came back. He says no. Neha starts yelling that Sona lied her and went to meet her parents, friends, or who knows. Ishwari says she must have have gone to work and
realized, today she does not have work, so she did not reach hospital. Neha yells to stop trying to become Sona’s mother, Sona will only treat her asmother-in-law. GKB joins Neha and starts brainwashing Ishwari together that her bahu laways informs her and goes and not like Sona.
Dev meets doc who asks if he knows what he is doing and if he really does not want to let his wife know about it. He says yes. Sona enters and asks what are they hiding and panics. Dev says nothing, there was one more report pending and it is fine. She panics if baby is fine, what they are hiding, she wants to see her report.
Asha invites Elena and Vicky for dinner. They get ready and Elena says she is very excited to taste Asha’s prepared tasty nonveg. Vicky signals to lower her voice. GKB comes running with lunchbox and water bottle and tells Vicky she prepared aloo paranthas for him. He says he is going for a dinner to his sasural. She says okay and asks not to each nonveg. They both leave. GKB smiles looking at Neha. Neha asks not to hide things from her. GKB says she is worried Vicky would become with Dev.
Vicky and Elena reach Bose house and sit for dinner. Bejoy gets society member’s call and orders him to inform neighbor not to throw garbage. He says he is secretary and not servant. His jokergiri continues. GKB comes there and peeps from door. Door opens and she falls in. Bejoy and Asha greet her in She says children came for dinner, so she also thought of coming. Bejoy says she really did good and asks her to join them for dinner. She checks each dish aand then goes to kitchen and tells Asha she finished her dinner and cannot eat. Asha insists. GKB sees nonveg and falls down.
Sona continues panicking and checks reports. Dev says reports have gone for specialisit’s opinion and nothing to worry. Sona continues and walks away angrily. Dev follows he and asks her to relax. Sona says this child is very important to her, she became mother even beore this child his born and she cannot take any risk. Maa is so hopeful and she does not want to disappoint her. Dev says they have to wait till specialist’s opinion comes back and nothing to worry. She says she will inform maaji about it though. Dev stands tensed.
Precap: Ishwari calls Ayan’s parents and tells Ayan and Riya”s relationship cannot happen, she took decision in a hurry earlier and now it is her final decision. 

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