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Kundali Bhagya Episode 144 Update on Sunday 12th August 2018


Sarla and family leaves with Karan to look for Janki.
The fruit vendor brings Janki to hospital, he gets a call from his mother and says he might get late.
The doctor informs the reception that the lady is severely injured, they must call her family else the hospital will bear the blame. The vendor was worried about billing as he doesn’t know about her family.
Sherlin was worried in the car and thinks they must have confirmed if Janki was dead or not. Prithvi insists that no one put his own work and life at stake and will overlook the crime done. Prithvi says he is sure there are only bad people in life who are selfish and nothing else. Sherlin insists to go and confirm once, Prithvi takes her promise that they will only see the dead body from a distance.
Karan and Aroras
look for Janki at the spot Karan had seen her. He calls Rishab and asks if Janki reached their house? He informs Rishab about the situation. Rishab checks around the house, then promises to be there. Kareena stops Rishab in the hall. Rishab asks if Janki came here. Kareena curtly says that maid must be her home. Rishab says Karan called him as Janki is missing. Rakhi comes there concerned that they must look for Janki. Rishab assures he is going and will keep them updated. Kareena questions Rakhi why is she concerned for them. Rakhi says Aroras are like her family, she don’t only call them family by name. Kareena was worried what if Rakhi continues her love and concern for Preeta’s family she might ask Rishab to marry her.
Rishab reach Karan and others. Preeta and Shrishti says she was missing from home at the mid of night. Karan says she must have recalled something that she wanted to tell them.
Prithvi tells Sherlin to stop thinking negative. Sherlin insists that they left their task undone. That man moved at once to help Janki. She says they could even have killed that fruit vendor as well. Prithvi argues he isn’t a serial killer. Sherlin imagines that someone could still have seen them kill two people. Prithvi was relieved now. Prithvi stops the car with a jerk and reverse as he stops Rishab, Karan and Preeta and Shrishti in the way. They were worried what they are doing, he wonders what if they are here to investigate about Janki’s case here. Prithvi insists he must go and hear right now what are they upto. Sherlin was afraid but Prithvi says he needs to know where Janki is. He spots some drunken men and buys their shawl.
Rishab says Janki left her home but couldn’t reach theirs. Sarla was stressed about Janki. Rishab insists that they should go to police, they can find Janki easily. Preeta says she thinks Janki isn’t missing, she has been kidnapped. And they can’t register the missing complain before 24 hours. Prithvi was relieved that they haven’t yet find Preeta. Prithvi finds the fruit vendor coming from the other side and informed his mother about an injured lady on phone. Prithvi recognizes the man while Karan and Rishab were attentive towards him. Everyone gather around the fruit vendor and inquires about Janki. The fruit vendor says he saw her fallen on the road and attempted to stop a car but it didn’t. He left her in a nearby hospital.
Preeta calls the hospital to confirm about Janki and the magnitude of her accident. She was taken aback hearing that Janki is no more. Prithvi cheers.
PRECAP: Preeta shouts at Karan that Janki is no more, she was like her mother and Karan is only concerned about who looks good and who doesn’t?

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