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Till The End Of Time Episode 18 Update on Wednesday 15th August 2018


Arjun waits for Maya at night outside office. Maya comes in her car. He opens car door. She comes out and sees watchman sleeping and tries to open door, but it is chained. Arjun says if it is that easy, hero is not needed then. He climbs gate and says she also has to climb door. She removes chain easily and opens door. He says ladies first They enter office. He says whoever has done this scam should not know they are not in. She asks what he means. He switches off lights. She panics reminisces her father molesting her and asks him to switch on light. He says a mind sees what it does not have, if she does not have darkness in her life. He asks again to open light. He goes giving his phone to her. Saanjh calls and says oye duffer. Maya says he is with her and disconnects call. Saanjh
gets angry and says how can he. Brother hears her and says she should not give much attention to Arjun and make him jealous.
Arjun enters Maya’s cabin and asks her to enter password of her laptp to CCTV footage which she does from home. She says that means he knew. He says it is not easy to climb 15 floors and get down via pipe. Mobile rings. Maya takes phone and says until work is done, he will not pick phone. Maya opens CCTV footage. Aryan does usual drama and says if they can fast foward this footage. She says no, nothing should be missed. He starts his drama again and picks paper weight. She snatches and keeps it back. He then rounds landline phone cable around his neck. She keeps phone back. He gets dusky/Saanjh’s call again. He says it is important call and walks away. He sees Maya cleaning seat which he sat on and sitting on it. He then picks call and Saanjh asks who was that girl. He says Maya. She asks what is he doing with Maya at this time. He says she is pestering him and disconnects call. Saanjh sleeps on bed and keeps turning sides. Maya and Arjun see a man wearing hooded jacket entering cabin and stealing data from computer. Arjun shouts thief..thieff…, he told he will get her to thief. She says work is not yet done, he will meet her tomorrow at 9 a.m. and as promised should finish his work. She slips and he holds her and says he does not leave anyone without completing work.
Arjun sees it is already 5 a.m. and says good night. She asks if he will sleep here itself. He says only 4 hours are left for 9 a.m. and he cannot be awake till then. He sleeps on sofa. Maya walks into corridor and gets afraid seeing darkness and reminsices her childhood incident. Saanjh continues turning sides on her bed and reminisces her brother’s words that she is Arjun’s life’s khichdi and not biryani and Arjun telling her to marry a boy and pester him and not her. In the morning, Arjun wakes up hearing his rigtone with Saanjh’s voice “utt duffer utt jaa.” He then sees Maya sitting in front of him and asks if she was staring at him whole night. She saks to freshen up and leaves.
Vandana wakes up Ayan and says Arjun has not come home whole night, he should go and check. He says Arjun misbehaved with her. She says Arjun is his elder brother. He says she scolds only him and not Arjun. At Saanjh’s house, during breakfast, Prem speaks to her sister and asks to fix meeting with a boy. Saanjh yells at mom that she is biryani and not khichi and has her own importance. Ayaan calls her and she says Arjun was in office whole night. Brother says he taught Saanjh all this, especially biryani one. Mom scolds him
Maya shows CCTV footage to Lalvani and other staff members. Lalvani says it is clealry Arjun. Arjun enters. Lalvani yells why did he come here. Peon sees Arjun and Maya wearing same clothes and says looks like they were together and did not go home. Maya fumes hearing this and says whoever has done this should come forward themselves. Lalvani says it is Arjun, else he should tell where he was that night. Arjun says in his home sipping tea with his wife. Lalvani holds his collar and shouts how dare you. Arjun says this is costly shirt and pushes his hand. Lalvani complains Maya if she can see how Arjun is misbehaving with him. Maya says Arjun was with her that night in her house. Peon says he was right, there is something between them. Arjun says if it is not him, then it should be someone else. He starts jokergiri again and says peon and Rhea say pinkie promise. They say pinkie promise. He then asks Lavlani to say pinkie promise. Lalvani asks Maya what is all this. Arjun says if pnkie promise is made wrong, pinkie breaks. He twists Lalvani’s little finger and gets ring. They both reminisce thief wearing same ring.
Precap: Ashwin comes to Maya’s house and says he does not money and needs only her. Maya enters and Ashwin gets afraid.

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