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The Promise Update on Tuesday 7th August 2018


Deb sees Bani and her kids in a car. Maa tells Deb that Bani will definitely come. Rano wants even Varun to perform at the function but the teacher refuses as Varun cannot speak or listen. Jigyasa gets angry at the teacher for refusing Varun. Ranvir gets angry at Rashi for taking him away Varun on false pretext. Jigyasa tells Pia that Bani must have drugged her drink. Jigyasa tells Deb that Bani will not come to him as she is with her kids.
Bani is very happy that her kids win a prize. Deb is upset as Bani did not turn up. He goes to Jai’s place. Jai taunts Deb that he is no more afraid of Deb. Jigyasa again remnds Deb that their goal is common. The family wants to get Jai and Bani together, so they plan a picnic. Deb makes legal papers. Bani takes the kids to the toy shop. Deb invites Bani for a small party. Rashi is a bit upset when she sees Rano and Ranvir together with Varun. When Jigyasa tries to instigate Rashi, she stops her.
The family is happy to see Bani playing with the kids. Bani wants to leave when Jai comes there but the children stop her. Dia tells Pia that Deb will give Jai the divorce papers at his party. Jigyasa tells Rashi that she should try and get her life back. Jigyasa writes a letter to Rano in the name of Ranvir. Rashi too goes there. Rashi sees Ranvir and Rano in an embrace. Jigyasa tells her that she should break their marriage. Jigyasa tells Rashi that she will help her. Aditya overhears her. Jigyasa tells him that she will kick Rano out and keep Varun. Aditya warns Jigyasa that he will not let that happen.Deb reminds Bani of the party. But then Bani agrees to go to the picnic with the kids. Bani is in a dilemma.

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