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Till The End of Time Episode 17 Update on Tuesday 14th August 2018


Arjun continues telling Saanjh how he was afraid while climbing down via pipe and hugged it so tight that he did not hug his any girlfriend like that till now. Saanjh says aunt has found a boy. He says this cannot happen. Saanjh gets happy and looks at her brother. Arjun says how can aunt thinking of marrying at this age. Saanjh says it is for her. Arjun says it is good then, they will have a good food at her marriage and will enjoy liquor. He continues, eats maggie and leaves taunting Saanjh’s brother. Saanjh scolds and beats her brother that his idea flopped, she will be khichdi always and will not become biryani. Brother says she should meet the boy and make Arjun jealous.
Maya sits for breakfast with Jahnvi. Jahnvi says if that boy works in her office, he worked so hard
to climb till her room. Maya says she will pay him for that and leaves breakfast.
Suman informs Vandana that Saanjh agreed for arranged marriage and meet a boy. She is shocked how can she have arranged marriage, she will ruin her reputation. Prem takes phone next and tells Vandana that Arjun did not respond, so Saanjh is going on a right track, so they should not stop her.
Vandana informs Ayan that Saanjh agreed for arranged marriage. Ayaan asks what…Vandana says he should convince his brother to propose Saanjh. She does not know how duffer Arjun is and how he was born. Arjun comes and listens to their conversation. Ayan says he should propose Saanjh before she marries someone. Arjun says let things happen the way they are happening and asks Vandana to stay away from his life. Ayan asks why is he misbehaving with mom. Arjun says he is just his father’s second wife and nothing else. Ayan asks he should respect her at least as his brother’s mother. Arjun yells she took him away from his father, why should he. Ayan angrily leaves. Arjun yells at Vandana that she took away his brother also now.
Arjun reaches office in the morning. Whole staff looks at him suspiciously. He asks what happened. Lalvani says welcome, if you need another deal. Arjun asks what. Lalvani shows him magazine and says their 2 month’s hardwork is on rival company’s magazine. Arjun asks how does he know. Maya says prints are sent from his computer. Arjun stands in a shock. Lalvani asks where was he between 11 p.m. and 1 a.m. Arjun reminisces going to Maya’s house and reminisces Maya yelling him. He says he quits and leaves throwing ID card. Lalvani yells he will call police. Maya says culprit should be punished.
Arjun goes to a roadside tea shop and fumes sipping tea. Maya comes there in her car. Driver says road is very dirty. She walks out, goes and stands in front of Arjun and asks why is he showing his herogiri. He says he is. She asks why did not he tell everyone that he had come to her house. He says he does not want to ruin someone’s reputation. She says he should prove his innocence. He says sorry, I don’t want to. She asks if he does not want to prove his innocence. He says sorry, she should find it herself. He gets into jeep. She asks him to come with her to office and prove his innocence. He says he does not have taxi license to drop her to office. She says she needs his help. He says sorry and raises jeep sound. She loudly says she needs his help. He says he is hearing less after getting down via pipe. She says hero helps always to prove heroine innocent, today he will help her.
Precap: Arjun takes Maya to office and shows here CCTV footage in which Lalvani is stealing data.

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